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Watch: Mercenary Erik Prince Confronted Over Calling Iraqis 'Barbarians'


Watch: Mercenary Erik Prince Confronted Over Calling Iraqis 'Barbarians'

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

In an interview scheduled to air on Al Jazeera's YouTube channel Friday morning, journalist Mehdi Hasan confronts former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince over comments Prince made about Iraqis and the bloody history of his mercenary company.

"What drives you, when you kind of, come up with these plans to do private security especially in a lot of these Muslim-majority countries?" Hasan asked Prince in a clip posted to Twitter Wednesday. "Because you yourself have referred to the people your men were fighting in Iraq as barbarians who crawled out of the sewer."



He’s a nasty piece of work. Betsy DeVos is his sister.



His new business is training concentration camp guards and security forces for China against their Muslim population - with the U.S.'s blessing, of course.

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Yes. Entitled silver-spoon brats and bullies, the pair of them.



May they both rot in hell.



He and his sister need to be in concentration camps.



DC is a territory, like Puerto Rico, Guam and Diego Garcia. The persons living there are considered less than human and are unable to make their own decisions.
This is what the elite think.
They think the same of Venezuela.



Does our treatment of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib reveal who are the true Barbarians?

We Americans invaded Iraq under the guise of saving the Iraqis from their brutal Dictator Saddam.

Abu Ghraib exposed our hatred of the Iraqi people.

Shock and Awe did not to help the Iraqi people we simply made hundreds of thousands Homeless Refuges.

Does anyone see similar trash talk about Maduro??


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And if the fascist’s that support Erik could get away with it he would do the same thing in Amerika.

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So where did all of the army and marine m-16 and ar-15’s end up? We are at least two generations beyond those two weapons.