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Watch Out For The Coming Corporate Tax-Break Trickery


Watch Out For The Coming Corporate Tax-Break Trickery

Dave Johnson

One of the biggest fights coming up in the newly elected Congress next year will be “corporate tax reform.”

If you follow policy news you’ve been hearing that Congress wants to “reform” corporate taxes (again). When you hear talk of “reform” from our corporate-captured Congress it means you need to run as fast as you can — and organize. The way they use the word, it always means give them more and We, the People get less.


In his 2013 State of the Union Message Obama noted that one of his highest second term priorities was "tax reform in the spirit of bipartisan 1986 tax reform", the most regressive tax "reform" in US history (and the Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) first major achievement after its 1985 formation).

Although delays in pushing TPP, TTIP and TISA through have distracted Obama from "tax reform", this article confirms that additional regressive tax reform is likely to be heaped on the lame duck agenda along with TPP and other regressive legislation.

Recall each of the past six years when Obama has signed regressive legislation during the end of year holidays when few voters are paying attention. Just as Bill Clinton demonstrated during the lame duck period following the 2000 election, be prepared for the biggest batch of regressive legislation ever being signed, at the end of 2016. Happy holidays.


Notice the trickery is coming from the Democrats as much as Republicans. We are all supposed to be so afraid of the Republicans when Dem's actually do all the heavy lifting. People expect this stuff from Republicans but don't realize they can't get done what Dems can, because they have the country fooled into thinking they are the party of the people.
Obama has been a terrible president but his ratings are still high. GWBush went out in flames. The fact that there is almost no difference between the two parties hasn't sunk in. It's enough to make your head explode.


Obama's high ratings confirm that identity politics are alive and thriving in 2016.

Whats not to like about a politically correct, handsome, hoop shooting attorney with a good looking family. Like Saint Ronny, Obama's popularity will only increase post-POTUS when he is doing all kinds of cool stuff like being on the board of directors at Dreamworks, and of course, pulling in eight figures in corporate speaking fee income, payback for pushing through a record number of corporate mergers, and regressive legislation including ACA, expanding military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) revenue, TPP and tax "reform".


Setting the stage for the new grande bargain to end SS as we know it.


Chuck Schumer voted against ending the egregious carried interest rip-off. It seems that for political Chuck, money trumps doing what's right.


The DNC and their neoliberal leader Hillary are republican right of center.


Johnson sez: "One of the biggest fights coming up in the newly elected Congress next year will be 'corporate tax reform.'”

Sure. In the same way professional wrestling is a 'fight'.
Here, CONgress will play the wrestlers, who are all under contract to the same promoters. And guess who winds up in the audience, relieved of their ticket money.


Tax breaks for billionaires, no cost of living increases for people on S.S. for two years now.


But what about the rumored.3% increase for 2017?! Get ready to party on that $10/mo my friends!


We know where Schumer's loyalties are. His loyalties are not with the American working class.


You got it right, Ray.
Thanks for the heads-up.


I hope that's true!
Imagine being able to buy another 3 1/2 gallons of gas every month!


If Hillary is elected, she already has her list of appointees ready to go. Watch the video. then figure out for yourself who will be on it in terms of ensuring corporate tax breaks.

Real News Network October 24, 2016
"How Washington's Money-Machine Stays Ahead of Democracy"