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WATCH: This Viral Video of Ocasio-Cortez Explaining "Fundamentally Broken" US Democracy Has Been Viewed More Than 16 Million Times


WATCH: This Viral Video of Ocasio-Cortez Explaining "Fundamentally Broken" US Democracy Has Been Viewed More Than 16 Million Times

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a critique of campaign finance laws that has now gone viral, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) this week showed how the United States has "a system that is fundamentally broken" due to the pervasive influence of corporate money that infects every aspect of the nation's democracy.


Finally! A breath of fresh air and spirited non-agreement with Establishment Norms! You go Girl!


If you are reading these comments and agree that the system is broken and want to do something concrete about it, RUN FOR OFFICE! We need hundreds in DC and thousands in state legislatures across the country, who have the ethics and moral courage to stand up to the money’d interests, to run. You could be one of those. Or maybe you know a champion for the people in your community. Follow these links to get info and advise for running.

Brand New Congress https://brandnewcongress.org/

Justice Democrats https://justicedemocrats.com/

Our Revolution https://ourrevolution.com/

Progressive Change Campaign Committee http://boldprogressives.org/

Democratic Socialists of America http://www.dsausa.org/

Green Party http://www.gp.org/

Add your own site because I am sure there are others out there running Progressive candidates.



You’ve thrown down the gaunlet, Buffalospirits.
Stand back, wouldn’t want you to get trampled in the rush.
This is Americas problem, total and complete apathy.


If all the people that refuse to vote or run for office because of the corruption of U. S. politics and apathy voted… we could have a progressive tsunami in 2020. It is long past time that we began to look for solutions as most progressives know the problems and complaining about them is okay, but we need to concentrate on positive solutions. AOC has shown it can be done!


Talking about the OBVIOUS which apparently she sees’ and NON of the DEMs and GOP notice… They play by corporate and self GREED rules, not by the laws the rest of us have to play by…


A.O.C.-the peoples’ choice!


This middle aged white male does not fear AOC because she plays on my team–first string as a freshman at that! Four yards and a cloud of class! Pound away Alexandria, they already expressed fear at your moves:

Troglodytes don’t understand the joy of living…


Rock the world, Notorious AOC!


Enact useful ethics laws for congress (eliminate insider trading, require any investments to be in blind trusts). Could be something even libertarians and progressives could agree on.


You don’t want to solve this problem.

OK, you desperately want to solve U.S. political corruption. The election system that most inherently solves this problem is the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council style of election. Others have picked up the system, but Cambridge has been up and running since the year 1940 so you have lots of data.

Using single transferable vote for as many as 9 city council seats works. Now all you have to do is organize and work. Oops I said a bad word, work. Well, like I said at the beginning, you don’t want to solve the problem. Meh.


This can be viewed 20 million times and nothing will change anytime soon. Both the Republican and old fart Dems like things just the way they are. They did not become multi millionaires from their salaries…


AOC is so exciting. I watched this 5 minute clip, in disbelief, while she said she was imagining herself as a “bad guy.” It got better and better. You go girl. Such clarity. Thank you so much.
How inspiring.
From a 77 year old “lobbyist” with FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation) here in NYC.


Some watchdog group should already be doing this:
–Compare the worth of each member of Congress going in, to their worth when they leave.


In a normal world Yes…But there Are no Watch dog groups.


So that’s why all these “Bad Guys” are winning. There are No Laws what so ever holding them back from being a Bad Guy. Who the Biggest Bad Guy? Our President! I think we should all stop paying our bills and taxes and all become bad guys at the same time? Well, I’m down for it!


Oh AOC, this was brilliant, truthful, USEFUL and so clear, that my non- economic mind grasped it completely! YES!!! And Thank you. I will now go bookmark the page so I can hear the excellent answers whenever I want. Make it CLEAR, Make it REAL, make it a NEW DAY----and make it so the corporates and sell outs in Congress can’t PLAY anymore. : )


Hate to burst your bubble but doubt her speech will affect the way Congress cheats. They’ve been doing it too long.


I just can’t get over how kick-ass this young lady is! I mean when has ANYONE in congress/government been this consistently clear/articulate/calm and spot on? She’s like Paul Simon as a song writer - prolific - but with politics. Makes my head spin. Every time she’s up, she’s just brilliant. And her impromptu presentations are what others would die to emulate with tons of preparation - yet she makes it look SO easy.

SO refreshing!


AOC is pretty awesome, if you ask me. Having cut my teeth in the world by arriving at the sidewalk cafes of Paris in 1976, at a tender age, and seeing how differently they viewed things, I have spent the last half century plus completely lamenting the total and ever-growing, thriving, lack of wisdom, amid endless cleverness, that we find in “our” government here.

She was elected to do just this, to parallel much of the Parisian perspective, which is fundamentally socialist democratic, and to show just how far we have slowly catapulted ourselves from every kind of norm that would typify any just and/or sane society, let alone “democracy”.

The Citizens United shtick of the way-criminal Roberts “court” just speaks volumes about the Chief Justice entire orientation and all his 8 other hostages (decisively too many more than willing).

In short, how can we take any of his positions as credible, or American (in the non-rogue sense) when he essentially underscored his entire position as so fundamentally anti-democratic, anti-rule of law, and just anti- in general across the board, of anything good and just, with Citizens United.

Based on the century old “law” of corporate “personhood”.

Might as well give pre-human spirits “personhood” while he’s at it, since at least in their case their is more semantic underpinning and logic to that “brief”!

But really, my underlying, overarching, argument is that America has never been anything even resembling a democracy, if you consider the hidden history of vote rigging and monopoly on candidacies. The Guardians of the Gates, at USA, Inc., allow a few upsets like AOC, which are even harder to explain than Obama, but it is cause for hope, you’d have to conclude.

Gerald Horne gives great scholarship support to my argument, that USA, Inc. is a business fiction, and just founded by a gaggle of rich slave-owners, almost exclusively, as a Tax Revolt, and not anything like a revolution.

That was the “ad spin” in our formative ad culture, that we are somehow free.

Now, accepting many of their blandishments, or higher wages, greater comforts, etc., just removes us farther and farther from real “revolution” or basic regime change, fundamental “regime change”.

A la, there are no revolutionaries on full stomachs.

They have crafted a monolithic engine of oppression, and use our complicity to export those deadly monopolist arts to less “fortunate” or “endowed” countries.

And that is the problem here: we are formed around a monopoly of monies and exchange of powers, and not in any way capitalist, except in the piratical, predatory sense.

And we’ve spun a narrative that we are a “capitalist” society. The oligarchs have tolerated that PR, while they whittle away incrementally, in their mission to eliminate every kind of freedom and replace each and every with simulacra, in hopes nobody will wake up, or not awake fully enough to “call” them on such a ruse.

Even Mikhail Gorbachev, a partner of Alan Cranston at one point, has told us that “the Market has been around since the dawn of civilization.”

It’s not Markets, or even “Market Forces”, whatever THOSE are, that are the source of our woe: it’s oligarchic Monopolism, the bane of all wo/mankind.

Or, as Jack London called it, correctly, a 100 years ago: “The Iron Heel”.

And they have all the technology in place now to punk us endlessly.

Wake up, America(ns).

We need something deep deep fundamental, an awakening to just how bad it really is.

Not this Dog and Pony Show.