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Watch Live: Sanders Endorses Biden During Surprise Live Stream Focused on COVID-19 Response

Your posts are less than worthless. You are helping Trump steamroll fascism. Biden is not a fascist. Trump is. You are less than worthless.

You are a fascist…

You belong at townhall, you offer nothing to move us forward. NOTHING. go away.

And Biden is calling to lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60. THAT’S BETTER THAN WHAT TRUMP IS OFFERING., which is death and misery to millions of Americans by eliminating Obamacare and pre-existing condition coverage. So stop shilling for trump.

That there might be a worse outcome than Biden is very scary — sort of like, in 1766, we might wind up escaping George III with Russia’s Catherine II.

what, the enlightened despot? But she was actually socially progressive, Biden isn’t. (She was still a colonizing imperialist, but she supported progressive stuff)

Point well taken, FarmGirl – Thank! you.

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“We Must Come Together to Defeat Most Dangerous President in Modern History’: Sanders Endorses Biden”

“Woof, Woof!” says the sheepdog translator.


What tells you he wouldn’t?

Fast or slow, we’re fucked either way.

I can’t imagine what evidence you could have for that. It sounds like pure wishful thinking.


And as a copy of my union’s member magazine had it, in a big, bold, red headline THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES!

It was the Fall 2004 edition.


Stop already Bernie. Did you forget the 2000 election and the village idiot and the eternal wars that have bankrupted the treasury. The evil Bushes and their fake enemies. Wars based on lies have killed hundreds of thousands. 1988 to 2008 20 years of criminality.

Our choice in these elections: Terrible and Worst.

the oil industry, banking sector WIN with either candidate

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Plebian is Latin
Latin for working class.

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"Today," Sanders said to Biden during the broadacst, "I am asking all Americans—I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans—to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse."

I’ll do it – but we need more assurances of an ousting of Koch Bros. from the Party –

Weakening of the corporate-fascists like Pelosi who control the DP –

More controls over Biden whose career was based in serving Elites/Patriarchy –

‘We Must Come Together to Defeat Most Dangerous President in Modern History’

And elect someone even more dangerous – my good friend, Joe Biden, Bernie said, under his breath.

I was once a huge Bernie supporter. Something awful happened to him.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the fact that, as horrible as Trump is, Biden will be worse.

He will be as bad on the environment and on economic justice. He is far more hawkish. He will bring back the TPP and other destructive “trade” deals. He has spent his entire political life fighting against Social Security and Medicare. He is more dangerous than Trump. He is not worth a vote.

So what’s the alternative? At this point, I think the best available choice is not to vote. Or vote for anyone but a major party candidate. Whether Trump wins or Biden wins is not a difference that matters, no matter what Bernie says.

Edit: This post was flagged in violation of community standards. I don’t get it. It’s not obscene and it’s not personal, since it’s not directed at any CD member.

While I believe Trump is unsuited to be President, and would prefer nearly any other human being to be the US President, unfortunately, Biden is an exception. I believe that there will be much more bloodshed under Biden than there has been under Trump. Biden says as much. I also believe Biden will more effectively decimate our safety net than Trump has, since that’s been Biden’s intention throughout his career. All of this is easily verified.

Why am I not allowed to say these things here?

And, if the problem is not what I write about Biden, but about Bernie, then the same applies. Bernie decided that getting Biden elected as President is more important than M4A, GND, student debt, any sort of “political revolution.” Bernie put his personal loyalty to Biden ahead of his loyalty to the people of the US, including his campaign contributors (of whom I was a significant one). Why am I not allowed to criticize Bernie here either?

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I think all Americans should examine the “why” we have Trump as president. DT represents the darkness in our culture; reinforced by a divisive inducing media and a culture of selfishness, racial divide, stupidity, corruption and so much more.
That’s why we have DT as president!
The gross failure of the “other” party of our two party duopoly system to represent its declared constituency, the commons is reprehensible.
Two parties chasing the big money to continue in power is not what America needs moving forward.
Its time to stop voting for the lesser of the two evils.
It’s time for a voting strike!


The population, even the population of registered voters, regularly polls to the left of both major parties on a wide range of issues.

It is a conservative country in the sense that it has little remaining functional structure of democratic representation.

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Well, he endorsed HRC, too, and even trumpeted the “Russian meddling” nonsense for a very long time afterwards. That had put the bar just a bit underground already.

I am glad that this sort of nonsense helps him keep his post in Vermont, but few of the rest of us have anything similar to protect.

The faith that the Democratic Party would run something approaching a representative nomination process was misplaced. Positive change will come from outside the party, it appears, now or whenever. That might become sadly clear by November or so, whoever wins.

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