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Watch Out Clinton! Reports Say Biden Decision Imminent


Yup - working just fine, keeping all the restless, disgusted progs in the Dem fold …


Check his record. You might be surprised. Who knows why the media marketed to libs have virtually disappeared Biden. We can’t overlook that this same media went into overdrive to sell Hillary Clinton in recent months – with her long, solid record of support for the right wing agenda.


Actually, the VP usually goes on to run for president. VP Joe Biden had announced quite some time ago that he would be launching his campaign by early 2016. Media have largely ignored Biden, for whatever reasons, but “political junkies” have kept up- via Biden’s website, etc.


I think the powers that be status quo old guard … are seriously scared that an anti oligarchy candidate might just win and the dems are concerned that Hillary just might lose. So they are getting desperate and hope to scramble the chips and redraw the playing board with Biden.

This is just my opinion but I simply can’t see why Biden would be touted as a candidate. It is as if they don’t really expect him to win but may make it look better for Hillary or believe it or not, make it a race between them and the repubs. Either Biden or the repubs could win as far as they are concerned …lol. Biden is a throwaway candidate… Even the dems are interested in Biden really. Hillary was supposed to be a shoe in. Biden is a distraction?

The old guard on both sides seem to have forgotten that the voters elect the president not the pacs and oligarchs. It is like they forgot about people and suddenly are confronted by two ronin politicians who appeal to… the people They weren’t ready for that…

Trump seems the republican popularist candidate and Bernie is the democratic popularist candidate. Two outliers have made the old guard uninteresting to voters and they don’t know what should be done about that.

Can you believe it… America wants the rebels still!!!

Trump as the rootin-tootin conservative oligarch and Bernie as the rock n rolling liberal progressive.

Ya gotta love it!

It’s like the media has to work overtime to keep people from forgetting that the other republicans are in the race and that Hillary was the heir apparent!

Bernie and Trump have made a no contest into a slam bang doozie of a contest… it sure is getting people interested…lol


Where does Sen. Sanders actually stand on the critical issues? It’s easy to confuse where a pol actually stands with where you hope that pol stands – unless you take the time to research his/her record. Sen. Sanders was once a powerful spokesperson for the poor, but then seems to have dumped them, jumping on the Middle Class Only bandwagon of recent years. We currently have a generation of disappointed people who imagined that Barack Obama was going to bring rainbows and unicorns. Obama never promised that, but has, indeed, accomplishred much of what he said he would work to do. One thing Obama was able to accomplish (with little credit given by today’s libs): He restored the Social Security disability benefits that Bill Clinton had slashed. As a result of Clinton’s policies, the disabled became the fastest-growing group of homeless people by 2000. They did very poorly on the streets.

Yep, people are disappointed, as always, because we’re stuck with reality. With rare exception, the president submits his proposals to Congress, and Congress makes the decisions. The president’s greatest power is in the fact that he holds the public microphone. As a candidate, Obama said that there would be little he could accomplish unless people were willing to get to their feet and MAKE Congress listen to them. We almost did that too, with Occupy. (Unfortunately, before we even had time to catch our breath, Dem pols and lib media redefined Occupy as a Middle Class Only movement, so the rest of us walked away.)


I’m with you. I don’t have any clue why any DNC strategist would consider Biden a plus. I certainly do not.

I’m just convinced that such a move, a ticket with Warren would be considered a way to take votes away from Bernie. I actually think that Bernie has the DNC quite worried. I speak of the DNC in recognition that where the power center lies has moved even to the right of ye ole DLC founded by Al From.


Comparing Bernie to Obama isn’t a good comparison. Obama never even came close to the populist message of Bernie Sanders that is actually catching fire across party lines.

I have stated my problems with Bernie Sanders many times, however there is no way in hell that the current power center of the Democratic Party is pleased with the rapidly ascendent Bernie Sanders because it presents for them a real political dilemma if indeed he trounces Hillary Clinton, or whoever else and becomes the nominee.

