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Watch Puerto Rican Lawmaker Slam Trump's on Island as 'Sad' and 'Disgraceful'


Watch Puerto Rican Lawmaker Slam Trump's on Island as 'Sad' and 'Disgraceful'

Common Dreams staff

"What's the life of a human being worth? It's priceless. And that is something, I think, this president is just never going to understand."


Donny Trump has no compassion for anyone but himself…he can’t even fake compassion. He is a narcissistic psychopath.


Condition, state of being, comfortably numb.


Any news that tells the truth about Trump is to him, negative news or fake news.

Make it stop! Because in my view, if we do not stop this very dangerous, moron who thinks he is a great leader soon; it may be too late in the future!


Precisely. “Fake” means false, untrue. So “fake news” should technically mean lies. To Il Douche and his idiotic worshippers, anything that paints him/them in a negative light - truth be damned - is “fake.” So they have literally redefined what the word “fake” means. I think this term will long outlive Trump and his presidency; it will be used by the right and the 35% or so of authoritarian Americans who will still be there long after Trump is gone, to distract and detract and demonize all reporting that they don’t like, well into the future.



No roll of paper towels for you, Congressman!


Trump is the epitome of the Orwellian doctrine, no doubt about it in my mind! Example: when he didn’t like the factual truth, Trump came up with the term “alternate facts”.