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Watch Live: Sanders Endorses Biden During Surprise Live Stream Focused on COVID-19 Response

A number of commenters have argued that we should listen to Noam Chomsky- who has come out in support of Biden. I sent the following to Chomsky. His response is below.


Too be sure, a Trump win in 2020 would be an unmitigated disaster for the country and the entire world. On the other hand, suppose that Biden won. It is highly likely that (1) he will have little power to effect meaningful positive change, since Republicans would torpedo him far worse than they did Obama. (2) It is also highly likely that Biden would not even seriously promote, much less fight for any meaningful change.


(1): After 4 years of a Biden presidency, is it not reasonable to assume that Americans will be even more desperate for change than they were in 2016?

(2): And if that is the case, is it not reasonable to speculate that they will be so desperate as to vote for a creature at least, if not worse than Trump?

(3): Certainly, by 2024 the oligarchs would then have even more control than they now have. Would it not be more effective to begin the type of true revolution that you have so often pointed to throughout your books NOW than in 20204?

Chomsky: “It would be great to start a revolution at time t, whatever t is. That’s what we should be preparing for constantly. Every four years the time comes to spend a few minutes voting, and then go back to work, which will at least be possible if Biden wins.”

I could spend hours on responding to him. But as he told me “I’m wildly overloaded”. As brief as this response is, I feel that it presents a lot of food-for-thought. Hence, I thought I would share it with my CD comrades. :slight_smile:


adaminfanticide –

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Infanticide –

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I guess Chomsky’s idea of time ‘t’ is never. I wish he would be honest enough to say he doesn’t really want a revolution.


Yes. Both he and Amy Goodman, whom the poster you replied to so admires, were—and remain to this day— AWOL on 9/11 truth. It’s frustrating to have to depend on such left gatekeepers, but here we are, stuck with having to trust our own instincts and “follow the money.”


The b-tch just did!

Well said indeed.

Your posts are less than worthless. You are helping Trump steamroll fascism. Biden is not a fascist. Trump is. You are less than worthless.

You are a fascist…

You belong at townhall, you offer nothing to move us forward. NOTHING. go away.

And Biden is calling to lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60. THAT’S BETTER THAN WHAT TRUMP IS OFFERING., which is death and misery to millions of Americans by eliminating Obamacare and pre-existing condition coverage. So stop shilling for trump.

That there might be a worse outcome than Biden is very scary — sort of like, in 1766, we might wind up escaping George III with Russia’s Catherine II.

what, the enlightened despot? But she was actually socially progressive, Biden isn’t. (She was still a colonizing imperialist, but she supported progressive stuff)

Point well taken, FarmGirl – Thank! you.

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“We Must Come Together to Defeat Most Dangerous President in Modern History’: Sanders Endorses Biden”

“Woof, Woof!” says the sheepdog translator.


What tells you he wouldn’t?

Fast or slow, we’re fucked either way.

I can’t imagine what evidence you could have for that. It sounds like pure wishful thinking.


And as a copy of my union’s member magazine had it, in a big, bold, red headline THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES!

It was the Fall 2004 edition.


Stop already Bernie. Did you forget the 2000 election and the village idiot and the eternal wars that have bankrupted the treasury. The evil Bushes and their fake enemies. Wars based on lies have killed hundreds of thousands. 1988 to 2008 20 years of criminality.

Our choice in these elections: Terrible and Worst.

the oil industry, banking sector WIN with either candidate

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