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Watch: The First Trailer for Oliver Stone's Biopic of Edward Snowden


Watch: The First Trailer for Oliver Stone's Biopic of Edward Snowden

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The first trailer for Snowden, Oliver Stone's biopic of whistleblower Edward Snowden was released on Wednesday, offering a glimpse of the forthcoming film that depicts Snowden's entry into the National Security Agency (NSA), his 2013 release of mass surveillance documents, and his subsequent escape to Hong Kong.



I love most of Oliver Stone's films. (Although he went WAY too easy on Bush, sr. & Junior.)

I was so gripped by emotion watching this short trailer that I felt tears well up.

So many people have ONLY heard the official govt. story, a pound of shit added to the shit sandwich that's formed the MSM diet--of food for thought--for over a decade now. It's convinced them that the greatest threat is outside Arab forces of terror; and from that deception, convinced them further that Snowden put them (and America) into jeopardy. (As if Deep State sources are the Innocents and worthy of absolute trust on the part of the citizenry.)

Thank you, Oliver Stone... and thank you even more, Edward Snowden.

You are a legend in your own time.

The question is... can those so long brainwashed even HEAR the Truth or recognize it when it's right before their eyes?


Did you watch that trailer? I don't like my emotions being manipulated, no matter the intention.


You might want to avoid all films ever made then. That's kinda what they do.


No, I don't feel that way at all about Poitras' films.


ah, okay, I get it now. She does documentaries. Stone's doing a fictionalized account. A drama. That's what dramas do, hence the name.
She does great work, tho. Citizenfour is exceptional.


Well, I'm not sure that's true either. Some documentaries use manipulative hollywood tactics. I'd put Scahill's in that category. On the other hand, I don't think all dramatizations have to use such tactics. They can show a slice of life as a mode of elucidation of some historical events, rather than using cheap tactics of emotional stimulation. Satyajit Ray's Apu trilogy, for example. I grant you Hollywood has been upping the ante on this for decades, so it's hard to have a successful film without doing it; but it's more in the vein of a pathology, rather than a necessary part of "drama".


I am sitting here, in tears, so HAPPY that Stone made this film. Snowden is one of my heroes...one of the champions of true democracy. He deserves to come home and be honored for his incredible courage, his remarkable commitment, his selfless caring for EVERYONE of us! THANK YOU!


I have to say I've never understood the necessity for the NSA. We have the FBI and CIA. With the NSA's budget dwarfing CIA's - isn't all this very expensive redundancy rather absurd? Aside from this I only wish to add my opinion of Edward Snowden as being a great American patriot and true hero of freedom.
The National Security Agency is a national disgrace, and to all NSA operatives hunting down Snowden, you're all cowards and enemies of freedom. But, you already knew I felt that way.


The NSA didn't used to be redundant. But then, it didn't used to be the monopoly of high end electronic intelligence gathering either. Big budgets and fancy toys usually equal power, and with that power comes an expanded ambition to use it. In any event, the CIA can't legally operate domestically (I know, cough cough) so they couldn't be used as an overarching intelligence apparatus. And the DIA has no traditional interest or expertise in intelligence in non-military sectors. So the NSA was created to bridge those gaps. And boy, did it bridge those gaps!


A fictionalized account of a living hero: I'm looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully this film will do for Snowden what his legal team is unable to do. Get him on his way out of exile in Russia. Elevating his profile among Americans, many of whom still don't know who he is, should do him a world of good. Fingers crossed.


Good, thelmafollett! On that trade of Obama for an American hero, Edward Snowden, could we also send George W and Cheney with Obama, along with a few billion in cash to ensure the deal?

The trade of the century-- to the benefit of the American people!

Btw, the Green Party's Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate who views Ed Snowden as a hero. Bernie Sanders, "I think Snowden played a very important role in educating the American people," but Bernie still wants to penalize him with prosecution.


I'll see the movie when it's released. I hope someone makes movies about Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange. I saw Fahrenheheit 9/11 & Where To Invade Next.They were very good movies. **London has fallen depicted the Arab & Muslim world as terrorists & the Americans & British as victims.******



That's literally the entire point of film and literature, documentaries excluded.


Ya, I know. There's no truth. It's all just power. The best you can do is discursive analysis. Our universities are churning out cynics by the boatload. Many whom imagine themselves to be on the left. However they want to paint themselves, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.


You mean an accurate, non-propagandist movie of Assange.
This is the letter from Assange to Cumberbatch in response to the latter's asking to meet him before portraying him in the cia-sponsered trash by Dreamworks. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2013/oct/09/julian-assange-benedict-cumberbatch-letter


Assange and Manning and Snowden are real-life HEROES. Cumberbach's "He broke an oath is a simple-minded, poorly thought out remark. If an oath related to facts that harm people, well,----so BC is JUST AN ACTOR, and certainly not a great philosopher or religionist.
Thank God and All the Mighty Powers for heroes like Assange, Manning, and Snowden.
I've given $$ to organizations that support whistleblowers. Wish I could do more.: