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WATCH: Medicare for All Town Hall With Sanders and Jayapal to Focus on Ending Gruesome For-Profit Health System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/watch-medicare-all-town-hall-sanders-and-jayapal-focus-ending-gruesome-profit-health

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Yet Bernie is still busy gaslighting and telling everyone to vote for the guy who has pledged to veto M4A during a pandemic and with the US economy collapsing and millions losing their shitty employer healthcare. What a farce. The US deserves what’s coming and both the state approved parties are increasingly irrelevant. Thank heaven that at least some saw what was going to happen and actually put into place real, concrete plans to bypass the establishment.


Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders,& most of America favor Healthcare for all… Obama, Biden, Clinton x 2, TRUMP, Koch Brothers & Corporate America/Corporate Earth do not support Healthcare for all… I wonder why all of these Trump Supporters support a President who has no interest in supporting a basic need (theirs…wake-up!.. And Corporate America has no interest in healthcare for all, for then they would lose a major hook that keeps many employed within their Plantation domain… Healthcare for the few…Make America Great Again…(was it ever?)…


Well Sanders had a chance to join Stein in '16 when Med for All was actually on the Pres ballot with the GP, he was invited - instead he backed Clinton - and now Biden - sorry Bernie, all hat and no cattle, as they say.

Btw - where’s AOC?


Why does Bernie even bother anymore? Americans don’t want medicare or anything other than war and corporate looting. Thats all they’ve ever voted for federally for my entire life.

Sanders and Jayapal are both gaslighting on the subject.
Jayapal co-chaired the healthcare taskforce, as part of the Sanders/Biden taskforce a few months ago, she never brought up a EIM4A recommendation in any of the meetings or negotiations.

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The supporters of Joe Biden call this “incremental progress”. Apparently nominating a person who says he will veto M4A legislation even as the majority of the people that vote for him support it , is deemed “Progress”.

For the life of me I can not see how they can arrive at this conclusion but such is the nature of peoples who are Loyal to the party over and above their own professed values.

Perhaps it time to conclude that the people that claim to support M4A yet still insist Biden be voted for are being dishonest when they claim to support M4A and are just doing it to garner votes for their party.

“the Party Uber Alles!”

That Loyalty to the Party is a key element of Fascism and other Authoritarian systems.


We are a large, diverse country. Our system is such that we will not have a national health program until we have it in a state or two. In the 1930s Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said that the states are the laboratories of democracy. It is necessary to show legislators elsewhere that support is not political suicide, and that it will save money. About twenty states are working on it. See the Single Payer Network of Ohio for an example.


We won’t have M4A on a national level in our lifetimes if Trump installs his frontrunner on the SC. That’s the little bonus no one is talking about. The ACA will be abolished, and with 40-50% of the population having a pre-existing condition of some sort, they will be locked out of healthcare insurance forever. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a shot at social security also. There’s potential for the US to be a full-on 3rd world country for the 99%.

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yes, sanders thru Stein under the bus…while Jill Stein was handcuffed, literally to a chair during the debates… Back in the day, Dr. Jill Stein was for Healthcare for all, a weapons-sale ban on the Middle-East and other such ideas…


Here is where we must start to get our right to regulate BACK:


Lori Wallach must be the next USTR to file the documents with our rulers in Geneva.