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Watch: Mother of 19-Month-Old Toddler Who Died After ICE Detention Testifies to Abject Cruelty of Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Woah. Thanks for sharing Lincoln’s quotation.

It’s more relevant today, then when he originally said it.

The only way out for humanity is to stop thinking in dualities of good and evil, with me or against me etc.

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Just remember - you can’t spell a p PALI i N g without her name in the middle. The idiots who voted for this ignorant right-wing asshole (who abandoned her term as governor only half way through to seek fame, power and fortune elsewhere was voted into office by a 2 to 1 margin over a real proven politician, Tony Knowles. I read that once in office she appropriated tens of thousands of dollars without permission from the state to redecorate her office. Typical Rethug POS. And now, you have to put up with Gov. Dunleavy. The great state of Alaska deserves a lot better than this.
BTW, I use Palin’s town, Wasilla, as an example of so much of the worst of what has happened in Alaska. Full of fundy churches (Palin was a member of the Church of God) and strip malls it is one of the ugliest towns in the whole state. I hope that she and former “First Dude” Todd rot there from now on.

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You reminded me of a conversation with Ward Churchill who emphatically said the US must start obeying its own laws.

And of course there is a LONG history of that very thing within its own boundaries. An indigenous man once said that the white man is forever talking about “freedom” but for his people it is honor.


It can be argued that Hitler was a monstrous anomaly in Germany but Trump has long been in the making.

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The United States Government has a long history of ethnic cleansing based on the color of a persons skin.

It had long been the dream of the US Government, since the time of Thomas Jefferson , to cleanse the area east of the Mississippi of all the First Nations peoples. In the 1830s this process began with one Andrew Jackson forcibly relocating 10’s of thousands of First Nations peoples and transferring them to what they considered as wasteland west of the Mississippi. Thousands of those being relocated died along the way. They were promised that the territories they being removed to would be forever theirs to reside in yet some 50 years later unleashed thousands of white settlers onto those lands telling them to help themselves to it.

Years later Historians would refer to this as a “dark chapter in US History” but assured the reader that the US had made great progress and that it would not be repeated.

In the 1930s the Hoover Administration launched an ethnic cleansing process to remove well over a million Mexican Americans from the Country. They even passed laws making it illegal for Companies to hire persons of Mexican descent. Raids on public gatherings were made where every person with dark skin was rounded up and loaded onto trucks for processing. Many were then transferred to other trucks and driven deep into Mexico where they dropped off at the side of the road.

Years later Historians would refer to this as a “dark chapter in US History” but assured the reader that the US had made great progress and that it would not be repeated.

In the 1940s hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans were rounded up , their assets seized and them transferred to Concentration camps. It did not matter how long that persons family might have lived in the USA , being Japanese was enough to be deemed a threat to security. The Supreme Court ruled all of this perfectly legal.

Years later Historians would refer to this as a “dark chapter in US History” but assured the reader that the US had made great progress and that it would not be repeated.

In the 1950s under the Eisenhower Administration “Operation wetback” was launched. This included the mass arrests of Mexican Americans under the guise of protecting American Jobs. Millions were rounded up and deported. If they were American citizens but did not have “papers” they were loaded up on trucks and shipped South of the border.

Years later Historians would refer to this as a “dark chapter in US History” but assured the reader that the US had made great progress and that it would not be repeated.


Merlin, magic died and religion was born. The lonely places? I am all too familiar with them. The Holy Grail? You and the land are one, John Boorman’s Excalibur. The film is a good corollary to today Many. I own a copy on CD, just for that reason. Thanks Many.

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Bottom line it’s hard to impeach someone who you are in collusion with

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I will second that comment from Harry_Pjotr ~

I have “No Room for Small Dreams”, by Shimon Peres, written just before he died. Have you read it by any chance?

The jumpmaster on my first sport parachute was a young man, Jewish, who had been on a kibbutz in Israel. I was mightily impressed with him as a man, and have followed the fortunes of the Jewish people ever since. That was way back - in Montreal, 1970.

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We are Gonna Have Some Dues to Pay

Just found I can see this movie on 1,2,3…

Thanks Gilbert ! I am a big fan of both the legend and the reality of Arthur ~

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Well so far the Trumpster-in-the-dumster has murdered less people than Obama, the Bushes and Billy. I hope he can contain himself and not try to surpass them. I sometimes wonder where we would be if we had elected the “What difference does it make” Hildabeast cackling over another Godaffy? From the above it seems governments generally don’t have a very good track record as regards basic human rights. And ideas on how we can stop electing tyrants? Or how to have a government of, by, and for the people instead the elite? Just wondering. Gopherit

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Hi CoolBreeze:
I’ve read that if Hitler had been accepted into art school----the world would not have changed as it did. I wonder if a Jewish instructor had turned him down? Wars can begin for the most bizarre of reasons. : (

Supira –

Thank you!
Much there I didn’t know and other stuff we sure need reminders about.
Basically this land was theirs – native people/Mexicans.

Years later Historians would refer to this as a “dark chapter in US History” but assured the reader that the US had made great progress and that it would not be repeated.

Very effective whitewashing/brainwashing propaganda by our historians.

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Hitler’s hatred of jews came about the same way as it did for many Germans of that time.
The delegation left behind in London after Germany’s victory over the UK was entrusted with negotiating the end of the war.
There were no reparations of concessions demanded in spite of the fact that when German troops marched into London not a single enemy soldier had set foot on German soil. The effectiveness of the German navy had taken everyone by surprise.
Therefore the German army retreated before a treaty was signed in the mistaken belief that such a magnanimous gesture towards their defeated enemy ment that the end of the war was a simple formality, which the delegation left behind could handle.
This delegation included a number of jewish business men, who as it was later discovered, were working for Lord Rothschild and had instructions to secretly make Lord Balfour a different offer.
In exchange for help with the creation of a jewish state in Palestine, Rothschild would bring America into the war against Germany, who at the time was one of America’s greatest trading partners.
Not willing to make the same mistake Germany made, these business men demanded a public declaration in writing, which we all now know as the Balfour declaration.
Taken out of this context this document still makes absolutely no sense, neither does lord Balfour sending 1/5 of his recently defeated army off to Palistine before reigniting the war with an Enemy that crushed them.
Eventually Germany learned of this betrayal and even though it was done by a handful of zionists the blame for Germany’s defeat and the resulting economic difficulties fell on jews everywhere. Soon after, Germany which was one of the few countries that welcomed jewish people without reservation at the time, suddenly became very hostile towards them.
It had nothing to do with religious persecution or conventional racism in the beginning, although obviously that quickly changed.

many –

Thank you – and Harry_P –

Right now, I’d be dishonest if I suggested I would be able to read a book being
recommended, but I will certainly try to become familiar with it and know more
about author; I promise. I continue to try but am way behind on the book scene.

Person to person we all seem to do great – but one way or other those who live
to disunite us find ways to continue on teaching hatred and fear of others.

I’m really happy you have found a way of viewing it, it is a tremendous film. So under rated and forgotten which is a darn shame. Enjoy, Peace.

I have been to Wasilla, Alaska many times and know personally people that knew Sarah Palin and what you say is spot on!

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Tarsus –

Pope Pius XII “catapulted” Hitler to power.
Hitler was a Catholic who made clear that he was only doing what the
Catholic Church had done to the Jews for 1,500 years – except that he
had the “final solution.”

The history of the Papal States was one of continuous and vile propaganda
circulated thru the Church’s immense network of publications and officials
of the church in teachings of Jews as an “abomination.” Confined to Jewish
Ghettos under control of the Vatican, Jews were not released until 1864 -
first in France and then in Italy, where the Italian government also moved the
RCC back into the one square mile it now occupies.

Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush used the Vatican – as the CIA later did – to
move funding for Hitler/Nazis into Germany. Much of it was gold as Dulles
converted US dollars at that time into gold.

The Vatican also assisted in moving money out of Germany at the end of WWII
and in assisting the CIA post WWII by laundering drug money and by changing
the names of ex-Nazis and granting them passports in order to allow them to
escape detection.

and …

Adolph Hitler - from “Confronting anti-Semitism” by James Carroll

"Well, What do you really object to in my treatment of the Jews?
I have certainly been consistent.
I’m doing what the Catholic Church has always done for fifteen centuries.
The difference between the Church and me is that I am finishing the job."

also …

Germany Did Occupy Britain During WW2! The Channel Islands At …
With this awkwardly formal declaration began the arrival of German troops , which would remain formally in charge of the Channel Islands until May 19, 1945. How did the people of the Channel Islands respond ? There was a window of opportunity in which those who wished to could evacuate to the British mainland. About a third of the islanders did so.

If you have information of a time when “German troops marched into London,”
I’d be interested in the details.

Please correct me if i am wrong but these “immigrants” are Americans! In fact more so than the ones in the united states of America that don’t want them in. How have we allowed our “leaders” of the united states to hijack The Americas from north and south?