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WATCH: Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez Hold Press Conference on Racist 'Vile Garbage' Spewed by Trump


Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan IS vile, racist garbage!

If you want to get depressed, click over to the original YouTube source of this video and read the comments. Yes, TouTube has become a hotebed of neofascism, but it is still pretty depressing…

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I agree with you! Since there are “NO MORE WORDS” left to say about Trump, his administration, and now the old dog Democrats, we have a bigger problem than we thought. It’s ALL OF THEM… who are abusing their power and are Brazen enough to say so! The only way to solve a this kind of Racism, Corruption and Murder is going directly to the Sources with Force. . We tried using the Law, Reason, The Constitution, our Elected Leaders, The Courts and all of it Failed. It’s up to us to stand up with these 4 Brave Women of the Squad and physically start removing these murderers one by one, when they least expect it. Many will say It can’t be done, along with a million other reasons. But there are a million reasons to Act Now and get this done with the right plan and the right people who can pull this off. If we sit back and do not take action, it may be our last shot before they come after the rest of US!

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Hope he stays out of small planes for a while

Why would it be interesting to see him deny that he is Jewish, when he is certainly not Jewish. Why are you trying to make us believe he is Jewish? What purpose does that serve?

This Conference is Viral on Youtube and many comments are despicable and sound like Trump himself. As I mentioned in my previous comment, we have monumental problem here and it’s time we did something about it. “ Battle Lines are being Drawn “…

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You need to consider that YouTube has largely become a cesspool of neofascism as bad as 4Chan, but yes, your points are well taken.

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I read recently that many congressmen and women actually like Trump; because, he donated to their campaign coffers. Privately, they consider him one of them…of the upper class to which they either belong (e.g., Pelosi is worth $100 million) or aspire.

I love it! Four women of colour may finally achieve what thousands of white privileged males couldn’t since universal suffrage came around. It won’t be easy as corporate America is going into overtime to demonize, marginalize and ignore these four progressives. Social equity and justice, what should be the primary concern of government to at least 99% of the population, is finally forcing its way to front and centre stage.
Now we need to follow up in every district in the U.S. I think that the newest generation out there is capable of burying centuries of systemic racism, nepotism, mysogynistic power tripping and militarism which was, and still is, a defining characteristic of the United States. Of course over time there were always a large percentage of the population that said… “Holy cow, there sure are a lot of crazy people out there!” but until now there were so few who were willing to take a leap of faith and vote outside of the box. Not a leap of faith in God or some holy scriptures, but rather in humanity; a collective leap forward with a kinder, gentler and egalitarian vision of the world. And for that world to exist, we need universal justice regardless of how rich or poor, secure or vulnerable, healthy or sick you are, we all must do our best to be fair and just. Empathy must be a requirement rather than a hindrance for our civic leaders, otherwise sociopaths will always take corporate money in exchange for undermining the public interest.
These two corner stones of the “Left” (Social equity and justice) since its inception during the French monarchy have been a guiding principle of every successful social democracy, yet those guiding principles are completely absent from the mainstream American conscience which is supposedly teeming with liberals, lefties, commies and socialists.
Then along comes ‘the squad’ who suddenly measure every single aspect of government using those yardsticks. I also believe that all of them will stumble along the way (especially with an establishment that is dedicated to “tripping” the squad every inch of the way), but when the average Joe and Jane realize how apocalyptic the Establishment gets every time they ask an honest question about anything at all, there may be a Great Awakening in which the 99% finally get their people in the driver’s seat.
I still believe the words of one of America’s greatest lefties at the turn of the Twentieth Century, when William Jennings Bryan once said…“The humblest citizen in all the land when clad in the armor of a righteous cause is stronger than all the whole hosts of error that they can bring.” Go Girls Go!


Good luck with that. You feel like taking on the Secret Service and the military?

So, I’m curious, how are you going to “physically start removing these murderers”? Do you have a plan; or, are you deep into a bottle this evening?

Dividing us on race, religion, gender orientation, or immigration status…

is the only way to prevent addressing…

healthcare, climate change, student debt, or endless wars.


Covert wars and covert coups originally unsettled almost all of Central America. Waves of refugees are finally the reaping (in the whirlwind). Nothing is clearer. If there’s genocide at the border, that is war. To think for a moment any race, or religion, or gender orientation, or any group of immigrants are one
one-hundredth worthy of any of Trump’s word-spam is to partake in some phantasmagorical mental state. “The crowd is untruth,” said Søren. People running away is the result of our mess. Neither side of the aisle could stop it, which is why Pence blaming Democrats is just as insane as anything Trump ever spewed (bracketing out non-political spewings).

Instead of Calling Me Out along with others, just admit you are a Coward!

You’re spouting words you would never back up…that’s true cowardice; and, I’m calling you on it. I’m a veteran; am not fond of the military; and I know bull$hit when I read it; and, that’s what I’m reading coming from you, squeaky.

You beat me to it Barton. Why wasn’t Nancy standing there with them?
Says a lot, doesn’t it

So, what’s your plan?

Wow! That was incredibly well-done, start to finish, in terms of framing and defining the fight.

Especially during Q and A. They framed each response in terms of ignoring Trump’s blatant distractions and pressing him on his policies.

The whole press conference was very well crafted.


Yes.But, now, in another CD article, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls on representatives to formally condemn Trump’s comments”; so, maybe, just maybe, something good is going to come of this.

Later, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said he would soon force a vote on impeaching the president for “bigotry in policy,” following Trump’s comments. The congressman said on Twitter that he would call for the vote before representatives’ August recess.

“Trump’s racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and Islamophobia can no longer be tolerated or ignored,” Green tweeted. “We must impeach.”

Imo, Trump had definitely incited violence against Omar.


Inferring I’m Deep in the Bottle this evening is Rude and makes me question what kind of Vet you really were, as you are a nobody now. No need for a comeback. I see who I’m dealing with and will not waste any more of my time.