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WATCH: Sanders Joined by Naomi Klein and Sunrise Movement at Climate Crisis Summit in Iowa

It took me less than five minutes when I first investigated Buttigieg to discover he began his career working for a CIA front. It’s not a secret that McKinsey is a CIA asset. They brag about it.

My point of course was that if you don’t like either football team what’s the point in watching it or commenting on it.

No, they took high speed electric trains.

To your point, there are no alternatives that make any sense. I suppose if you start a week ahead of time you could bicycle it. Or walk untold miles.

The republicans have been doing it, successfully, for decades.


What term of Reagan are we at now? Or are we at the point where even Reagen is left of the current overton window.

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So why didn’t Tulsi attend the not-just-a-campaign-for-a-certain-candidate environmental justice forum that took place in South Carolina on Friday:


Or maybe “What Would Gryffindor Do”?

I might say, “What Would Ganja Do”?, but I already know.

I think they want to loot Social Security and Medicare, too.