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Watch Live: Trump Announces Decision on Paris Climate Deal


Watch Live: Trump Announces Decision on Paris Climate Deal

Common Dreams staff

President Donald Trump is announcing his decision on whether or not he will keep the United States in the Paris climate deal on Thursday afternoon.

Watch it live:


This is what keeping a campaign promise looks like.


There's no law saying the world can't ignore the fake president and do what this turd isn't willing to do.


Democrats need to waste the next 11 months on important issues, such as investigating how Guy McPherson colluded with Trump to make sure that his predictions about abrupt catastrophic climate change come true.


The US could and should be leading on the climate change front but they choose to deny the serious nature of the issue, and withdraw to focus on profits. The price for this ignorance will be paid for by our descendants. Let's hope sanity will return and soon.


‪Trump withdraws from the Paris Accord and declares war on the planet...‬


Pruitt was there solely to kiss his boss's ass. I mean he literally had nothing to say except to praise Trump. Trump meanwhile sure does know how to read...ahem! Us against the world! Who knew? Us against those climate change people who only want to cut into profits! Oh how could they?

This was beyond embarrassing.

I did notice that Trump's bombast and blather contained a lot of persecution complex rhetoric. Seems Trump is feeling that he is being laughed at and derided. His transference complex was working overtime, with him talking as if were being directed towards America and not to him. It was rather obvious and pathetic but then an ego like Trump's takes a lot of work.


The United States declared war on the planet decades ago.


Does anyone here know anything about Arcadia Power? I thought about the free plan which gives me 50% renewable electricity.I'd really like to get off the grid but I don't have that kind of money. This seems like the next best thing.


OMG. Is CD suggesting I watch the Drumph in live feed?


Oh, I don't know, it seems like it's natural for him.


Practice I guess? Lots of practice!


Good. Now everyone with half a social consciousness can see what a remarkably ignorant, spectacular failure this sorry example of an entitled person truly is. Doubtlessly he is representative of members of his social class, no? This vile scum needs to go now.


Curious, what are your criticisms of this action by Trump, if any?


some of them may have been vile, but Trump's probably kept more campaign promises than the last 3 presidents combined.

it's a shame that approach hasn't been adopted by someone with vastly better intentions.


Sierra Club: Trump will leave Paris Agreement. In 24hrs we made 50K calls to POTUS. Now tell your senator you're outraged & demand action. Dial 218-209-4082


or how Russia unduly influenced the outcome of America's Got Talent. Gotta get to the bottom of that sucker.


He's just the latest to specifically do it


patriots one and all! :wink:


Since Dolt 45 is full of methane, it falls to us---did we really expect anything different?---to do what we can, individually and in groups, to salvage the planet.