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Watch Susan Collins Drive Away as College Student Tells Her 'More Kids Are Going to Die' Without Gun Control Legislation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/watch-susan-collins-drive-away-college-student-tells-her-more-kids-are-going-die

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This one incident is a metaphor for the entire span of US political history—out-of-touch elites scurrying away in their limousines from the people whom they ostensibly represent. It was once said that the US Senate was the most exclusive men’s club on Earth. Now, even though its ranks have come to include some who are not male and others who are not of European descent, its character is still based entirely on wealth.


Well, you can’t blame Collins for rushing off. She was late to her meeting with an NRA “bundler.”


As gun violence continues to spread across our American societies –

it is an insult to the nation that our Congress is OUT – on vacation –

The issues are here and now –




If the young woman said, “Hi. I’m a lobbyist for Smith and Wesson.” Collins would stop the car and say, “Let’s go to my office. You did bring cash, right?”


The answer to the question, “… will they take action right now …” is sadly, NO. They haven’t taken action in the past after equally egregious mass shootings, so why would they change course? Maybe more of “We The People” need to take this young lady’s lead and confront sociopathic pols, such as Governor Collins.
Yes! That IS what we need to do!!


That’s Senator Collins. Otherwise agreed.

I reckon Susan Collins didn’t want any higher education on the matter.

Well shucks… thank GOD, this uppity constituent was white! What the heck do our duly elected public officials have to gain from dealing with our petty, annoying issues, anyway? If we were worthy of her attention, we’d be tossing Benjamins from our speeding Maybachs? They HAVE single payer healthcare, they HAVE food, housing, drugs, employment and kick-ass retirement plans… I believe it’s called graft? They’re not atop some mountain in Afghanistan or shivering atop some NYC grating in the snow. They ain’t watching their kids drink lead, fracking return or PFOAs. They don’t clutch the wheel, their heart skipping, if a cop passes in the night. Their kids aren’t warned to carry stuff to throw at Trump’s crazed shooters?
Dr. King, Gandhi & Malcolm X got their attention, until… ah, er


Susan Collins has always been a phony POS. :poop: