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Watch Out Clinton! Reports Say Biden Decision Imminent


Watch Out Clinton! Reports Say Biden Decision Imminent

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The political rumor mill is abuzz with news that Vice President Joe Biden may soon join the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, after reports suggested such a decision is imminent.


Biden is more of the same DLC/Wall St. ownership of the Democrats crap. Biden was the Senator “from MBNA”, the bank that was the largest contributor to his last Senate campaign ($208K), and Biden was one of the chief authors of the bankruptcy “reform” bill, that made it impossible to discharge medical and student loan debt in bankruptcy. So, thanks for nothing Joe. The institutional, oligarch-controlled party elite are getting antsy because Sanders is nipping at their heels and getting far more of a positive response from people like me who are totally fed up with the BS they have been feeding us for 30 years. You really think things would be materially any different with Biden as President instead of Hillary? Didn’t think so. For a REAL break from the past, it’s Bernie 2016!


From my perspective, Biden has entered the democratic race so that in case HRC falters, Wall Street can hedge their bets. Looks to me like this is Wall Streets way to marginalize Bernie and deny him the Democratic nomination for POTUS.


The DNC’s answer to their Bernie problem. Biden/Warren or Warren/Biden.


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It doesn’t matter which Dem you support. Every Dem, Hillary, Biden, Obama and Sanders, is eventually revealed as a Lieberman.

And once elected, the job of liberals is justify, excuse, deny or rationalize the bad behavior of a Democratic incumbent.

But if it makes you feel good to spend a year and a half with a fantasy, cool with me. Go Bernie Go, I won’t harsh your mellow.


You just tried, though. :wink:


What is rarely mentioned about Biden is his horrible foreign policy ideas. He supports the worst of the worst in terms of countries in our own hemisphere. And, is very hawkish in the MENA and the Ukraine, etc. Just a tool for the Nulands and the Neo-Cons. Or, is it the other way around? " Smilen Joe " doesn’t get that progressives aren’t interested in tipping over Venezuela or supporting right wing death squads in the phony, War On Drugs… la di da, anymore. Biden and Hillary, Malleable and Webb, are all pushing a subterranean campaign of continued murdering and intimidating, overseas. For the sole benefit of appeasing status quo corporatists and the police state, at home. Giving away guns to dictators, which are then sold to drug cartels, just doesn’t add up for Joe & Mary Lunch Bucket. But it sure plays well in a lot of corporate board rooms.


What did Biden offer Warren?

Bernie/Warren the progressive choice, or Biden/Warren, the DNC’s choice with Warren fettered and forgotten?


If Warren buckles under pressure and sidles into the Biden camp, I would be surprised since it would damage her career at least amongst her base. It’d be a sign that she will play ball with the status quo. A Sanders/Warren ticket would likely end up in a popularist landslide but we hear nothing about it. It is the one thing never mentioned in the media. What would happen if it were a Sanders and Warren ticket?

The media sure wants to pressure Warren into this shotgun marriage with Biden. They sense Biden can’t win and Warren would make for more interesting news.

Is anyone else out there hoping that a Sanders and Warren ticket might arrive after Sanders wins the nomination?

Maybe Warren wants to stay out of it this election and run in the next one? I could understand why that could be.

Would someone explain to me why the powers that be think people would vote for Biden anyway? Plagiarizing Biden? Credit card and student loan default SOB Biden? Do they think no one will remember these things?

Maybe they do expect people to remember these things? Warren be warned!!!

Is Biden just for show and to make it a race between republicans that nobody wants and democrats that nobody wants? Is Biden there to equalize the general lack of interest?

They sure are all afraid Bernie can do it. They really are. They are scared because he wouldn’t take the pac money and they know he won’t have to play ball.

Go Bernie… for all of us.

I hope Warren wakes up and sides with those who side with her. We will vote for her later. She’s younger than Bernie and has the time for a later run.


Biden can deliver the social conservative trade unionists? He’s a strong Catholic vote getter, too. Pennsylvania is key, possibly, in terms of Electoral College? Pope coming to Philadelphia this fall and that’s a great photo-op for Biden, as well. But he needs Warren unless the Massachusetts Boys are thinking a liberal Republican with strong union ties would be OK, too. There are virulent forces not digging Sanders right now. The Police, Firefighters and Prison Guards Unions don’t Feel The Bern, either. More like Feel The Burn, here. Maybe they’re worried about their " impunity " or their pensions, too. The MIC and Military Keynesian Economy for unions is actually doing ok, again. As Bob Dole said, " the poor don’t vote. " And, only The Bernster speaks for them? And, some here think Bernie is just another politician. Fools, possibly, or worse? It’s a kitchen table election and the DEMS feel like they should be playing defense and Bernie’s going full throttle the other way? Legacy status quo b.s. is my guess. It all smacks of the Uncle & Auntie Whitey nativist scenario being " conned " on the Republicans now by Trump & Co. Jerry Brown was on " Compress The Voters & Meet The Press " last Sunday. He, like Warren is neutral, so far. It’s making the 1%ers very nervous so Bernie’s campaign is working just fine. :smile:


Yes, the Nulands, again. Or should we say the arranged marriage of Monsanto & Big Oily Gas? " Smilen Joe " probably administered a loyalty test to Warren this week at that naval building, eh? :wink: We’re in the guano up to our necks and it’s time for " genuflections " to PTB, yet again. Hold your nose, I say, if Biden jumps in.


Meant for natureboy, et al. May have offered Warren " who knows what "? Bernie has thrown a real wrench into the real gears; watch out as anything can happen. Just guessing.


I’m thinking Sanders/Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Especially if it looks like the GOP is going to have one of the Floridians on their ticket. Brown is about as progressive as Warren, and Ohio is critical to both parties. There is NO way MA is going to go Republican in a Presidential election anymore (“As Massachusetts goes, so goes DC”?). The best geographic ticket the GOP could do is Kasich (OH) and Rubio (FL), the two most critical swing states. That would be a serious threat to any other ticket.


Do you know what Warren’s attitude is about a possible Sanders/Warren ticket?


Right on target! Biden did not get the nickname Mr. Mastercard by accident!


Love the stones…


Methinks part of the reason for Biden, is that he is the company man who is being called in to beat up on Bernie, wait for it…


I don’t think ther DNC has a “Bernie problem” - otherwise why feature him in their fundraisers? Sanders is no more of a “problem” for them than was O …


I don’t think Warren will endorse anybody - until after the decision is made, then she will be a “good Dem” and support whoever the hell it is …