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Watch This US Official Struggle to Justify Double Standard for Saudi Bombings


Watch This US Official Struggle to Justify Double Standard for Saudi Bombings

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A State Department official on Tuesday struggled to answer why the U.S. has condemned Russian bombing in Syria for causing civilian deaths while simultaneously aiding the Saudi Arabia-led campaign in Yemen, which has done the same.


This guy is such a lying duplicitous sack of offal. There a hit parade of such press conferences where he exposes just how hypocritical the US Government is.

A few weeks ago this guy covertly threatened Russia indicating ISIS would attack Russian cities. Now he is saying Russia bombing ISIS at the invite of the Syrian Goverment is not the same as what the Saudis do in Yemen because the Houthis might be a threat to the Saudi's.

What a weasel.(Sorry to the animal species weasel you have much more integrity them this dweeb)

He an ex Admiral too which shows the low standards sets for its ranking officers in uniform.

It this type pushing the meme of winnable Nuclear Wars.


Media Blackout. Hitlery wants to kill a lot of civilians in Syria. Starting a War with Russia.



The nerve of that reporter asking a pointed question like that! Isn't he aware that there is a total blackout on real journalism? His career is over!


Putin: We know who destroyed the aid convoy in Syria.


Hard to believe a "journalist" would ask a good question today.


The Russians say they know who attacked the humanitarian convoy.



Sorry, didn't see the above link.


"As Lee noted, however, Russia has in fact called for a probe into the bombing of an aid convoy near Aleppo last month that led to the suspension of peace talks with the U.S. and Syria."

The US has blamed Russia for this aid convoy attack.
Am I missing something here? I thought that the US-led air raid that killed at least 62 Syrian soldiers, violating the cease fire, was the reason for the failed peace talks.


Dear CD, I see no coverage of the 9000 ISIS fighter who have been promised amnesty by the US and Saudi Arabia from Fallujah Iraq to join the other terrorists currently held up in Aleppo Syria. This is huge news ignored by western based corporate media I read on RT today.


Yes. Hillary is certifiably crazy. Dunford's statement to Congress was all over the news...basically, you want us to impose a no-fly zone over Syria? Then, realize we will be at war with both Syria and Russia. And, knowing that information, Hillary still is going to impose a no-fly zone, which she elaborated on by stating that we'd have to use "standoff" (cruise) missiles to take out all Syrian/Russian air defenses? Again - she's nuts...absolutely no question about it. Do Bernie supporters like her that much that they're good with her plan for such a war, which could lead to nuclear war? Does anyone think that either Russia or the U.S. is going to allow the others' ships to continually launch such missiles? Guess what happens when the first large, multi-billion dollar vessel is sunk?


I refuse to vote for any candidate whose hands are drenched in blood.
I refuse to vote for any candidate who is a racist, sexist, xenophobic mental case.
I refuse to vote for any candidate who thinks that Aleppo is a brand of dog food.
Therefore I will vote for the Green Party candidate Jill.


I see.
So, one of the world's wealthiest countries; armed with more weapons than any other US customer, is threatened, (ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BORDER) by Yemeni-Shia self determination?
In "defense" they bomb civilians; and sponsor psycho Sunni proxy mercenary armies to destabilize the entire region...
Got it.


The US has blamed Russia for this aid convoy attack.
Am I missing something here? I thought that the US-led air raid that killed at least 62 Syrian soldiers, violating the cease fire, was the reason for the failed peace talks.

The U.S. "mistakenly" killed 62 and wounded another 100; and, it may be that there were some Russian soldiers killed/injured among those 162; and, Russia may have struck back by bombing a covert U.S. coalition intelligence "operations center", in the nearby mountains, killing 30 U.S. and coalition country intelligence officers. It appears that a U.S.-made Predator drone then was used to bomb a U.N. humanitarian aid convoy, creating a false flag event to place blame on Russia and Syria, to attempt to divert attention from the U.S.'s "mistake". A Russian major general then warned the U.S. about killing any (more) Syrian solders, stating that there were Russian officer advisers on the ground within Syria; and, that the U.S. should understand that Russia is well aware of the location of every covert intelligence "operation center" within Syria and of all U.S. and allied personnel associated with those centers. I think that this last statement by Russia, about knowing the exact location of all covert "operations centers", is a fairly good indication that the Sputnik report of Russia taking out the one in the mountains was likely true.

If you want me to add links that verify every statement above, let me know; and, I'll hunt them down again; and, add them to the above. This has been a very intriguing sequence of somewhat covert events that, I'm afraid, will continue until were fully at war.


Thank you very much. (I'll dig for more info) I have been extremely busy as of late and not as up on this as I should be. OMG what a mess. This seems to me to be a very surreal event. Perfectly timed however with the "other" surreal event that is our election process.


This guy is completely full of bullshit. UGH.


Syria is acting in self defense from an illegal US invasion. Three quarters of Aleppo is receiving attacks from an enclave of al Qaeda, the US allay. Aleppo is defending itself from al Qaeda invaders who have been guaranteed safe passage by the UN to where ever they want to go.


When push comes to shove Killery will not be able to continue with her fiery rhetoric against Russia unless she is prepared to nuke that country. But as we know there will be a boomerang kind of effect, i am not sure her wall street handlers are prepared to see their dividends.


From the impertinent questions, it would appear that AP has now been bought out by the Russians after all what else could account for Matt Lee going off-script?


Russian bombs good.

US bombs bad.


Al Qaeda is not anywhere in Alleppo - or even in Syria.

They are not a "US ally" No, the US or Hillary did not "start" the Syria Civil War.

Assad is not "defending Syria", he is trying to preserve his fascist power - some of those challenging it are quite undemocratic too, but some are quite democratic. Assad would be committing the same war crimes regardless.

A leader being in military opposition to the US does not make the leader a friend of the US left. Putin's support of fellow fascist Assad is threatening an escalation at least as much as the US is through its actions. The US left is supposed to be for peace. Why is the US left becoming indistinguishable from fascism?