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Watch: Right-Wing Reporter Describes How 'Uncomfortable' She Felt as Ocasio-Cortez Rallied for...Free Healthcare and Education


Watch: Right-Wing Reporter Describes How 'Uncomfortable' She Felt as Ocasio-Cortez Rallied for...Free Healthcare and Education

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Over the past few weeks, Fox News has fallen into an amusing habit of inadvertently running free advertisements for progressive policies that are gaining popularity throughout the nation, and on Tuesday the right-wing network aired what was perhaps its most compelling spot yet—in the form of an interview with Daily Caller ed


Call me old-fashioned, but these articles that are completely broken up with copied/pasted tweet gibberish are so annoying I tend not to read them. If I wanted tweets, I’d be on Twitter. I come to CD to read complete sentences without hashtags. Harrumph.


“And, if you’re not really paying attention to how they’re gonna to pay for it”

Well, single payer would save trillions. This system is far more expensive than single payer systems and has far more waste/overhead. How will they pay for the system? Well, by spending less than we do on the present system, and the savings would more than pay for many of the other things in the platform. I mean, the oft cited Freidman study on single payer shows a savings of 17 trillion over the next decade. The cost of universal access to college is estimated to be between 70 to 80 billion, and that doesn’t include a reduction in out of pocket expenditures, that is just the cost of funding it through tax dollars. Let’s say that the savings from single payer was a third of what the Friedman study showed, being overly generous, even if that were the case we could save hundreds of billions annually while having single payer and universal access to college.

Not paying attention to how these things are paid for is exactly why someone identifies with the right (well, outside of a rich person obviously benefiting from those policies), or the “center” (of what?) in the first place. It is the present system that has no defense. Maybe objective reality and the costs of this system, and the waste in this system versus single payer systems (and why there is always going to be more waste and inefficiency in systems like ours) will start to actually matter to these people. Maybe people will start to notice the lack of actual solutions to our biggest problems, or the problem of applying superficial fixes to structural problems. We have increasingly done what the right has wanted since at least Reagan, and everything is worse off as a result. Lots of illusions need to be shattered. Many though on the right know better, and they are paid to not understand very basic things. Is this reporter one of those people?


“And, if you’re not really paying attention to how they’re gonna to pay for it”

Geez. That IS a tough one. Maybe, um, less for WAR and other things that DESTROY instead of build and comfort!!!


Personally, I think that pointing out how much cheaper single payer is, how much less waste there is, that is a very powerful response. Cause we could show that we could spend less by restructuring the system, without need to find money elsewhere. In fact, the savings from adopting single payer could fund AOC’s entire program, and then some, alone. It also allows us to talk about myths surrounding the efficiency of private enterprise. It could further allow us to discuss how the government creates money, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. AOC is apparently talking to Kelton and knows about MMT, so that stuff, I would imagine, will be part of discussions and debates in the coming years.


These Right Winged Morons deserve to have their own Country. Build the Wall dividing the North and South. They can stay on the stupid side where they are now.


“They talk about education for your kids, healthcare for your kids, the things that you want,” Kruta adds. “And, if you’re not really paying attention to how they’re gonna to pay for it, it’s easy to fall into that trap and say, ‘My kids deserve this’ and, ‘Well maybe the government should be responsible for helping with that.’”

Yes, these and more are what we are demanding. It is our hands to design a government that will provide the services we want and need. That is what democracy is. Folks like Kruta and other right wing leaning individuals seemingly have the mindset that we the people do not have the judgement necessary to make decisions necessary for our own well being and that property - money and capital - is far more valuable and important than human life, especially the lives of others. To them medical bankruptcy for ever increasing numbers is acceptable and far better than the wealthy having to pay fair taxes in order to have health care for all. This goes without even mentioning the utter waste of our taxes and capital on endless wars, completely insane military spending, the murder of innocents abroad and forcing all of humanity to live under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation just to maintain control of resources and blind power. It is way past time that we demand our rights as humans to design a government that meets the needs of the great majority of humanity. Socialism is one tool that can be used to do that.


“I saw how easy it would be, as a parent, to accept the idea that my children deserve healthcare and education.”
Thie quote is directly from the Daily Caller website under a seven minute video of Ocasio-Cortez’s speech. Surely, this has got to be one of the savviest things you could do to promote a candidate.

And one of the saddest.

Virginia Kruta tells us that she took a photo of herself at the rally, “…in part to remind myself of that time I crashed a rally headlined by a socialist, but also in part to remind myself that there, but for the grace of God, go I.”

Perhaps the clearest statement, I can recall ever seeing, of what it feels like to almost, but not quite, see through a lifetime of brainwashing.


I don’t disagree at all; I just feel that people need to wake up to how much is being spent on DEstruction instead of CONstruction. It seems people have become numb or desensitized to the massive amounts they hear about going the wrong direction but don’t seem to get “riled”. Or…if they DO get riled, not voicing that “riled-ness”.


But we have all the money in the world for war. I give up on people like her, LRX, Discover and so many more.


Well if the idea of children having free health care and education frightens the poor little demon I wonder what she’ll say when she finds out she’s paying for 80Billion dollars of welfare to soy bean farmers.

Oh, right, never mind.


Gimme more, more MORE!!!
Works great until you run out of other peoples money.

People demanding more and more free stuff paid for by OPM.

Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding and what you are really espousing is more of a libertarian system where you get to keep more of your own money in order to make more of your own decisions?

“If we don’t have a totalitarian State, we’re all gonna DIE!!!”
Or as expressed by the great fascist:


I feel sorry for Kruta. She’s so stuck in her little paradigm she recoils at the thought of something else being proposed and supported–mind boggling! It’s especially pathetic coming from a young person who stands to lose so much, and whose children will suffer because of her and her “mental-midget” peers’ refusal to step up to the challenges of the 21st century…


To put this into terms you might be able to understand, capitalism is a destructive system that has almost reached its end. War, destruction of the environment, capital and property inequality of all kinds, and climate chaos is rapidly reaching the point where survival of all of us is highly questionable. Change is demanded and now, what we have done in the past will no longer work.


The list of “No’s”…
reproductive rights
on and on and on
and thus America was lost


I don’t see to many conservatives unhappy with Medicare or Social Security. Conservatives no longer are concerned about balanced budgets so that can’t be a problem. The problem they have with social programs is when the believe the programs are mainly helping blacks. This goes back to the days of welfare and the claims about welfare queens, etc. The big difference with conseratives and progressives on these programs has to do with race. Progressives aren’t concerned if blacks benefit more than whites but conservative do care. Medicare for All seems to help everyone so it really should have a good chance of being accepted. Free tuition also seems to help everyone as long as people with high incomes are still eligible. The $15 minimum wage is not a government program and only affects employers so most people would probably support it. So as long as progressives stay away from programs that target low income people the programs should have wide support. Programs for low income people will not be supported by those on right since they associate low income with being black regardless of the actual statistics.


If you want to talk about uncomfortable let’s talk about how today, the Trump Administration has made it known that no longer will this administration “announce” calls that are made to foreign government officials.

That this administration can now plot with other governments, without announcing it to the agencies that are designed to observe and protect the People, well, talk about uncomfortable.




Let’s just say that single payer healthcare pays for itself.


Well, there was the sixteen trillion lost by the department of death. Where was you hand wringing then? There’s the tax cuts the pay for themselves by gutting the social safety net. Where was your handwringing then?

Also, single payer healthcare, like college tuition for all isn’t free. It’s paid for by taxes. And we all pay into the fund, just like our free military. The military is free, isn’t it? Where does that money come from? Who knows?