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WATCH: Pence Met with Icy Silence in Munich, Praising Trump and Attempting to Bully Leaders on Foreign Policy


WATCH: Pence Met with Icy Silence in Munich, Praising Trump and Attempting to Bully Leaders on Foreign Policy

Julia Conley, staff writer

Vice President Mike Pence received an icy response from world leaders at the Munich Security Conference Saturday, as he made clear his aim for the weekend was to promote his President Donald Trump's "America First" agenda.

The vice president began his remarks by telling world leaders, "I bring greetings from the 45th president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump"—and was met with a long silence before describing Trump's accomplishments as "extraordinary" and "remarkable."


Its okay to live in a fantasy world illegitimate VP Pence…just as long as you stay in Indiana. Don’t try to sell your fundamentalist Christian crap and political ass-kissing outside your small circle of influence. Pence must have aching knees from doing “something” for too long.


beyond the bubble … in the meantime…


Remove Trump-Pence from office.


Meanwhile, the list of nations defying sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, and Russia grows alongside the list of nations actively pursuing international trade in currencies other than the US petro$.

Israel had better hurry up and start WW3 – time’s running out those formerly ‘endless’ military boondoggles designed to destabilize the MidEast. It’s harder for the US duopoly to justify the expense when inflation is out of control.


Pence Met with Icy Silence in Munich, Praising Trump and Attempting to Bully Leaders on Foreign Policy

An icy shiv would have melted sans fingerprint evidence. Opportunity missed.


We have no natural weather events due to geoengineering. Let truth be your guide.


The US Emperor and his fascist enabler 2nd in command really don’t see they have NO clothes. What an UGLY sight.


It’s about time the world learned its lesson:
    Cheney Lies and they believe him — shame on him.
    Pence Lies and they believe him — shame on them!


From the article: “Iran has always supported the Jews,” he told Der Spiegel. “We are just against Zionists.”…Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Pretty much sums up the real problem in the ME and within Amerika.


How’d that work out for ya Mikey? LOLOLOLOLOL


Either Pence is horribly ignorant or feathering his own nest to be POTUS once Trump is out of office, because only an man that is insane or a most corrupt man could make a statement like Pence did! Pence is probably both and a disgrace!


Pence has his marching orders and he is a good soldier as far as we know.
That just lets us know where the second round is to go.


Good article about Pence & his Book of Revelation pals.



For any who might consider challenging your assertion, here is the history.
History of Weather Modification


A Racial Bigot sends his Homophobic Religious Fanatic VP to Europe to promote War against Iran and is met with a rousing silence.

Thank you Europe for not listening to these American Israeli representatives who want to neutralize Iran so Israel can continue to abuse the Palestinians without interference.

Pence - the most disgraceful VP since Cheney, Trump - the most obnoxious President Ever.


Iran has oppressed Jews and that goes back many, many centuries. Jews have been oppressed in many countries, which doesn’t excuse Iran.

Nor, of course, does it excuse Zionists from oppressing the Palestinians under their control in their apartheid state of Israel. In fact, if anyone should know better, it would the very Zionists who exclaim ‘never again,’ while recreating second-class citizenship as public policy.


The arrogance and sense of entitlement of this blood sucking US Empire is beyond nauseating…


I tend to regard those beliefs as projection of ego shaped by Feud and his nephew Eduard Bernays and the resulting parallel universe of media infatuated predatory capitalism- otherwise known as mammon. In my view, the sad thing is the “return” of the Christ is in comportment not a being. Its about living the values of the Christ - each of us. Which are reflected at the core of every true spiritual tradition. In my view, the set of “values” and actions of Pense and his ilk embody the “anti-Christ” - where ignorance replaces faith and the “chosen” have been chosen by themselves, and by so choosing, to be precisely an example of that. The resulting ignorance renders them virtually insensate and flips into this bizarre mentality of denial of faith with demonic assertions and actions against his fellow man. He /they project their own demonization of true faith, and then use it as their reason to really serve the demonic by hypnotizing others, using ill gotten worldly power, to, especially in the military, deny their own spirit and faith- having it often literally beaten out of them. That of course for the production of REAL hell on earth: war. That war by weaponry to kill, corporations to monopolize and destroy human diversity when we most need it - and the myriad other methods.


Perhaps not insane - but his record would seem to indicate serious delusion. Of course at this level of institutionalized governance, it does begin to look strikingly similar and dangerous