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Watch: Rep. Katie Porter Uses Basic Budget Math to Expose Jamie Dimon on Starvation Wages at JPMorgan Chase

$567 is likely what Dimon pays for a high end blow job.

I’m surprised he didn’t suggest that as an “income supplement” for his employee.


Oh, he most assuredly IS responsible for paying a living wage. Blathering about “improving skills” is nothing more than BS. She can’t afford to even live and has no time for her daughter as it is. How is she supposed to take off to enhance her skills, and what is she supposed to pay for it with? Your message is dripping with privileged smugness.

No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country … and by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level – I mean the wages of decent living. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

If Dimon took a $6,000,000 annual pay cut, he could raise 500 employees’ salary by $1000/mo. I’m sure a man of Dimon’s perspicacity can figure out somehow how to live on $25,000,000/yr. It isn’t as if he disappeared, the economy would take a $31 million reduction.


the money changers haven’t changed since the Lord drove them from the Temple. When the Rothschild minions engineered the Federal reserve fraud and the income tax in 1913 , Americans lost their freedom from debt slavery. Fast forward to 2008 and the same people who gambled billions and lost demanded that the “little people”, Taxpayers, bail them out. America is owned, lock ,stock and barrel by these leeches. Wars for profit are all that is left. God bless America indeed.


Troll, no surprise you defend the Dimons of the world. Guess you were happy when taxpayers bailed out the banksters with zero interest loans. They gambled and lost ,oops. If we gamble and lose,tough ----.

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I agree- this skills crap is just that- a mere excuse for delaying the inevitable.

You must be just like him, and sorry millions of people who were not part of taking a mortgage lost their jobs. What do you have to say about that cranky yankee?

He’s a crook who literally got away with murder. Thousands of people committed suicide- not because they needed rescuing, but because they lost their jobs due to people like him getting away literally with murder. You must be a troll full of hate- go away.

Eat the rich.


Agreed, but Obama alone can’t be blamed. The whole fucking system has been degrading since Reagan. Bill Clinton was the first Democrat to sign on to the neoliberal economic bullshit. Vote either Bernie or Warren and get the republiCONS out of the Senate and keep them out of the house! Remember too, Obama had a republiCON congressional majority 6 out of 8 years.

And when Obama had huge Dem majorities for 2 years, he passed RomneyCare.

I don’t single Obama out for blame. His entire party is worthless.