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WATCH LIVE: Undeterred by GOP Attacks on Save the Internet Act, Millions Tune In to Watch House Vote on Net Neutrality


Yeah and to think further we the people have paid for the internet and infrastructure/medium it runs on.



A little premature to Celebrate.

The Bill still has to Pass 2 more major Obstacles.

The Senate and the President.

I would look to 2020 when we can fully gain control of the government before Celebrating.



True – the destruction of the Middle Class here is happening because US no longer
required a Middle Class to suggest capitalism’s success or better nature of our government
versus Russia’s after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Let’s say the “scenery” was kept up until then.

However. destruction of the New Deal has been ongoing since it was put in place and
right wing began to make inroads long before 1989. And with the coup on JFK and our
people’s government in 1963, they were on their way as destroyers.

(And boring warning to those who have read this before here …)

Capitalism is a political system – just as Colonialism is a political system – and so is
Patriarchy a political system. And many little systems and larger systems project from them.
We are controlled in our lives by systems. International systems like IMF, for instance.

Citizens create economies but those economies are then manipulated by banks, financial
institutions and world financial institutions for the benefit of Elites/wealthy.
Federal Reserve Bank - a private bank - controls our economies something that Congress is supposed to be doing in deciding on whether we have full employment or not. These are
issues which should be debated by our representatives in Congress on the floor of the House
and Senate. Many domestic/national issues have been taken into back rooms and decisions
made in secret – no longer in debates by Congress which can be tracked by the people.

Fed has reduced employment to mid and low 50%
– it’s the second “central” bank here with the other two having been overturned.
This one came in 1913 and it has reduced the value of the dollar at that time to 19
cents or less now.
It works for the profit of its member banks and enslaves us in debt.

Capitalism was created by “Christianity” when Feudalism was no longer sufficient to
run their Papal States.

Capitalism is a system intended to move the wealth and natural resources of nations
from the many to the few – and it has done that successfully all over the world.

Unregulated Capitalism is merely organized crime.

And – Capitalism is suicidal.

And I think that all of the above can easily be proven to have been in operation with the
stated results all over the globe.

“Christianity” underpins Elite-Patriarchy – and we will have no peace until “Christianity” falls.

Fascism rises in Northern Italy – and CIA is said within the CIA and outside of the CIA to be
“Catholics in Action.”

AND, YES, IKE GAVE US NEEDED WARNING RE MIC – but by then our free press was
also under control of the CIA and very little said about that issues since then in the press.
(See: Operation Mockingbird drafted in 1943 to take our free press and create CIA journalists/
Companion programs are Operation Paperclip/200,000 ex-Nazis brought in to US to found
the CIA, funneled into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot” spots around the
Operation Gladio – a program to allow only the right wing candidates/governments to rise in
nations over which the US had influence and control at end of WWII – Italy, France, Germany,
Japan. In Italy, our government actually resurrected the MAFIA in Italy in order to ensure that
the program would be carried out there as intended/effectively. Immediately the CIA began
running drugs there, laundering the money through the Vatican and using the money to pay
for CIA “insurrections” which would be blamed on the Italian government.

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Excellent analysis!



Hi wlawlor: : ) but Mitch sold his soul a long time ago, and really does he actually keep winning or -----are the voters being erased and ballots destroyed in Kentucky too? WE should all probably write to Mitch and find out if there’s any gold left in First Knox too. With all the people he has to pay off, I did kind of wonder about the gold : )



Funny but not really. I remember as study from long ago stating that most porn sites on the web were owned by republicans. If there is a shady way of making a buck they will find it. People go cold turkey from smoking, eating meat, why not cable and the web? The only things that really matter are those things that can fill all 5 senses at one time, in other words, reality :slight_smile:

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not much of a “victory” if the bill cannot pass the Senate and White House and become law. Those who care about net neutrality and consumer rights (and environment, civil rights, reproductive freedom, labor rights etc) need to remember this when silly left-wingers or GOP trolls tell you there is no real difference between the parties.



Ditton –

People go cold turkey from smoking, eating meat, why not cable and the web?

Subscribers have to make clear their intent BEFORE the Senate fails to sign Net Neutrality
bill from House –

and cable companies need to know BEFORE the Senate or Trump refuse to sign the bill
just how we might respond.



It is very likely that the election machinery is fine tuned by the Republicans to ensure outcomes favorable to them in every state with a R governor and Secretary of State.