I still don’t completely trust that Sanders is in it ultimately for the win. However I’m starting to believe that he is. Considering the groundswell of support he is getting and will continue to get in the coming months I find it quite unlikely that he would have the temerity to betray such a following as it would absolutely make his name Mudd forever in the political realm.

My support for Bernie is nuanced. As it stands I see him as an effective tool to get out a very necessary message into the mainstream – that a billionaire class has taken over this country and everyone is suffering for that fact.

I’m not at all naive to the political power of those billionaires in their control of both parties, nor am I naive to the fact that in a significant sense Bernie Sanders has played his own part in fostering such power relationships.

I’m at this point supporting Bernie Sanders hoping that the fire he starts goes way out of control. Yes I said that expletive, hope.

Having said all of that, I respect your position on Sanders. Honestly I do.


I don’t think Sanders is necessary to “get the message out there” - it is already out there - Sanders is simply echoing what folks already feel - that’s why they turn up … if this were an idea that folks were not already in sync with, he would be considered just another nut with a bullhorn on a street corner … he hasn’t started a fire, he is the fire control guy …

He may well be in it “for the win” - for the win of what, however, is the question, the program he says he espouses, or the Dem Party - he has said he will support the party nominee, no matter who that is - i think that speaks for itself … he has no wish to upset the Dem applecart, and he has made that clear - if it were indeed his program he felt more fiercely about, he would support the GP candidate if he lost and we all know that wouldn’t happen …

I think folks have forgotten how they all had hopes for a transformative politics with O - the ecstatic encomia they heaped upon him, how he “caught fire”, coming from almost nowhere, and even as he “betrayed” his following time and again, folks were in denial, some still are … “he means well, but those nasty ole Reps keep getting in the way …” And then there was the support for “I feel your pain” Clinton, over 20 years ago - they all appeal in their own way to the prevailing sentiments of the day, and folks are so desperate for change, they don’t want to look that gift horse in the mouth … Trump is doing the same for his constituency, but at the end of the day that logo they have stuck on their rumps says more about them, IMO, than what is coming out of the other end …

He has had a very symbiotic relationship over the years with Dems, that folks seem willing to ignore - that he is trading on now … they don’t threaten Bernie, he doesn’t threaten them … Hillary even welcomed him into the race - that may backfire on her, but not on the establishment …

But i suspect your arguments may win the day - though, no offense, i think that would be unfortunate for us … if he won, that would be another triumph for the power of rhetoric, and a setback for a true “political revolution” … I got the same response when I warned about O … I know it is an uphill battle and the odds are agin’ me and others who feel the same, but there are many ways of speaking “truth to power”, and if one feels a truth “in one’s bones”, then it must be said …


Senator Sanders has an important message that needs to be heard.And it is possible Biden could play the role of bad guy taking Sanders down while Hilary squeaks by.—But one thing about Biden is that he might have the ability to move legislation thru congress. I think Hilary Clinton will have the same problem as Obama -or she will follow her husband and move to the right to satisfy republicans. I think the economy by election time will be in a worse place from today and might end up with a republican-and Warren will run in 2020.----But Sen. Sanders seems to have some good political instincts and is the x factor–but he will need a movement and a congress to support him.


A glass on wine in her hand. Not, In her glass was a bleeding man.


Hillary won’t have to move to the right, she’s already there. Hillary and Bill already moved the party to the right with the DLC now Third Way.


The party establishment knows that Hillary is vulnerable damaged goods. That is why Biden is waiting in the wings. Any of the three that get Warren’s endorsement will probably win the nomination. I suspect Warren has been warned against endorsing Bernie.

Third Way does not want Bernie to win the nomination. I suspect they are behind all the dirty tricks. Third Way wants a 1980s Republican Party and they have one with Obama.


