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WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Grills Wells Fargo CEO Over Profiting From 'Caging of Children' and Pipeline Disasters


WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Grills Wells Fargo CEO Over Profiting From 'Caging of Children' and Pipeline Disasters

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Ocasio (D-NY) proved once again her verbal interrogation skills on Tuesday as she grilled Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan over the financial giant's dubious investments and won applause for holding his feet to the fire.



These questions are precisely what all Democratic politicians should be asking. Bravo and gratitude to AOC.



Unfortunately, being made to feel uncomfortable for a few hours is the extent of the punishment these corporate crooks will suffer.



Stay safe, Ocasio-Cortez. The PTB hate you and have no scruples. You are Heroic!



Dear AOC, you are a real Congress person, and yet you are doing that work that the movies have actors do when portraying how a Congress should work. YOU are the Velveteen Rabbit making Congress more and more real! Thank you! ; )



never underestimate karma
and practice practice practice with good teachers
float like a butterfly, sting like a bee



This lady scares DC. She is indeed asking the kinds of questions that should have been asked long ago. She’s getting so much heat, pressure, threats, intimidation - and stands tall. She may be young and nobody’s perfect, but AOC seems quite authentic to me. She speaks out for people who otherwise have little or no voice in Congress. Bravo!



Glad we have a Hero like AOC showing us what we should be doing and are not. So all of us can rest easy as we let her continue fighting for us. Some movie this is, as one person mentioned, only this flick has no plot or game plan. Guess most want it this way… not to get involved and let the Hero Politicians save us all. Definitely a C movie at best.



The woman is intense. She is also brighter then eighty percent of the people that she works with if her resent efforts are any indication. May she be as effective in the Oval Office when she decides that the time is right.



You have hit on something I would like to expand on. IMHO, the freshman class of congress critters is striking a chord in democrat land. I believe that dems that want to be around after next election had better take stock of what is going on, and they have an opportunity to hop on the train with these freshmen. If not I see nasty ptimary’s in their futures.



FOX is throwing a fit on YouTube over AOC. The Foxters can’t find enough phony accusations and ridicule to throw at her. She can wear them as a badge of honor from Rupert Moloch, Lord of the Flies and Chief Greedhead in Conservative’s Hell.

Thank you AOC for carrying our load. Help is on the way.

Direct Democracy



Yes. I see movement here. The Old Dogs will be replaced by a Younger more Progressive Congress. They are done they know it, and we need to replace all of them as they serve no purpose in the new world we are trying to build. Eyes open to the huge protests in Algeria. They want the exact same thing. In fact, they may get their wish long before we do because they mean business and their Govt is Afraid! Even their Swat Teams have backed down. This is what We need to do and what I’ve been saying all along. We need to make Our Govt Afraid. No room here for children or timid adults who are unwilling to fight to change our broken Country!



Seriously? The hearing was about Wells Fargo’s shady policies. Sloan was prolly thinking “yeah, keep them coming, as long as you don’t ask about about our fake accounts, insurance scams etc I’ll talk to you all day.”

Can you say political stunt?



These old dudes with white hair sure know how to play Dodge Ball. Lying bastards. Past time to end their Reign! If they refuse to pay for damages they caused, blow the damned thing up! Same needs to be done with the rest of these leaking Pipelines funded by corrupt Banks that are a danger to any human life.



The banks took the risk and financed a unstable pipeline across the country. Who is financing all the fracking in Pennsylvania, through Wyoming down to Texas plus

These people are going to answer to the teenagers who are being mobilized across the planet by one little Swedish youth. The freshman congress have grabbed the ball and will pass it to the youth who are already fired up.



Despite changing AOC’s surname in the lead to “Ocasio-Ocasio” this is good coverage. But a bit more accuracy would have helped credibility:

“The Keystone XL in particular had one leak that sent 210,000 gallons across South Dakota,” she added. “Why shouldn’t the bank be held responsible for the clean-up of disasters of these projects?”

This implies that Wells Fargo should pay for the Keystone leak.
But Sloan said Wells wasn’t involved in that.

When Sloan attempted to deny that the leaks have happened—

As I heard the recording, he didn’t deny it but claimed not to be aware of it.
Probably a lie, but let’s stick to the facts.



I don’t care at this point if she is arranging political stunts. All the world’s a stage. She definitely knows how to stay in the news, something guys like Bernie dream of and seem to have to work harder to do. She is energizing and emboldening millions.

I am curious how she stays in the news. I think it has to do with the fact that she is not able to run for president. The potential candidates are switched off a lot or not mentioned at all.

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All representative democracies are designed to represent capital. Today’s adventure is to design a new government along the lines of what Venezuelans, Zapatistas and yellow vests are already using to create a more perfect union, autonomousdemocracy.org

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That’s right. Since Bernie IS running for President, the News Networks are stacked against him while Trump is everywhere! Bernie has a big problem with News Coverage as he did the last time. I have no idea how he plans to deal with this. Now that Brain Dead Biden May run, that’s more votes out of Bernie’s pockets. Biden is simply a mouthpiece for the Okd Rich Dogs that want to remain in power and keep their money train roiling. He offeres nothing about change, as his Masters have told him. He is in the middle and is denouncing the Left, while the News plants the seed that Biden will win. What We don’t want is another old rich guy as president who will do nothing for the people.

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I agree, and the fact that they don’t, should just be more proof of the sell-out by the corporate… dems.

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