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WATCH LIVE: Tens of Thousands of Net Neutrality Defenders Tune in as House Votes on Save the Internet Act


WATCH LIVE: Tens of Thousands of Net Neutrality Defenders Tune in as House Votes on Save the Internet Act

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the House set to vote on the Save the Internet Act as early as Tuesday afternoon, Fight for the Future is livestreaming debate on the legislation and the final vote to ensure lawmakers know the "whole internet is watching" as they decide whether to restore net neutrality or leave the web in the hands of telecom giants.

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If they really cared this would be over by now and passed.

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Finally, who are the ones beside the repukes that voted no?!



As interesting as these proceedings to watch I;m going to read this PM instead. Tomorrow I’'ll lament the ruling if necessary. All I can now is hope for the best. Over 80% of Americans want to reinstate net-neutrality. We’ll see if Congress listens.



So much for “OUR COUNTRY”, eh?!

I’d laugh at that if I wasn’t so depressed and PISSED!!!



Pelosi is out campaigning AGAINST Medicare4All –

AGAINST the new liberals in Congress like AOC who are on happily on her neck –

AGAINST the New Green Plan –

Pelosi is suggesting they become more “moderate” – betray the voters like she does.

And Pelosi is for Netanyahu and his fascist policies towards Palestine –
“Aiding the enemy” –

Pelosi and Hoyer have become rich and richer in Congress serving corporations and MIC,
insurance companies, weapons manufacturers – and creating BAD OLD DEAL for the nation.

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Olhippy –

We have to look at the overall on this –

50 years of our infrastructure being let go and destroyed –
Our government agencies corrupted and their intent reversed under corporate control.

And the planet/Nature, animal-life and humanity suffering all over the world the violence
of these few insane people.

The Senate was created by “Our Founders” to be a BRAKE on the House and the will
of the people. The House was from the beginning set up to fail - to have the numbers too
few to represent the people –

Right now one representative can have 840,00 members in their districts!

In the UK, one representative will represent 75,000 citizens.

The FCC has at the first betrayed the citizens of this nation – that’s treason.

This isn’t one issue it is the continuing destruction of democracy, liberty and our
people’s government - yes – but it also means and represents a future where
we will only be watching more destruction of everything.