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WATCH: Sanders and Teen Vogue Host Town Hall Featuring Young Voters Surviving National Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/watch-sanders-and-teen-vogue-host-town-hall-featuring-young-voters-surviving


Thank you Lucy and thank you Bernie. When I see people who are thoughtful and working for a future that will make the lives of so many so much better, I have a good feeling about the future. When I see and hear that, then I really do see WE the PEOPLE as a reality and the future is not set in stone, but that the future really is set when We the People respond and the idea of us ALL is where a future comes from. We should all probably go back and see what the workers of the 1930s dreamed—and made a lot of dreams a reality. : ).

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When our older generation, even it’s best older gen role role models (talking 'bout you, bernster), fail and fall down in their responsibilities, to our nation, global civilization, and species, by dropping out of the fight for all of our lives,because in the end all they care about is themselves, …we’ve already doomed our future by slapping a death sentence on all we love and hold dear. It would be great if our children and their children could save our worthless butts, but it is unrealistic and hypocritical to expect the damaged fruits of the generations who drove us to extinction, to be our salvational super-heroes.

We are in danger of ALL of our elections being bought. What good candidates can survive unlimited cash flowing into campaign coffers and party PAC’s?

Bernie’s loss to democratic subterfuge. He may have had a 50-50 chance had he run as an Independent.

If he wasn’t a craven, self-interest focussed, candidate spewing leftist rhetoric, while politically capitulating to the Fascists, he might have had such a shot, or at least, he would still be respected by those who actually believed, supported, and fought for the dreams he built his rhetorical left-baiting “Democrapic candidacy” around.