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Watch: This Is What It Looks Like When the Response to Protests Against Police Violence Is... More Police Volice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/31/watch-what-it-looks-when-response-protests-against-police-violence-more-police


“NO ONE gets to slam an SUV through a crowd of human beings,”

Reminds me of Cairo during the “Arab Spring”. Only there they used armoured vehicles.


Remember this is the administration that felt we needed to be more lethal in the Middle East to succeed.


This has little to do with any administration, these are local police who have long desired to be cruel and abusive - the reason they joined in the first place was so they could kill people. It has been made clear over time that there will be no legal penalty if they do so, but the hate in their hearts was there long before any administration.


And all of this will be used by the powers that be to justify why ANY protesting is wrong. Trump is loving it…he spoke out very smugly last night, acting like George Floyd’s biggest defender…smiling like a Cheshire cat, saying in essence that these protests are evidence of why he will have to use MORE police violence against ANY protest. That is why, as frustrating as it is, as much as I get the anger, the frustration of what’s been done, ANY acts of uncivil behavior will only strengthen the oligarchs use of violence.


This is the inevitable outcome of a nation founded on slavery and genocide which are two brutal forms of violence. Sooner or later after all the violence projected by the USA all around the world, it would end up coming home to roost. And now here we are. Every year for decades now, the police have been armed and trained to the only respond with more and more violence against the very folks they pretend to protect and serve. This is going to end up very badly if the citizens actually try to stand up to these violent thugs in uniform whose orders from above is to put anyone down to stop any real change from taking place in the USA.


Criminals and murderers who wish to carry out their acts of violence with no consequences have learned to join the police force = Legitimized crime. I know there are good, professional and humane police officers out there. The abusive police who seem to be in abundance are giving them a bad name. What do they have to say about all this?


While some of what you say I agree with regarding the type of folks who join the police, there is no doubt that the administration (current and previous) have had their influence on how the police respond to situations like this taking place around the whole country. Obama clearly give the green light to the police to destroy the Occupy Wall Street movement on behalf of his corporate masters as one recent example. And I have no doubt that Trump has been calling around (and using his tweets to encourage violent responses) to police departments as well giving them his sociopathic input to use any “necessary” violence.


Right in all respects, but I guess the point I wanted to make is that it is a far greater systemic problem which doesn’t change from one administration to another, but goes on and on regardless of how the herd of mindless cattle vote. But yes again, Trump does just love to incite hate, and to those predisposed toward hate it has a powerful effect. The Milgram experiment showed us that all people are predisposed to follow immoral directions from people of authority, so when the president encourages people who’s entire paradigm is based on hatred to be more violent, they will of course do so.


I have watched the police force across American militarize year by year. To say when the looting starts the shooting starts is a call to greater violence.


There are? I’ve watched hundreds of videos now, if not thousands, and I still can’t find a single one. It seems they stand there, at best, when their partners destroy cities and people’s lives. Which is exactly what the other 3 officers did while George Floyd was being murdered. I know dozens of cops personally, and most are nice to me, but the shit they say in private is now being seen in front of everyone.

You either succumb to the culture or you’re weeded out. Silent cops are not good cops.


A tragic repetition of how the ruling class here and elsewhere over time responds to challenges from below regarding their behavior. And the use of agent provocateurs to color peaceful protest as something other is legend.

I greatly respect those out there in the mayhem but totally condemn the excessive force which was the straw that lit the discontent and frustration already brewing in this country. One step forward and twenty back. We are a species plagued by violence and lack of concern for each other and our planet. Those who care are in the cross-hairs.


Trumps, Republicans, and Democrats are finally in agreement. They are united in their statements schooling us folk of color about how we don’t understand racism and how the protests have nothing to do with the killing of George Floyd. Trump, Republicans, and Democrat’s are also in agreement that the only option is to forcibly stamp out protests through violent military police action.



Thank you Republican Party , thank you Democrat Party, for making absolutely clear that its time for grassroots folks to put wooden stakes through your Party’s hearts until both Parties are dead, dead, dead. Time for us to build grassroots social, economic, political structures focused on ensuring the well being of humans and the environment.


What’s just as disgusting as any bad police behavior is seeing the white kids rampaging in downtown Portland using the opportunity to break windows and pillage shops. They are not interested in civil protest, it’s straight-up vandalism. and I wish the TV news readers would start discerning between protest and riot. They keep referring to people who are simply interested in pillaging as “protesters.”


I posted this yesterday, but it bears repeating here:

American policing was born from slavery, and remains to this day institutionally racist. That culture captures even the “good” cops–the well-intentioned ones who joined to serve and protect, but find themselves sequestered and ultimately compromised behind the blue wall of silence. This is most poignantly evident in Minneapolis, where Chief Medaria Arradondo, a Black, 28 year-veteran, must have known which officers in his department were active, “practicing” racists and therefore an ongoing risk to the community (Nekima Levy Armstrong, a civil rights attorney and former president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP, said in a DemocracyNow! interview that the Minneapolis city council was warned repeatedly, over many years, that Minneapolis would become the next Ferguson, Missouri if it did not clean up the police department). The blue wall penetrates deeply into the psyche of every cop. The cognitive dissonance some (but by no means all) might initially feel when covering for a racist or otherwise dirty “brother” cop forces a choice: “You’re in or you’re out.” Once they’re in, allegiance to the group trumps justice, because there simply is no other choice. Derek Chauvin was a rotten cop–rotten to the core and from the beginning–but he was protected by the blue wall. The office of the chief of police is the cornerstone of that wall.

To summarize, even the “good, professional and humane” cops are tainted, pulled in by the system. They “serve and protect” the police force ahead of protecting and serving the public.

The blue wall is also upheld by the Democratic Party. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota’s top prosecutor between 1999 and 2007, “declined to press charges against more than a dozen officers accused of killing civilians,” including a case involving Derek Chauvin! [Emphasis added; see ttps://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/28/george-floyd-killing-officers-derek-chauvin-tou-thao-investigated.] In other words, Klobuchar was literally for Derek Chauvin (in 2006) before she was against him (yesterday).

I have to wonder, when the political party that is supposed to be on the side of civil rights offers candidates with a history of defending status quo, institutionalized racism (see also K. Harris), then settles on Joe Biden, who likes his Blacks “articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking,” proving they can be “just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” where are people to turn?

So, when you ask, “What do they [“good” cops] have to say about this?”, the silence is deafening, and telling. They are captured by the (bipartisan) system.


Not diminishing the importance of These Police Riots or The Murder of George Floyd - have you noticed that the Pandemic and everything related has disappeared on most media? I havent seen the COVID body count graphic, Sanjay Gupta, Dauci etc on CNN since this started. It’s as though its over, gone forgotten


Yea, but it sure helps when you have a neo fascist in the white people’s house doesn’t it Adam.


Trump’s and other dictators’ play books require an ever expanding list of enemies. Those enemies can be people, organizations, concepts (like evidence), etc. More enemies equal more raw meat they can feed to their cult that thrives on a steady supply of raw meat.

The police brutality demonstrations are giving Trump the opportunity to add more enemies to his list., just like every other event and problem during the past five years


I guess you are talking about US coverage. There’s quite a lot here and the Guardian is keeping up to date:



Police violence and abuse has long been the norm in every prescient, every day, every hour, it is not the exception. What is unusual is when it is reported in the news.