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WATCH: Minnesota Police Arrest CNN Journalist and Camera Crew During Live TV Coverage of George Floyd Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/watch-minnesota-police-arrest-cnn-journalist-and-camera-crew-during-live-tv-coverage


Trump has a lot of blood on his hands, from COVID-19 to emboldened, militarized cops. His threat to send in the military is not helping. More media should censor this wannabe dictator.


I wonder just how much these ‘police officers’ were influenced by tRump and his constant harping on CNN’s supposed 'Fake News

I am sure that this played at least some part, looking at the videos from the live arrest it’s hard to see that anything was done wrong by the news crew.


I would like to know the history of the 1033 program in Minnesota. From the wiki on 1033

The “National Defense Authorization Act of 1990”, section 1208 authorized transfer of [military hardware] from the Department of Defense broadly to “federal and state agencies”, but specifically “for use in counter-drug activities”.[[8]][[9]]as this legislation was passed in the context of the [War on Drugs]).[[9]][[10]]. Until 1997, it was called the 1208 program and run by the Department of Defense from the Pentagon and its regional offices.[[11]]

In 1995, the “Law Enforcement Support Office” was created within the DLA to work exclusively with law enforcement.[[11]]

With passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997, the 1208 program was expanded to the 1033 program allowing “all law enforcement agencies to acquire property for bona fide law enforcement purposes that assist in their arrest and apprehension mission”, and that “Preference is given to counter-drug and counter-terrorism requests”.[[8]] It was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on 23 September 1996.[[12]]

In October the [DLA Disposition Services] first released information about the equipment distribution by county. An inflection point occurred in the fall 2014 after several events brought increasing public scrutiny, and the eventual release of Federal records on the movement of military goods to civilian police forces was made public on 21 November 2014.[[13]] [[14]]


There was another CNN crew nearby who were White and they were not arrested . Hmm?


What’s going on in Louisville, Kentucky, sketchy news about seven protesters shot, by police or not? I think the news outlets are censoring facts … but what else is new.


he’s definitely fanning the flames of a complete state breakdown, which I suppose is his one utility.

I don’t treat Trump as the arsonist. I treat him as the accelerant.

The dude’s chaos on two legs and 3 cheeseburgers.


As planned by Clinton, the Lords have their own military under the command of their local police and militia. Revolutions start on as small sparks, the peasants will be hungry and homeless in about six weeks and destitute in six months. The original ‘tea party’ was called a mob.

Nothing to lose is a powerful motivator. It elected Trump… that last chance failed and the streets are next.


I believe there are protests too in Colorado, California and maybe Chicago? Dont see anything mentioned here about that.
Just seen it on another article.


Every picture or video of the protests and violence should have a picture of Trump juxtaposed on it.


I wonder WHO gave the order to arrest them?

Jimenez asked repeatedly why he was being arrested.

After he was released he repeated this story and added that the cop said “I don’t know, I’m just following orders”

I want to hear about “who” gave the order and why


That will probably never come to light.


Was this a rehearsal for later in the summer?
Nothing would make Republicans happier than to find an excuse to declare Martial Law.

Between the Virus, Economy, Republican Fascism, Trump
and Dinocrat impotence, this summer will mimic the 60’s and 70’s.

or, as someone else pointed out - maybe mimic the 1860’s


Not a lot about this either:


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Why would the police want to arrest a news reporting crew? If I didn’t want be video recorded, I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong, at least in front of TV cameras. What are the police trying to hide? Is there something they would be ashamed of if recorded by a newsgroup? Why would they not want to be recorded? Video recording would prove they did nothing wrong.


yea, like trying to find out who pulled the trigger at Kent State


What do you mean? Hippies wandering around advocating free love?

Or Dallas.

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The riots.
Maybe you’re too young to remember
There were riots each summer in many major cities, CHicago, LA (Watts), Birngham, NY, Bronx,

“The Long Hot Summer - 1967”


And the Democratic National Council is running racist
Biden for president: Where’s Hamlet’s sense of smell?