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WATCH: Sanders Refutes McConnell Claim That $2,000 Direct Payments Amount to 'Socialism for Rich People'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/watch-sanders-refutes-mcconnell-claim-2000-direct-payments-amount-socialism-rich


Voting for money to ease the burdens of unemployment and pandemic are indeed a necessity.

Americans having the ability to vote for a political party other than these two Corporate Warmongering parties that cater to the Military Industrial Complex is dire.


A lot of rich people must laugh at the poor from behind closed doors. With the glaring inequalities and the giveaways to the hyper-rich, calling those who make 75k/year is worse than a sick joke. This is how the many of the very wealthy must regard us: as being dumber than the average rock. Their arrogance will be their downfall.


Thanks for your post You beat me to it. McClownell thinks people who make between 75k and 175k are rich. Poor people from Kentucky who voted for this stooge must think they’re in OZ. Weird.


I’d wash Bernie’s socks - whata guy - I’m not taking his bumpersticker off my subbie- the best we had & but he sold himself out - sad.


Sold himself out? Bernie unfortunetly is in the “club” now so he has to play by the rules. That means the guy in charge(McClownell) calls the shots. His grandstanding filibuster of the defense bill was all show. He knew it would not succeed since he’s the designated trouble maker of the dems vs the repub’s. He’s basically window dressing who “tamps-down” the indignation everyone else has for this 2-party duopoly for the american oligarchy (not a nation of free people).

Mann and woman the barricades!

Where are the trumpsters on this issue? They are silent.

Has the 1%ers paid them off so that they can buy more Chinese assault weapons to bully us with?

Nothing but political theater and we put up with it decade after decade.


The penny pinching right is so darn dumb all it can do is steal the left’s analysis and when the jig is essentially up for them…fling the analysis back at those who coined it.

But as a Canadian, I’m shocked that the richest country on earth can do so little for their citizens during a pandemic…2000 a month went to many people in need of help in Canada…

Military sucking up all America’s disposable cash??


Bernie,Warren,Van Hollen,Merkley,Markey,and Wyden (along with 5 Repub’s) were the only Dems with enough spine to vote against McConnell and 41 other Dems in the Senate. Obviously this was not just the R’s playing their role.


We don’t even need to create a new party. The one we currently support worked just fine until JFK cut income taxes on the wealthy by thirty-five % on the top tax rate and a large reduction for corporate rates as well. While this wasn’t what put us where we are now it was the first of many destructive later tax cuts that primarily benefited the wealth of the nation and created an income disparity that plagues us today.
This disparity alone is a real detriment to our social structure but the movement of the Democratic Party to a centrist position has created a lack of trust with the party leadership from the electorate. We do not need two Republican Parties but a vibrant and concerned party that can interest the blue color workers and will suport open door unions.


We are in the throws of a modern Gilded Age and it is due to the two political parties ignoring the needs of the working classes. When a Democratic candidate dismisses a livable minimum wage with an off hand comment during the debates with “That isn’t going to happen.” something is rotten in Washington.


No, but they get more than they need. What is really eating our lunch is a upper class that can buy the candidates of both parties with the blessing of a corrupt Supreme Court. Citizens United refers to those ultra wealthy persons and corporate personages. When money is equated with speech only the wealth has a voice!


Good luck reforming the Democratic Party. At best I’ve got another 10 to 15 years.

Can you get them to stop taking money for corrupt intent by then?


You nailed it!

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The Kentucky Krypt Keeper deserves a bullet to the brain for that comment. No, Mbitch, your trillions of dollars tax cuts are socialism for the rich. Can’t wait til your blue hands just fall off one fine day you vomitous rotted copse.


No, no, this isn’t socialism for the rich. We know that because if it were the Republicans and Democrats would both be for it.

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McConnell has been on a socialism for the rich spending binge his entire tenure. Just one item, he doubled Congress’s socialist health care system by adding $5 million to that budget, about $20,000 for each member of Congress each year. He wants socialist medicine for himself, just not for you.


The seditious McConnell knows full well that in reality it’s “Socialism for the rich, Rugged Capitalism for everyone else.”