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WATCH: To Combat Hate and Gun Violence, Ocasio-Cortez Urges US to 'Go Deep' and 'Love Bigger' to Break Grip of White Supremacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/watch-combat-hate-and-gun-violence-ocasio-cortez-urges-us-go-deep-and-love-bigger


By the Power vested in US, we pronounce AOC the Uniter-in-Chief!


Thank you CD for printing her words (in text).

Yesterday I was sorting through a freebie box on my street when I found 3 toy but realistic-looking guns. I decided to take them, damage them to be undesirable (plastic, hard to do), and tossed in the recycle bin.

A small, but not insignificant deed. Change starts with the culture. We should no longer tolerate children playing with toy guns. It’s not cute, it’s not funny; so don’t let anybody say so.


Those tech guys in the cloning labs need to get their act together, stat. We need 534 more AOC’s in Congress to put this country right.


The New York Democrat also spoke bluntly about President Donald Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric, saying there is no reason to ask whether the president is a racist.

"When we allude to people as an invasion, as an infestation, we are directly pulling from the language of white supremacy," said Ocasio-Cortez. "So I don’t want to hear the question, ‘Is this president racist?’ anymore. He is."

AND . . . .

"This is not just about assault weapons," said the congresswoman. "This is about gun violence in all of our communities. So whether it’s from misogyny or whether it’s from racism, you’re not more of a man with a gun. You’re not more of a man if you are capable of violence."

"You are not stronger if you tear another life down. We have to make sure we address that in our culture," she continued. "Fixing this is about fixing the laws, but it’s about addressing our culture. We’re gonna have to go deep. We need to go deep. Because it’s not just those that have succumbed to hate that have to change. We need to learn to love bigger, to bring them back."

She is brilliant –
Imo, she is touching on the reality of the overturning of our laws/regulations in US which
create these conditions where citizens can no longer get help that they need either because
of health issues, or long term loss of employment – because of loss of Welfare guarantees,
and/or Unemployment Insurance guarantees over long term – and lack of a National Health
Care Program for All in US –

When the public doesn’t understand the treasonous nature of its own government in doing
harm to its own citizens for the benefit of Elites, citizens will be easily led to placing blame
for their misfortune on “scapegoats” provided by the right wing.

The last time round – “Jews” were the scapegoats.

But many times before, other scapegoats have been supplied – Women, Homosexuals,
Immigrants, Irish, Italian, Puerto Rico – people of color – Native people, Pagans, Africans –
beware of right wing labeling.

Trump, himself, is an example of manhood based in violence.


Agreed. Some of the children around here (5 yr olds) go about toting plastic machine guns and swords. This instills a kind of “norm” in my opinion. Nasty parents.


Ocasio-Cortez’s direct confrontation of the threat of white supremacy in the United States contrasted sharply with the message of Fox News host and Trump favorite Tucker Carlson, who said Tuesday night that white supremacy is a “hoax,” a “conspiracy theory,” and "actually not a real problem in America."

Tucker Carlson is a hoax, and he’s definitely a real problem in America. Just ask Jon Stewart.

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An Acrostic Note toward a Peaceful World

Saving the World is a mighty endeavor
That can break the heart of those on the trail,
As well as the one who just wants to be clever.
Renew your efforts on a smaller scale,
There are ideas that cannot fail.

Share with those you find around you.
Mighty weapons are hugs and smiles,
And you’ll find they come back to bless you, too.
Love scatters light for many miles,
Lighting the way to the plan in the files.

Lately the news seems filled with hate and tragedy;
Only occasionally does love and kindness appear.
Verily, we need a new strategy,
Encouraging empathy and forgiveness instead of fear.

Teachers revered throughout history have always taught love,
Hatred is proved but a sordid blind alley.
Youth has always sought a path of enlightenment in the light above.

Now we are facing a cult of hate and destruction,
Engorging itself upon power and greed.
It is time We the People begin giving instruction,
Growing love and compassion with new seed.
Hatred is like being chained to an oar in a galley.
Brotherly love can snap the chain and break the oar,
Or, take the galley and head for an halcyon shore.
Resolving in peace, that of hate, we will take no more.

Steve Osborn
28 May 2017
Thank you, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for your thoughts and words.
Bless you!


Too bad AOC is not old enough to run for POTUS because this intelligent, compassionate and wonderful lady is the antidote to the miasma of Trump.


Love Is All Around

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I agree with you, but the most likely outcome if she were old enough to run for president is the DNC will do a Bernie on her.

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Sooooo damn true!

AOC is sounding like a modern day MLK. We need a lot, lot more of this.


She is loathed by the Reich wing as she is speaking the truth. Their fantasies about the USA being a great beacon of justice and liberty concerned with human rights is just that and exactly as George Carlin revealed years ago.

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Unfortunately, she’s also loathed by the d-party establishment who don’t like the way she rocks the boat filled with big corporate donors. Every time AO-C inspires the young, liberal grass roots voters, Nancy worries about having to disappoint them by offering up whatever corporate-friendly Republican-lite legislation her Blue Dog caucus can stomach.

But Pelosi has obviously picked her poison: She values mythical moderates in swing districts more than young liberals. And when those liberals recognize the futility of voting D and stay home, Nancy will lose her speakership (again) and work across the aisle during President Trump’s second term (like before). I mean, damn, we saw that movie in 2016.

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I think I read this story of Trumpelstilskin a long time ago. It was a Grimm tale about a wicked little man - sowing chaos wherever he went and always trying to make a deal with desperate people that favors only himself. In the end, he is recognized for his true self and flees, never to be seen again.

How about demanding that the ruling class stop its divide and conquer tactics (and watch “white supremacy” go away)?

How obtuse are you people? She rails against white folks, and then says that this is done to stop divisiveness?
No wonder she is the butt of stupid jokes across America.

When asked how to stop racism, Morgan Freeman said, “Stop talking about it. Stop calling me a black man, and I will stop calling you a white man.”

How do you combat hate by promoting racist remarks?