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Watch: Mother of 19-Month-Old Toddler Who Died After ICE Detention Testifies to Abject Cruelty of Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/watch-mother-19-month-old-toddler-who-died-after-ice-detention-testifies-abject


Moments of this nature define who we are, they also tell us who has a soul and who doesn’t. We all know those that have the power to defeat this and do nothing but complain about those still alive in their hearts. My country, your country too has become disgusting and we need external assistance in removing this cancer because we are too weak to do it ourselves. These human rights violations should be the concern of everyone on the planet. They are an echo of days when the world went dark but now the darkness is here, in our home. Just as FDR predicted in 1944.


ICE detentions are an extreme crime against humanity that the American people have failed to object to with sufficient outrage and intolerance.

Yes it is not the holocaust and should not be compared to it.

But that does not mean that it is just another case of unfortunate collateral damage from Trump’s racist immigration policy and that does not mean the best Americans can do is roll their eyes, sigh and change the channel.

What is happening now in these detention facilities is one of the greatest crimes committed by Americans against very poor and very defenseless human beings in American history, humans who just happen to be people of color.

It is difficult to absorb. We all know that thousands of children have been separated from their parents and guardians and crammed into deplorable, overcrowded, unsanitary and unsafe jails and subjected to abusive treatment, in some cases sexual abuse.

Many, far too many, have died as a result including children under 2 years old. Those spared from death will carry lifelong wounds from the trauma of separation.

Meanwhile, Americans give Trump his highest approval ratings and saunter off to cottages and resorts and beaches and parks to enjoy their summer.

As they all say, life isn’t fair.

It is sad and damning to know that it can be this unfair.


Didn’t Drumpf cite sorrow over suffering children in Syria at the hands of the “Brutal” Asad as a reason to launch a Tomahawk missile strike on that war torn land? Doesn’t he also express some sorrow for suffering children under the Brutal Maduro of Venezuela even though those children belong to an ethnic group he has no use for other than as excuses for taking control of another state? The guy is such a colossal fraud.


The fish rots from the head; this is totally on Trump, for he has driven a significant portion of the population, many of whom work for the very governmental agencies involved in this ongoing tragedy, into a racially-motivated frenzy for his political gain.
Make America Sane Again (or at least for once)!


On the news right now, as I type, NBC is reporting on “baby Harry”, spending about five minutes. This ICE story seems to be only on CR … we will never change the attitudes and crimes of Americans until somehow the real injustices that are occurring can be highlighted to the masses. Same old story, Americans being uninformed and ignorant with useless news and propaganda. All the moral reporters were purged by the corporate media owners during and after the Iraq debacle.


This is TORTURE of parents and children –


Yes, 'abject cruelty, depraved indifference to the lives and well-being of others, especially the most vulnerable, and the total denial and deflection of WHY people flee from oppression, death squads, violent gangs, and the drought caused by climate and weather-pattern changes in Central America. Much if not all the political oppression a result of US policies and support for dictators and wealth over people and justice!

We are a nation of refugees and “migrants” that all have contributed to our society - the rulers now dominating our nation are the problem, not the refugees, the system of institutionalized greed, self-interest, official corruption and the domination of big-money - obscene wealth in few hands - that allow those of depraved indifference and greed to control the narrative and media (used to be the press), control our political parties, (s)elections, Congress and courts.


What CBP is doing to these refugees reminds me of the classic Stanford Prison Experiment where some students were the guards and other students the prisoners.

It was slated to last 2 weeks but had to be called off after 6 days because the authority “guards” began treating the innocent “prisoners” inhumanely.

Putting children in cages dehumanizes them, just like it does all prisoners. And it makes children vulnerable to CBP horrific abusers of all types.

If you’re not familiar with it, you can check it out here, Stanford Prison Experiment.


It is.


Unfortunately, this is more than just Trump. Trump is the tip of a very ugly iceberg. For sure, Trump has made hatred of brown-skinned immigrants a government policy but, keep in mind, that an alarming percentage of this country’s population, especially Republicans, support his policies, even to the point of separating children from parents. Trump is a monster as far as human rights go, but he has a lot of company.


This from a Country that on hearing of babies being thrown from Incunaters in Kuwait, a story that was invented out of nothing, expressed shock and outrage and claimed this as a reason as to why the USA should mobilize for war which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

They did much the same in Libya claiming a need to destroy the Country because children and women being killed by Qaddfis forces, another account that turned out to be fabricated out of nothing.

Where is Susan Nossel of Amnesty Internatioal calling for the USA to be invaded? There oil in Texas after all.


But it is a “slow” genocide the US America has been involved in before the Revolutionary War and picked up steam as it spread westward to murder indigenous peoples and steal their lands to grow cotton to enrich the racist enslavers/Indian killers. Our neighbors from the Southern border have been migrating for eons of time. A shameful history and economic system that needs redress.

A must watch:


I am also recalling Iraq during the sanctions and that horror, Madeleine Albright–countless children died along with adults and all she could think to say that “collateral damage” was worth this price. And there is the child separation from women prisoners whose children are taken from them, the US American history of indigenous children from their parents, communities, culture…


Under the treaty signed on the Mexican surrnder in the Mexican American war and on the Gadsen purchace, the US Government were obligated to allow these peoples to cross the border into the USA freely. They immediately reneged on those commitments.

Peoples supporting the actions of the US Government like to use the rule of law as justification as the migrants deemed “illegal aliens” . At the same time they not overly concerned about the rule of law when the US sponsros coups in these countries. plants mines in harbors of these Countries, blows up passenger aircraft from these Countries or refuses to honor treaty commitments it has made. These people are much like those Fundamentalists that pick and chose passages from the bible as it suits them and ignore the rest. It no wonder those that cite the “rule of law” usally the same hypocrites cquoting the bible.


t___ps fraudulent behavior isn’t that unusual in the swamp, everyone talks outta both sides of their mouth but his actions and how he directs others is so G-D scary. The horrors he has released are criminally insane. I truly believe he is criminally insane and there are those that have the power to make this stop and they do naught. They are complicit, co-corrupt in their hearts and souls. I fear for our home. Where are Arthur and Excalibur when we need them so?

Hey Snowman, the next time you see the Falcon tell him I said Hi :)))


Yes, it is not the holocaust. But it is the same ideology behind these (ICE) cruelties. Fascism should never be normalized.


It is absolutely despicable but the truth is that many, many of these MAGA shouting assholes WANT Trump to demonstrate cruelty towards all of “those people” who are “taking our country away from us”. They can’t get enough of his repressive, anti-human policies. We are witnessing the rise of Trump-style authoritarianism across the country, not just at the borders. In the Deep South there is a version of “The Handmaid’s Tale” being created as well.
A recent report says that, in addition, about 1/3 of democracies around the world are also in decline and heading to similar fates. As global heating continues unabated and as environments become ever more exploited and damaged (Amazon’s rain forests are an example) the collective misery of hundreds of millions will lead to even more examples of repression and police state tactics by governments who want to remain in control or by extremist political parties who seek to manipulate their populace into further repression in the interests of “homeland security”. Trump was apparently getting himself prepared for this as his first wife said that he had a book of Hitler’s speeches on his bed stand. The idiots who continue to cheer this monster at his ego-stroking rallies look more and more like “good Germans”.


But isn’t this the potential slippery slope in that direction? Hitler didn’t start out as evil as he ended up.

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Why do the Democrats get a pass here? We know how the racket works. Establishment Democrats care but those gosh darned conservatives keep thwarting their policies. Not to mention they basically have the same policies just ask Obama.

Immigration is being used as a political football.