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WATCH: Parkland Survivor Slams USA Today for Giving Mass Murderer Notoriety He Killed to Achieve


WATCH: Parkland Survivor Slams USA Today for Giving Mass Murderer Notoriety He Killed to Achieve

Julia Conley, staff writer

In response to USA Today's feature on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, published as the one-year anniversary of the deadly attack approaches, survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg called on media outlets to "stop making mass shooters famous" by including coverage and commentary on them in their reporting on shootings.


I agree with this Parkland survivors! It’s like the MSM thrives on sensationalism.


David needs to understand that the shooter was a student who asked for help from the school and they NEVER gave it. Even thought there are strong federal & state laws for handicapped children and they were absolutely required to follow the law…they failed. The school system just ignored the law…and collected their federal dollars anyway.

In the shooters (student’s) junior year his counselors thought he needed to be committed. Because of his mental problems. Yes committed!!! But nothing came of it.

So check the court ordered report…its all there. Just imagine if the school system had followed the law and helped him, those students and teachers just might be alive today!!


So disagree----we need real reporting and a real understanding of the motivation behind these attacks. The problem is that the media fail to really look at issues of gun violence. Three young people in my area were gunned down the other day. Will the media do a deep dive into what happened?----No. People in my town are gunned down by gang violence–will there be any real reporting on these gangs?–NO!--------But you are right—USAToday used you as a prop to sell papers.


You can read that he was 3 yrs of age when first diagnosed. So the Sun Sentinel newspaper did get the story out that the student was mentally ill.


Most people with “mental” problems are not violent.