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WATCH: Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez Hold Press Conference on Racist 'Vile Garbage' Spewed by Trump

You’re spouting words you would never back up…that’s true cowardice; and, I’m calling you on it. I’m a veteran; am not fond of the military; and I know bull$hit when I read it; and, that’s what I’m reading coming from you, squeaky.

You beat me to it Barton. Why wasn’t Nancy standing there with them?
Says a lot, doesn’t it

So, what’s your plan?

Wow! That was incredibly well-done, start to finish, in terms of framing and defining the fight.

Especially during Q and A. They framed each response in terms of ignoring Trump’s blatant distractions and pressing him on his policies.

The whole press conference was very well crafted.


Yes.But, now, in another CD article, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls on representatives to formally condemn Trump’s comments”; so, maybe, just maybe, something good is going to come of this.

Later, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said he would soon force a vote on impeaching the president for “bigotry in policy,” following Trump’s comments. The congressman said on Twitter that he would call for the vote before representatives’ August recess.

“Trump’s racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and Islamophobia can no longer be tolerated or ignored,” Green tweeted. “We must impeach.”

Imo, Trump had definitely incited violence against Omar.


Inferring I’m Deep in the Bottle this evening is Rude and makes me question what kind of Vet you really were, as you are a nobody now. No need for a comeback. I see who I’m dealing with and will not waste any more of my time.

Then, word to the wise…stop trying to make like a big man by saying it’s time to physically remove some people, when that’s something you’re not prepared to do. In my book, that’s incitement; and, should not be condoned within these threads. Most veterans understand this, especially those who, unfortunately, have seen combat.

I was thinking, why weren’t all democratic house members standing behind them?


That’s a really good question. I suspect is has something to do with getting on the wrong side of Pelosi, who is a baldfaced operator to maintain the power of the DNC and keep the $$$ rolling in for the party. Pelosi and the DNC don’t like these ladies standing up for the people they represent, as opposed to the D’s power structure and mega donors.


One of the great aspects of the press conference was the explicit call for impeachment now, no excuses. Because only the Dem Party leadership can launch impeachment. The four new leaders are leading, and they are not censoring their fundamental critique of Dem Party leadership.


Ms Kimberly Moffett’s comments regarding the continued harping that america was great almost seven decades ago in the 50s is verified by their continued harping that our progressive leaders are communists. What dopes the repucklicasses are not to be able to find an new points to argue against changes needed to save our planet and our lives.

After reading these pieces, I wrote another strongly worded “request” to my DINO congressman to start impeachment process and wish many others would also.

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Why? As they have demonstrated repeatedly, they don’t work for us or care what we think and they have made that so abundantly clear since at least 2000 – that’s 19 years for people to grasp that and come to that realisation – so why would one waste one’s time and contact any of these corporate parasites? Or unless someone here is the CEO of a corporation or in the Military Industrial Complex or big pharma, we don’t matter to these Representatives or Senators.

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It is not possible to be stronger in ones conviction, nor firmer in ones resolve against a more apparent evil than this one. Trump has done what i’d expected he would, he has illustrated very clearly how severe the problem of so called “American conservatism”, has become. He’s shown us how radical and extreme it really is, demonstrated clearly the hate that drives it, made it clear how firmly and resolutely his followers are beholden to his brand of evil, how far they are willing to follow it, like a loyal SS waiting for their marching orders.

There is another thing that has become clear, and that is how firmly beholden to the same so called “American Conservatism” his supposed opponents are too, The Pelosi’s and Schumer’s and Feinsteins of our supposed opposition. He has shown us how completely unwilling to do anything about him they are, how beholden to the same interests they have become, and how firmly they are opposed to any reform. They have shown to what extreme extent they are willing to allow him to go, while doing nothing, effectively empowering him, enabling him, and the rest of their close allies on the other side of the isle. We’re going to need a hundred million or more like them.

If this fanatic is unable to sufficiently consolidate an opposition capable of overthrowing not only him but the very interests he represents, then no other ever will, and they will prevail to the sordid conclusion that their ideology naturally will lead them - fascism, ecological destruction, mass extinction, repression, global war, possibly nuclear etc. This is our moment, our last moment, I am not even slightly optimistic about the outcome. So far the only heroes in this fight have been “the Squad”, but alone they cannot win and all is ultimately lost - everything. Were going to need a hundred million or more like them. Maybe, more than anything else, we need hope.


To keep a hold on hope you have to apprehend at least some portion of the truth. Compare what truth voters had a grip on when they chose Carter versus in '16 when Republican pols (ones the people tolerated) could only come up with this guy. As far as I can see, all the screws came loose for “the most dangerous organization on Earth” (Pubs) when things got decisively more technocratic, and extreme technocracy as we know has little regard for what THE PEOPLE apprehend (IOW democracy, or even a republic wherein voting matters). https://www.npr.org/2016/06/15/482150951/understanding-congressional-gerrymandering-its-moneyball-applied-to-politics

My, how Fresh Air has changed.

Dems in the House have condemned the Yemen war, and are trying to block an Iran debacle (and at least a couple Pubs on both scores too, right?). So, some hope there for sure. Regarding what came just prior to this hardly needs going over. Well, maybe my peak of fed-upness came the other day with my tiny rant under a David Feldman “share” (part of it I’ll spam…sorry…times 1)…

…what’s really existential (and that crept up on the good ole USA with citizens having NO idea of the phase we were entering) is that both parties ended up down with a march into the Valley of Nuclear Suicide (or at least nuclear “accident”). We’ve gone from the JPOA to this (reported back in May). https://thegrayzone.com/2019/05/24/bipartisan-war-congress-trump-syria-iran-russia-hezbollah/

In spite of being distracted out their ever love’n minds by phones, there is yet another BIG CHALLENGE to circumvent for those who wanna keep a hold on hope (for the polity)…which, for lack of a better term, I’ll call “McCarthyism.” As far as McCarthyism goes…already been up to my eyeballs with this phenomenon for some time. Maybe (let’s hope) my peak of despair with the thing was the other day. Can’t see how what happens tomorrow (literally) will make it any worse. Omar’s words touched on everything. Disappointing to me, though, there was still some leaning on that M-crutch. Anyway, if there’s anything more germane to McCarthyism that ever came across my path, I suppose it’s conceivable I’m not thinking of it now or wasn’t when I put this up the other day under a Tom Englehardt piece [like, as I say, I’m pretty convinced was one of those days during my peak]. If Donald Trump Is the Symptom... Then What’s the Disease?

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I agree 100%!


“Poor congress” I would feel so sad if the public did not give them a “head-up” when we finally hit the streets!

We need to call out the entire repug party for supporting these atrocities from the White House.
Maybe a few thousand of us need to storm the capital with buckets of black paint and do a color change of that building.

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Maybe napalm red would be a better choice of colors.

I think it is scary for our future if all republicans in the House and Senate are not “decent” people, along with trump’s voting block of "Deplorables.
Just where the flock are we headed?

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