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WATCH LIVE: The 'Lies of Donald Trump Are Too Much' Press Conference Counters RNC's Flood of Falsehoods

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/watch-live-lies-donald-trump-are-too-much-press-conference-counters-rncs-flood

I will be watching - finally folks who have guts - notice not the damn dems who put this together! GO REV. BARBER.


“Necropolitics” - a politics of death. The colonizer model - now with exponentially destructive feedback loops.

Thank you for naming the truth

Trump’s earlier lies were almost humorous at times. It soon became obvious there was a huge problem with trump and his puppets and the truth.
Spicer comes out, and later Sarah Sanders repeating the lie about trump’s inaugural crowd.
What we thought would go away, never did. It has gotten worse every time they open their mouths.
It’s as if they don’t know about cameras recording EVERYTHING they lie about. They are either fools, or they think everybody else is.

You are preaching to the converted !!..To the 30 - 40% of trump nuts it means nothing…it may even be a badge of honor.Trump is ripping this country apart and nothing can/will be done to stop it !!

Hell. they are breaking laws tonight on the WH grounds with a campaign rally/convention rally.
Top it off with no distancing or masking.
It’s soon to be a dog eat dog country.