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WATCH LIVE: Sanders Delivers Speech on Why Democratic Socialism 'Only Way to Defeat Oligarchy and Authoritarianism'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/watch-live-sanders-delivers-speech-why-democratic-socialism-only-way-defeat


This speech by Bernie tells me why Bernie will never be selected or be allowed by the oligarchs to become POTUS and that may be a good thing for Bernie because if he somehow managed to potentially defeat oligarchy and authoritarianism … the Fascists would do the same thing they did to JFK when he fired Dulles and vowed to " BREAK THE CIA INTO A THOUSAND PIECES".


It’s getting to the point where we can no longer give a fuck what the oligarchs want. They’ve had control of the country and the world, the environment and worldwide economic system are falling apart and they have no solutions. Let’s get over the pretense that any needed changes will be given the green light by those interests and get on with the class war. As of right now, it is a one sided slaughter, thanks to both parties and the media. Let’s stop kicking the can down the road, running from the fight and pretending that we can get what we need without taking them on and while assuming we have more time than we do. Anyone attaching themselves to capitalism, as Warren does, has to first explain how capitalism survives the environmental crisis. As someone with a strong background in the matter, utterly impossible.


That has always been my contention. JFK was murdered for THIS reason. Everything else we hear is coverup, obfuscation and lie.


Also include his American University speech in June, 1963 calling for an end to the Cold War and for detente with the USSR, and his plan to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from South Vietnam after his 1964 re-election as more reasons for the Deep State to have him murdered.


If the U.S. was not wasting 60% of its discretionary budget every year on its global military-corporate empire, it could comfortably afford all the programs Bernie listed and which we desperately need.

But war-profiteering corporations and fossil fuel corporations, as well as Wall Street banks, control the U.S. government and its greedy members of Congress, the Executive branch, and at least 5 of the 9 SCOTUS justices, so Bernie’s sensible democratic programs will be considered “unaffordable”.


Good speech. Americans need to hear this kind of stuff.


Nonsense framing, sorry. The US government issues its own currency and doesn’t need to spend or borrow a money only it can create in order to spend. It spending as much as it does on the military empire is horrible in and of itself, but it doesn’t mean that the government couldn’t spend on other things if it wanted to. Affordability in regards to the federal government is ignorant (not saying you are, just the people that make these stupid arguments) in regards to money creation, deficits, “public debt” and the like. Technically, nothing is unaffordable, the real limits are how much stuff we can make and whether or not we are already at full employment, and even that doesn’t entirely set a limit on spending. It is possible for the government to increase spending five fold, and if the money just sat in some tax shelter and did nothing, it would have no impact on inflation. Besides anyway, there are ways to make single payer revenue neutral, so none of those arguments make an ounce of sense. The savings from single payer would pay for most of the other things Bernie wants, outside of the massive public spending we need in response to the environmental crisis.


Great choice of words. Yes, the nomination process is very much an undemocratic ‘selection’.

However, I do think that the US plutocracy would be willing to tolerate a Sanders Presidency without having him killed. I think would that would do would be worse. My sense is that the plutocratic power structure of the Democrats and Republicans, would unite in ensuring that Sanders would be impotent and a absolute failure. They would then display the brutalized and eviscerated corpse of his political platform, in the MSM - publicly crucified - as an example of futility of socialism and a warning to others who may consider promoting a similar progressive agenda.


I love Bernie, but he never learns from his mistakes. People do not understand the term Socialism and will never accept it. Seems Warren and Biden will have to duke it out.

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I think it would be useful for Bernie to call his platform “Roosevelt populism” or “Roosevelt socialism” as often as he calls it “democratic socialism”. It would avoid so much knee-jerk condemnation from the followers of the Oligarchy. It opens the mind a bit instead of closing it. It reminds of the control we once had over “economic royalty”.


Bravo to Bernard for his integrity and commitment to the Common Good!

The FDR quote he uses: “Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me. And I welcome their hatred.” is representative of the PTB trying to destroy any opposition to the Well-established tyranny they use to make de facto slaves of citizens.

