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Watch Live: With Resignation Expected, Senator Al Franken Speaks on Senate Floor


Watch Live: With Resignation Expected, Senator Al Franken Speaks on Senate Floor

Common Dreams staff

Following numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault, Senator from Minnesota has faced calls from his Democratic colleagues to step aside


How many of the Democrats who called for Franken to resign called for Trump to resign?
How many of the Democrats who called for Franken to resign voted against the measure to table impeachment proceedings against Trump?

What kind of crap are we going to hear from rightwing commentators and commentors that this proves the Dems are more corrupt, etc. than Republicans?


While I don’t agree with the things that Senator Franken did to those women, I applaud that he has owned it. I’m also very proud of the Democrats in Congress–females, it seems–who called him out on his behavior and said that he should resign. This is the biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans, the latter have no integrity and only resign when forced to. Unfortunately, this places Democrats at a strategic disadvantage as now I’m sure that hypocrite Republicans of all stripes will use this as proof that Democrats are less moral than they. We definitely need to overhaul our system and take these things out of a “voluntary” status. We need to have trump also investigated for his conduct with women and get rid of this odious buffoon. Too bad, I really liked the senator, but doing the right thing still counts for a lot in my book, and he has done the right thing.


Oh well…unlike their neighbors Wisconsin or Iowa or the Dakotas, I am confidant that, with a bomb-proof urban-left population majority in the Twin Cities, Minnesotans will replaced him with a better politician from a left-progressive perspective anyway.



The reason he’s out? He spook truth to power. His many talents will be sorely missed. What he did, he claimed. An honest man in my opinion. He was forced out by asking the tough questions no one else would or could because they are owned by someone else. The Senate will suffer.


How come our guys quit and their guys continue? Like Moore and Trump? Something to do with having a conscience?


Well said. It is about owning what one does, being a man.


Seems to me the Dems just lost perhaps their most recognizable personable face in the Senate. Nothing good happening here… seems he might have been guilty of some very small infractions as a funny man… political correctness …back to George Carlin… just turn the page imo


Because the left demands perfection and the right demands strength.


Politics is not about being a recognizable or personable celebrity - that is a uniquely dysfunctional USAn thing - especially in the Democratic Party. Politics is about being skilled in advancing a ideology and program - both fighting for it internally within the party, and assuming the party has not gone too far astray, working with one’s party colleagues to advance the program of the party.

The Republicans sure understand this - they are a well-oiled and fueled D-11 bulldozer pushing their extremist reactionary party program forward.

That is how it works everywhere outside the US, such as our neighbor to the north, or the UK, where party discipline is everything and merely casting a non-party-line vote will get one kicked out of their seat. In elections, Canadians or Brits will often barely know, nor care about their own MP, much less other MPs, they basically vote for their party - whose unified ideology and program is clearly spelled out by the party leader who, if they win the most seats, becomes the Prime Minister. It is a far simpler and effective system.


Al Franken spoke to my issues. If I close my eyes and pretend that Democrats stand for a damn thing, I would imagine Al. If not for Al’s questioning, Jeff Sessions would not have been forced to recuse himself and there would be no Mueller investigation.
There are no allegations against Franken that would warrant a resignation. Franken agreed to cooperate with an ethics investigation, but the Democrats wanted his head. Well, now they have it. A great victory for what? Certainly not women’s rights. Franken was a reliable voice for women’s issues. In being played by Roger Stone on this issue, the Democrats picked the political expediency of pretending to be pure over the substance of standing for a decent man.
I am 70 years old. I have been a reliable Democratic voter in every election for 50 years. I’m done! The party has no soul.


Hear-hear! Very concisely stated!


Are you serious?


I wish Franken had not yielded to pressure and resigned. I would have liked him to have been able to go through an ethics investigation therefore setting the stage for others accused of the same or worse to be forced to go through it as well this would have helped to strengthen the procedure dramatically.
And I cannot resist adding that I am not impressed by the supposed seriousness of Franken accusers’ accusations. It seems like, if anything, any behavior viewed by the women as improper could have been handled personally not through the media. None were his employees or his subordinates. At this rate there will be no men left employed anywhere. FYI I am a married middle aged professional woman recently early retired with both a son and a daughter.


Liberals (as opposed to leftists) are positively breathtaking in their cluelessness and their refusal to understand that politics is about fighting for power. Or is it cluelessness? Maybe it being so self-absorbed that they simply don’t care. Most of these liberals - including the feminists, are members of the rich urban bourgeois - All they care about is where they will go next for wine, brie, and $8/pint “craft beer” …


I detect irony here in your response… “charisma” going back to Max Weber (in my Politics 101 class 40 yrs ago) was one of three basic foundations for political legitimacy. Of course, the Republicans are very good at advancing a program based on charisma, traditional and legal authority in combo. ( I believe you are referencing party discipline as a meta-form of legal authority:)


So, disappointed. Al was a tried and true progressive.
Should have kept his hands to himself and dick in his pants.
With all politically that is happening, I believe there is more happening, than meets the eyes.


Well stated…
Now, time for independent action.


You are so very RIGHT! I feel exactly the same. Senator Franken has advocated for and represented the best interests of his constituents and ALL Americans and will be dearly missed. The whole harassment bandwagon is out of control and demonstrates the obvious double-standard. Senator Franken’s accuser in the photo had no problem giving what appeared to be lap dances and kisses with tongue to members of the USO audience yet she cries foul for a picture wherein he NEVER TOUCHED HER. Although I am not a “conspiracy” advocate, I smell a rat and the rodent being the person or parties paying these supposed “victims” of Sen. Franken’s actions, to either lie about or at the very least, inflate incidents. I would not be surprised. Another double-standard: DJT gets away with vile behavior, Moore gets away with pedophilia and the GOP does absolutely NOTHING. The Dems should take a lesson or two from the GOP’s unity of purpose but I guess the party enjoys playing the roles of beacons of enlightenment and virtue while Rome burns.


Gee, were you present when this supposedly happened? If not, do not pass unfounded judgment.