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WATCH TODAY: AOC Speaks to SXSW Live at 6PM ET Saturday

WATCH TODAY: AOC Speaks to SXSW Live at 6PM ET Saturday

Common Dreams staff

Watch here beginning at 6 p.m. ET

From the SXSW program:

As New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to galvanize the left (and frustrate the right), what’s driving her unique appeal has become an increasingly compelling question. Is it her identity or her substantive politics? Or both?

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LOVE AOC! If the Republican Party is the horrible disease that is making America terminally, sick… then AOC is the antidote to this miasma that is destroying America, because she is so good at frustrating the fascist…Republican, right.


Until AOC is eligible to rum for president we will need others like her to join the challenge. We have some brave faces to get started, but we need a wave.


"Mainstream America Seeks Socialism Even If They Do Not Understand The Concept."


The president and his ilk must be admonished for poisoning any and all social programs. We understand that the money they steal from us allows them to pay for all things out of pocket. Mr. president, the rest of America isn’t so fortunate, so give us a fucking break all of you rich bitches.
Please pardon my English.

Sorry folks, The Intercept blew this one; the podcast is not broadcasting. It died in the first few minutes.

I love her too. We need 100 of her. Now that …would send the bad guys running for the hills!!!


People have a low intellect and think Socialism is Communism, even tho we benefit from many Socialist programs. All they can comprehend is what politicians say they will give them to make their lives better.

They are more or less correct. There’s no private property in either one of them. Neither is there incentive to perform better or achieve something. Nobody tried communism yet as all attempts at Socialism failed miserably.

On lighter note, here’s a classic:
Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. What about Socialism? Under Socialism it is exactly the other way around.

They did a great job in spite of all the “technical” delays & other interruptions.

Like you in your Congressional District, we in mine need to replace only one.

Let’s hope she does not “rum” for president or anything else.

On an even lighter note, a good dose of both Socialism and Capitalism May be the solution you seek.


That’s what we have, and need more of it. And a little rum to go with it.

If the fire dept. is a social entity, don’t private citizens still have the opportunity to strive to be fire chief and get the bigger pay check. A socialist plan doesn’t have to follow some historical plan. Can’t we think out of the box a little?


Socialism by itself doesn’t work for pretty obvious reasons. You need an advanced capitalist society to fund all then “social programs”.

Personally i wouldn’t mind some sort of UBI just too keep some people out of the work force. I would pay extra taxes not to have them ruin my day with their screw ups and constant whining.

Gand, nothing wrong with your English. I love AOC to pieces. She almost reminds me of the Beatles when they made their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. She’s such a breath of fresh air to us old time lefties and she’s a rock star to the millennials. She has the cajones to stand up to the repukes and is bringing the other newly elected progressives to express their ways as well, to wit the new representative forMinnesota who had the guts to stand up to AIPAC and when the establishment criminals screamed antisemitism the whole progressive nation back her and rebuked the Pelosi gang. Times are a changing my friend and for once I think the better!


Dear Congresswoman AOC:

You are a true breath of fresh air.

Some observations:
Phone calls to our “representatives”, demonstrations and occupations are soon forgotten. Oligarchy then tightens the screws with stricter crowd controls, less Internet access, negative or no publicity and maybe even interrupting SXSW broadcasts. They rigged the system so why run for office within it?

“Organization is oligarchy” said Robert Michels.

Countries figured this out and are going to Direct Democracy, immune to corruption. It is the option preferred by our forefathers who opted for representative government for logistical reasons. Technology has changed that. Why opt for horse and buggy government when it can be a high speed Internet?

French. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congress Woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives me a faint optimism of hope that the Halls of the Capitol Building can be filled with representatives that care more about their Constituents than their Corporate Donors?

Nevertheless, I am overflowing with pride that this humanitarian woman represents the District in the Bronx where I grew up.

Wow, thank you Ms. Ocasio-Cortez for showing the World and the greedy warmongers of our Country what it is like to be a conscientious human that cares about ALL Americans not just the Businessmen that Bribe our lawmakers to pass laws that favor them.

She needs to back Sanders right now. The old guard progressives joined together with younger counterparts would have the best chance of leading us out of this dark age.