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WATCH LIVE: Undeterred by GOP Attacks on Save the Internet Act, Millions Tune In to Watch House Vote on Net Neutrality

WATCH LIVE: Undeterred by GOP Attacks on Save the Internet Act, Millions Tune In to Watch House Vote on Net Neutrality

Julia Conley, staff writer

Digital rights activists stood fast for net neutrality Wednesday despite Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's dismissal of the widespread support of the Save the Internet Act, citing the millions who tuned in to watch the U.S. House vote over the bill.


I believe republicans got about 60 votes against. Not in step with the country. But we already knew that.

DOA in the Senate and if voted on would not pass, even if it did the prez would not sign. Liberty, freedom, pipe dreams.


Republicans are such a ball of contradictions. ISPs and other internet corporations want to be able to gather our data without having to pay for it- all so that they can make a profit from our data. Those same corporations also want to constrain what content we can access on the internet. And, republicans want to give it to them- for free. Meanwhile, when the rest of us run out of funds to buy food or need medical care that we can’t afford, we are told by republicans that we have to earn it…
These ISPs and other corporations should be paying us for our data. I told my Senator that I should be able to make money from a product that I produce, int this case that being my data.
BTW: who was that lone republican who vote yes? I’d like to give credit where credit is due.

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Republican McConnell, following the wishes of the Republican-majority Senate, will let this bill die, and even if they passed their version of this bill, the Republican President would veto it.

The keyboard-left will then blame the Democrats for it all…

Watch out from your “smart” TVs. Shut off ACR (auto control recognition) or go into settings and adjust “viewing info services” and the like. Also make sure your TV does not have a built in camera, if it does tape over. We are all being watched.

Sorry pointer no good . CR has detailed info on their site.

Rep. Bill Posey of Florida.

Couldn’t be any clearer. Democrats favor net neutrality and Republicans favor unequal access to the Internet. What a surprise.

I don’t know why libertarian repubs are not all over this freedom issue. It’s not just freedom based on money. It’s everyone’s freedom on the Internet of all sorts that is at stake.


OK … then we ALL have some decisions to make –

Will we let the Senate know that if they don’t pass this we will act against
the cable companies? And let the cable companies know as well?

Will we pull the plug on programs we may be paying for over cable costs -
or simply just pull the plug on the whole thing?

It’s up to us to turn this political action into a demand across the nation.


The Internet and Cable Companirs have us by the balls!!! I would love to pull the plug on all of it, but watching Game of Thrones on a black & white TV with Rabibit Ears just won’t cut it. After the Finale, I will give this some thought.

With the GOP functioning more like an organized crime syndicate with each passing year, eliminating net neutrality is very consistent with everything else they do.


Yesterday I saw somewhere, but didn’t save the link, of how much money mitch has received from cable companies. It was a lot, and he is only one. I don’t have cable, just free wifi for the web but yes, just shut it down. Hit them in the wallet, it is the only thing they understand. Your contract may say otherwise, be sure to read it before taking action. I am out in the sticks of rural AZ and rely on my wifi. To go stone cold would be like being blind but also, at my age who cares :-)))

Sorry for the cynicism but given USA’ns track record for ACTING, this probably won’t happen.

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If issues instead of personalities were emphasized more in the masse media during elections, we could choose candidates who were more in tune with the people and their concerns.

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Guit –

Trust you’re kidding – but …

“Game of Thrones”?

How long before the series ends?

The planet is burning up because of corporate-fascism in the US –

White Male Supremacy is rising here under guidance of Drumpf –

US/Cheney/Bush Family have gotten their way and people are being TORTURED
all over the world by right wing governments like ours.

Long ago, Elite-Patriarchy recognized how easily men could be taught to “watch the
bouncing ball” and ignore everything else – including women and children.

Politics effects your life every moment of your life.

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Ditton –

What you’re saying is sensible –

I’d like to see us all calling the cable companies for whom this blessing is being
bestowed. Comcast, Verizon, AT&T –

(And same for Senators …)

And Comcast and Verizon are making BILLIONS every year in moving pornography
into mainstream movies and TV – plus of course their usual porn offerings – and
many American men are becoming addicted to it to the detriment of their families and

Political Capitalism, an analysis by Randall G. Holcombe, that explores the fascist corporate economies of Germany and Italy:

just how stupid are the kentucky voters to elect a corporate whore like the turtle.


Viva progressives