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Watch: Rep. Katie Porter Uses Basic Budget Math to Expose Jamie Dimon on Starvation Wages at JPMorgan Chase


Watch: Rep. Katie Porter Uses Basic Budget Math to Expose Jamie Dimon on Starvation Wages at JPMorgan Chase

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Katie Porter used the financial struggles of one of her constituents to grill JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon over the vast worker-executive pay gap and low wages at his bank.

"What I'd like you to do is provide a way for families to make ends meet, so that little kids who are six years old living in a one-bedroom apartment with their mother aren't going hungry at night because they're $567 short."
—Rep. Katie Porter



This middle aged white male says thank you to all of the progressive women who have run and are running for office. Please keep at it. Society needs you!



I remember when Obama was going to get tough on Jamie Dimon and his cohort of heads-I-win-tails-you-lose gamblers. Then, in his usual passively trusting way, he made speeches while Wall St lobbyists wrote the almost laughably big bank-friendly Dodd-Frank.

After, that is, bailing big banks out while average homeowners were foreclosed on left and right.

Now how did we end up with Trump, again?



Come on, be “realistic!” We can’t have straight-talking leaders who face down arrogant wealth and fight for us common people! That would never work! We must have two-faced sell-outs who pander to arrogant wealth and beg for crumbs for us common people! We owe these leaders our vote! And if we don’t vote for them forever and always, WE are to blame for Trump!



Jamie Dimon is – on a planet rife with ugly turds in human form – perhaps the biggest, smelliest turd of them all. Absolutely oozes arrogance. Joyfully splashes around in pools of arrogance.



Geez, they are really good at math too!



JD – not JA – is the world-wrecking criminal mastermind who should be dragged away in chains.



From an order of magnitude perspective:

Chase’s wage problem affects THOUSANDS who work for Chase.

The best Congress money can buy put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 plus trillion in bankster bailout schemes for Chase and the other too-big-to-fail banks after they crashed the economy in 2008 (affecting BILLIONS of people on every continent) when those banks controlled 25% of US bank assets. Today those banks control more than 50% of US bank assets with no end in sight of their march to monopoly. The next time the banksters crash the economy BILLIONS of people will be paying way more than $20 trillion in bailouts.



Rep. Porter sez:
“Mr. Dimon, you know how to spend $31 million a year in salary, and you can’t figure out how to make up a $567 a month shortfall.”

Perhaps his strong suit is multiplication. That’s the only math, for example, understood by cancer cells.



Respectfully, I don’t believe Obama ever intended to “get tough” on anyone in banking and finance. It would have hurt his earning potential once out of office.



He’s just one turd in a corporate hog farm waste pond (a.k.a., Amerika).



Rep. Katie Porter I guess Mr Dimon forgot to tell you that your annual Bribery Check is in the Mail.

Once you receive your usual Bribery Donation you must stop asking embarrassing questions.

Remember Ms Porter you do not represent poor Constituents, you represent powerful Corporations that send you a legal donation check regularly so that you will vote to support Corporations that keep their workers at or below the poverty line.



Agreed. When it came to padding his own coffers or helping the republicans, Obama’s mantra was “Yes, I can”, even though the same republicans hated him. What a hypocrite.



This woman is wonderful. Thank you!



He does not know nor care. He is chosen by god to be rich and this women working for him is not.



Pence said The American Dream was Over Before Trump. Well, maybe so, but both of you monsters destroyed what was left of any Dream we had, faster than I thought possible!



The really sad thing is that all his “followers” fucking believe EVERYTHING he says. Like the coal industry is back and booming and look at all the jobs he bought back to the US. It’s all, as he likes to say, bullshit.



Yes, Obomba was very passive- or he “secretly” admired the banksters for their schemes.



Pences’s dream probably is to have the US become a fundymentalist nation totally with jail cells for non believers.



g-d??? Which g-d is that? Oh, I forgot the g-d of rich white middle aged males.

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