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WATCH: Rep. Katie Porter Explains to Swing District Constituents Why Her Conscience Demands Support for Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/watch-rep-katie-porter-explains-swing-district-constituents-why-her-conscience

If Katie Porter, from a purple district, is brave enough to do the right thing, what are House Dems from safe blue districts doing?" They are like their boss Nancy Pelosi, a squishy little invertebrate!

I’m reminded of Eleanor Roosevelt and inspired by Hon. Katie Porter’s background in law and her clarity in LIVING her conscience based on the willingness to be outspoken and to meet face to face the full spectrum of concerns.
Thank you Katie Porter

Just 65, so fucking pathetic.

Anyone think that the Democrats would save us from fascism, or even try? Think again.

Thanks to those 65…and a big FU to the Corporate State Democrat leadership with Darth Vader at the reins protecting the fascist Trump.

It really has nothing to do with lack of spine, but rather the force of spine directed for the protection of an oligarchic ruling class of Corporate State Democrats and Republicans who value this Administration’s policies. To them if it takes fascism to keep that gravy train steamrolling over the masses in the US, so be it from their perspective.

Pelosi is a dark force. It has zero to do with her being a coward, etc.