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WATCH LIVE: Vice Presidential Debate Between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/watch-live-vice-presidential-debate-between-kamala-harris-and-mike-pence

I can’t wait to see the prosecutor tear into the hypocritical former talk show host, theocrat, and GOP goon.

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As an article on Salon correctly notes:

" Pence was literally front row at Ground Zero of the GOP outbreak: the Rose Garden event on Sept. 26 to celebrate the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. That means he was near a super-spreader (who the White House is going to great pains not to let anyone identify) for a prolonged period — not to mention many other possible exposures before, during and after. He should have gone into isolation for at least 14 days after that."

Is the Commission for Presidential Debates somehow not aware that this event can be held at a remote location? Most medical experts agree that holding this event live is a very bad idea. It is also surprising that Kamala Harris would even agree to participate in this debate as she must know the risk of being infected from a person who attended the White House Rose Garden event which then infected about a dozen people.

At times [if not many times] one has to wonder if this country is going backward instead of forward.

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This would be, I believe, the same Kamala Harris who prosecuted African Americans so diligently that their incarceration rate remains more than five times their share of California’s population. Now if the Democrats really wished to show that they were progressive then they could have nominated someone who was, say, a defense attorney [i.e., someone who defended the rights of Black people and other minorities] instead of a “progressive prosecutor.” But leave it to the Democrats to put someone in a position of power who cares little about the rights of Black people, Latinos, indigenous people, et al.


When the "Trump " tax cut became law, many people were saying, “How are we going to pay for this?”

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Mike Pence is a lying Christofascist with the charisma of a wilted head of lettuce…


As I watch the debate there is a fly on Pence’s head…its now moved to his face.

One truth and consistency is that flies are attracted to ___________.


Wow. Pence is such a wormtongue. That slimy smooth tone and its metronome emotion.

I need a shower just hearing it.

Wow, again. They just walked off stage. I guarantee, Pence’s misogyny was boiling.


He even attracted the fly in the studio. Great head shot with the fly.


Okay, this debate was just amazing in revealing what an unadulterated prick Mike Pence is. Oh, was his white, male supremacy on display.

His family didn’t wear masks, despite the rules. He thought he could browbeat people with nonsense speaking twice as long as he was allowed, interrupt Harris, demand that Harris answer his question(!), take more time still to answer questions he had already used too much time to answer, and then he made quite the sour lemon face as he walked away,

I don’t think he liked equal anything on that stage.

Did he snap up the fly with his lightning quick tongue? Did it have Trump’s glaring head, from those experimental COVID treatments? Was Kamala dressed like Handmaid’s Tail? Was anybody still watching after their 14th lie or missed opportunity to emulate actual political debate? This shit is so sad, even Taibbi can’t try to keep up drinking, any more!

Didn’t TWO of those shills simply SPEW utter lies about Sanders?

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Yes, the talk show hosts are a major propaganda stunt, and have been somewhat of a success at directing people’s thoughts. Of course, it is all rather perverse, and no excuse for a good education and clear thinking.

Good questions - fodder for the late night talk shows. Great comedy, Charlie Chaplin would have a field day with the pence-Trump clowns.

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The fly did not lie.

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