Another quote from FDR also very much to the point, and very powerful in its underlying truth and demand for drastic change from the “established order” that has come to dominate our lives, is this:

"The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Unfortunately, Bernie still thinks a little too highly of America’s old whites people. You know the ones. They shriek in revulsion upon every mention of socialism, all the while they cash their social security checks, use their Medicare cards, go to pubic hospitals, and enjoy services like the local Access buses and meals on wheels, willfully ignorant to the fact that all of those constructs are socialist in nature and practice.
I’ve got an idea, Bernie just needs to tell them that socialism will keep black people out of their neighborhood.


Based on what? The people that will never accept it (older voters) are already supporting Biden. Their minds have been ruined by decades of corporate propaganda. That is why they continue to vote for horrible politicians like Biden and scared by the word socialism, while liking plenty of socialism themselves. They are why he has the lead in the polls that over sample older voters. Tell me, why does Frank Luntz, the well known Republican pollster, advise Republicans to avoid defending capitalism? Americans already like lots of socialism, and we have to confront the stupidity of the propaganda against that word for the same reasons we need to confront the inadequacy of sticking to already existing socialism in regards to policy. But younger people are not scared by the word, nor should they be. Capitalism is what will utterly doom them, and it is as obvious as water is wet.

As far as Warren and Biden duking it out, sorry, but that’s absolutely absurd. Warren is a better candidate than Biden, who the hell isn’t, but neither are better general election candidates than Bernie.


I’ve seen Harris and Buttigieg supporters say the same thing on Twitter. There’s not really a wholly objective criteria to judge by, is there?

Great Speech
If the link to his speech doesn’t work for you, simply Google…Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialism.

I can’t wait for Rachel to devote an entire hour tonight on this speech. ( Like that will ever happen ).


That’s not Bernie. Whoever is giving that speech has his hair combed, so it couldn’t be Bernie

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I would actually love to watch the entire speech, but this link to it (on CD) is blocked.

No, just my opinion. If we are looking at polling right now, all the top tier candidates poll well versus Trump nationally, although national polls don’t mean nearly as much as some states, and it is early anyway. But, if they all do well nationally and in key states, the whole “electability” argument goes out the window, especially given that what it means to be electable changes along with society. In 1952, the Republican Party platform was far more social democratic than it is now, because at that time supporting unions and the New Deal was what was needed to get elected. The DLC/Clinton types argued decades later that society had changed, and that what it took to get elected had changed along with it. Agree or disagree, the argument they were giving was broadly true, just in the sense that electability changes. It isn’t set in stone and it changes as society changes. To think that Biden is more electable in 2020 than many others is off the wall nuts. There is a reason why he has his lead entirely because of older voters. They grew up in a time when electability meant something radically different, and they don’t realize how much society has changed since that time.

In those states, I find it hard to accept that anyone else running can do better than Bernie there. Maybe a case can be made for Warren (I mention her because among the top tier candidates, she is probably the most progressive, or whatever (the word has no clear definition), outside of Bernie). But Pete B or someone like that? The idea that he would go to Michigan or Wisconsin and rally workers to his side, or that he would in the end do a better job than Bernie on that, is absurd. The only people that think that way are the ones most cut off from the workers that the candidates would have to appeal to in order to win those places. I think when it comes down to it, Bernie can go to places on policy and say things no one else with even a small chance at winning is willing to say. I like a number of Warren’s policies, there is a decent amount of cross over with Bernie, but my biggest issues (outside of core economic issues) are single payer and foreign policy. Her stance on healthcare, to the extent a clear stance even exists right now, is problematic for me. Even if she were willing to accept some compromises, why start doing so before negotiations have even begun? She would start the negotiations from a compromised position. If Bernie were there, I could see him starting the negotiations by saying he wants a full NHS style system. Maybe he wouldn’t do that, but possible at least as a negotiating strategy. Warren is not good on foreign policy. That matters to me more than lots of others, unfortunately. So, when I look at the entire field, I like Warren more than a lot of the others, but I like others more than her. Among those I like, Bernie is the only one with any chance at all to win.

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