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WATCH LIVE: Whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright Testifies on Failures of Trump Administration's Covid-19 Failures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/watch-live-whistleblower-dr-rick-bright-testifies-failures-trump-administrations

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Well, well, here we go again with the GOP: Deflect (Dr. Bright at fault, this is an emergency so let’s put patients at risk with the infamous "malaria drug, etc.) and protect this monstrous “president”. Disgusting. Criminal. Homicidal maniacs.


How does Trump fail us? Let me count the ways.

How much time you got?

According to Santa Clarita public health officials, the first COVID-19 infections likely occurred in early January of 2020. The first death was Feb. 6th, 2020. All three, one woman and two men, died but the local officials had the good sense to preserve some of the evidence. Because the cause of these deaths seemed suspicious or, at the very least, unusual. Hmm…
Well, alrighty then. " Nothing to see here, folks, moving right along…"
Feb. 6th, 2020- May 14th, 2020. That’s over 100 days ago, and counting. Probably at least over 100K deaths according to Dr. Fauci; because of deaths at home, lax accounting, lack of tests.
Contrast the response to those 100 days with FDR’s Adm. in their first 100 days. Dr. Bright’s " hair was on fire ", to steal a phrase, in mid-January of 2020 and he spoke up as early as January, 21st 2020.

How pathetic. A republican questioning Dr. Bright didn’t ask about the virus cases and how many deaths, nor how trump has failed the country in his non response.
No, instead he questioned why he didn’t jump into his lower level job. Bright explained he had been on medical leave since being shit on. And had switched to annual leave (vacation time) to appear for the hearing.
Oh but this pos representative wanted to be sure there wasn’t something he could use to defame Dr. Bright.
Same old play book.