Here’s is a list of the Obama/Biden failed Presidency. 1. Attacked seven countries during there time in office. 2. Aiding and abetting Islamic Terrorist in Syria to overthrow the democratically elected government. The Syrian war has decimated Syria and 233.000 people have died. 3. Aiding and abetting Saudi Arabia to commit genocide in Yemen, (US made cluster bombs are being used). 4.Aiding and abetting Israel to commit genocide against the Palestine people. 5 Creating a coup that toppled the democratically elected government of Ukraine and installing a Neo conservative/Fascist Neo nazi government. 6. Creating a new cold war with Russia and China. And make a hot war with Russia more likely. By Nato aggression and encroachment around Russia. 7. Aiding and abetting Ukraine forces to commit genocide against the people of Eastern Ukraine. 8. Have allowed the Banksters to steal billions and nobody has gone to jail.


What about the possibility Sanders wins if Biden enters the race? I’m just hypothesizing (some might prefer I’m fantasizing). So opinions are most welcomed.

Let’s assume Elizabeth Warren endorses neither Biden nor Sanders. Is it not likely that Biden will take away more of Hillary’s national support and Iowa/New Hampshire support than Sander’s support … with result that Sanders ultimately wins voter allegiance by a narrow margin nationally and in Iowa and New Hampshire? This, optimistically perhaps, assumes Biden is more dangerous for Hillary’s chances to be the Democratic presidential candidate than for Bernie’s chances. Fewer Sander supporters desert him for Biden than Hillary supporters leave her for Biden. Also, it’s assumed uncommitted voters split their support evenly for all three candidates. Thus, both Biden and Hillary fail to convincingly undermine Sanders’ voter support.

The current vote appeal numbers for Hillary and Sanders could accommodate this scenario as Bernie is already surpassing or nearly surpassing Hillary in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Of course this scenario will be manipulated by the media in ways not always foreseeable and often not in the best candidate’s interests. That’s America’s dysfunctional politics.

Irregardless, the proposition is that Biden/Hillary Democratic right of center monied establishment loses to a man sponsoring structural bottom-up sustainability and progress for All as opposed to a broken, bought, short-term thinking governing system primarily serving the top 5% and corporate interests.


I appreciate your response and agree with most of your position. Like I said, I don’t fully trust Sanders so your argument rings true for me as well. I’m still largely on the fence, with eyes wide open. I may vote for Stein ultimately as I did in the last election depending on how this all pans out. Thanks again.


You post the same garbage ?s over and over. Get a new program, will ya’.


Same old baloney from you, too. Have you tried the vegetarian burger? It’s a good match for your intellectual arguments.


Bernie is up by 7% in New Hampshire today. It could be as large 11% or as low as 3%. Biden will defend the Obysmal Adm. record ( legacy ) and campaign on continuity of, and expansion of, the current governing strategy. Which has only 71% of those employed before 2008 working, again. Which has us back in Iraq, more or less. Which has us still in Afghanistan, where $$$ Billions of aid money is missing, and the country being run by people who are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Which botched the initial Libya miscalculation and turned that country into a hot mess. Which failed to back the Arab Spring in Egypt and reinstalled a military dictatorship. And, which, despite the ACA public relations show, has 35 million people still uninsured and more seeing their rates going up. Biden is getting in it because Martin OhMalleable can’t get any traction with the good cop/bad cop con game he’s playing with HillBillary & Co. His votes would go to Bernie because BLM would be insane to let him near a police headquarters; let alone the DOJ or FBI. And, he’s supposedly running against the status quo. :wink: Biden is a spoiler and will try to paint Bernie as extreme. Just like " disgruntled old socialists " here paint him as a phony. Bernie is on to something or he wouldn’t be getting it from both sides.


Biden is a dangerous bastard, he is another insider who has done no good while in office. His son is involved in Ukraine development schemes, he is pro Israel and a worse choice than even MZ Clinton (bomb Iran).


I looked at the states with no GP to speak of. It’s on the GP website. You and Jill have got a lot of work to do, it appears. Unless you plan on carrying Texas, Georgia and Florida in 2016. :wink: