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Watch Live: Sen. Bernie Sanders Responds to Trump Decision to Violate JCPOA Nuclear Agreement With Iran


Watch Live: Sen. Bernie Sanders Responds to Trump Decision to Violate JCPOA Nuclear Agreement With Iran

Common Dreams staff

In a live address streame on his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Bernie Sanders will respond to President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. government's commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JSPOA), or Iran nuclear deal.



I hope he calls out the Dems that are enabling Trump doing all this as well. But I feel he won’t.


Nope. He STILL thinks he can salvage the corrupt damnocrats from within. There’s about as much chance of that as getting an accurate sand grain count in the Gobi desert. I wish the fuck he’d wake up and…oh, never mind…



Like Gomer Pyle use to say:" SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Only the most sophomoric, morons would be surprised, but it would not surprise me if Iran retaliates in some way that could be catastrophic by bringing their ally Russia into the mix.


Every news outlet in the country should be playing this response by Bernie Sanders who continues to demonstrate that he was far and away the most qualified person to be President of the US.


Even if Trump doesn’t actually bomb Iran, his actions will continue the spike of oil. Since the timing of his first blustering, oil has risen in price enough to make his allies happy. Those allies are, of course, not the large number of village idiots who voted for him. They may be their bosses, though. MOGA ( Make Oiligarchies Great Again ).
80% of all U.S. stocks are owned by the top 10% of income earners and wealthy foreign investors.
Trump’s insane saber rattling has more than just obscene oil profiteering as a motivation, though.
Sen. Sanders points out the potential hazards of this latest Trump ( brain fail ) disaster to a great extent. But, our Congress is equally to blame, too. They’re moral cowardice and bought off selves is a disgrace.
When our worst chickens come home to roost why does everything always smell like fresh manure?


So 26 former Israeli military and security officials signed a letter urging the US to maintain the agreement from which Trump just withdrew the US. Now why didn’t that story ever make it into CD?


The text of the letter is below: The letter and very much else beside supporting the Iran nuke deal didn’t make it into most US news outlets.

"April 25th, 2018

As former military officers and leaders in Israeli security agencies, we believe it is in Israel’s best interest that the United States maintains the nuclear agreement with Iran.

One of the greatest threats facing Israel has been the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons. For more than two years, that threat has been blocked by the Iran nuclear agreement.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has consistently and repeatedly found Iran to be in compliance with its obligations as ordered by the agreement. The consensus among military and intelligence agencies around the world — including Israel’s own defense community — is that the pact is working. While we acknowledge several caveats do exist in the deal, we are also in simultaneous agreement that ‘The Current Deal is Better Than No Deal’.

American abandonment of the agreement would undermine not just the deal, but Israel’s security as well. It would cause a division on a central question of Middle East security between the United States and Israel’s European allies. By doing so, it would further empower the deal’s hardline Iranian opponents — and most importantly The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Iran’s destructive regional policies and actions, its support for acts of terrorism, its presence in Syria and its ballistic missiles program should be dealt with outside the framework of the agreement, and US allies are willing to do that if the agreement is kept. They are also willing to agree on steps that will be taken if Iran were to take steps toward a nuclear weapon when the sunset clauses come into effect after 10-15 years.

Should US abandonment of the agreement lead to the pact’s demise, the consequences for Israeli security could be even more dire. Iran could resume the full scope of its former nuclear activities — or advance well beyond them ahead of time — unrestricted and unmonitored. Israel and its allies would be forced to consider taking drastic measures to attempt to restrain or destroy Iran’s nuclear program, including military operations that might trigger a major escalation and drive the entire region into direct confrontation, with no guarantee of achieving their goal.

Accordingly, we believe Israel’s security interests would be served best if the United States chooses to remain in the agreement, and work with its allies and other parties to the agreement on further diplomatic actions to address other aspects of Iranian policy in the Middle East."

The signatories are omitted for brevity


My last enlightenment was the phrase “they’re fn with us,” not just Trump,
as well the well-to-do whose concern for the rest is in question. Oil revenues ahead,
big steel walls, pipelines, terminals tanks, battleships and JobsJobsJobs.
But who get the dirty work? Enlightenment: TheyRFingWithus…whisper…


A Democratic president was key to making this deal. It’s pavlovian around here: Trump does something uninstigated on his own terms, find a way to blame Democrats.


He could have put out a statement instead of using the news to bring attention to himself.


Bolton has blood in his eyes and being insane, he’s excited at the nearing prospect of war. Pompeo has no conscience, just obeisance to his fascist corporate owners. I haven’t seen anything about Miller in this so can’t comment. And Donald Trump is too stupid to read or hear of this statement and make heads or tails out of it. What with the MIC pushing from one side and nutenyahoo and the Saudis from the other, tool trump did their bidding and put his pathetic needy-narcissistic spin on it.


Mr. Sanders was right on target with everything he said, but it will make no difference to the orange baboon in the WH. The only thing that will stop drumpf from being an Ahat would be a message saying, “Look, sweetie. You make a big problem in the Mideast and we foreclose on your hotel and post your skull over the door.”




Who, for instance?