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WATCH TONIGHT: Bernie Sanders Keynote Address at First-Ever Sanders Institute Progressive 'Gathering'


WATCH TONIGHT: Bernie Sanders Keynote Address at First-Ever Sanders Institute Progressive 'Gathering'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Kicking off the inaugural Sanders Institute conference in Burlington, Vermont this weekend—billed as "A Gathering of Minds to Envision the World We Want"—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is set to give a keynote address to a crowd of influential progressives from around the world Thursday evening.

Watch it live beginning at 7:00 PM EST on Facebook live here.

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Brilliant idea!
Progressives need to “create the brand!”


Geez, they’re doing this on Facebook?! Can’t watch without an account. I’m never going to have a Facebook account.

Why do “progressives” patronize this corrupt outfit? Surely there are other platforms.



Disappointed also. No Facebook ever.


I just got an email from the mailing list of Margaret Flowers and the Health Over Profit team, saying Pramila Jayapal, the new lead sponsor of HR 676, is rewriting the bill to be more like Sanders’ Senate bill S 1804.

Democrats are racing to water down single payer, knowing they will be forced to make it looks like they adopted it sooner or later. I’ve been telling people to accept nothing less than HR 676, and I didn’t realize it can be re-written and still be called HR 676. We need a catchy way to say Original HR 676 that’s been around for 15 Years, or Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. Argh.



facebook censored this broadcast. I was able to watch Bernie’s speech (and am now watching Jane’s) at

Go figure

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You don’t need Facebook to watch (In fact, they censored the whole event) You can catch it here:


Sounds like vintage Sanders. A big concern would have to be that Sanders’ views were not enough to win the primary against Hillary Clinton. Can he win with the same message in 2020 if he runs?


If I was at the conference, here would be my actionable goals:

Actionable goal: I want the Federal government (or a coalition of relatively progressive state governments) to undertake research and product ramping up to inhibit the Arctic meltdown. Specifically, I want an inexpensive wind-powered snowmaking machine developed for coating a section of Arctic tundra, with an eye toward mass-producing and deploying many of these machines and preventing the land part of the Arctic meltdown. Next, I want an inexpensive floating wind-powered water pump to move seawater above the Arctic Ocean’s ice layer in midwinter, creating and building the local ice pack. This creates enough ice to last all summer and it also protects the naturally anaerobic under-ice ocean ecology. Note: Arctic research doesn’t directly threaten the fossil fuel industry’s existence, so it might sell.

Actionable goal: I want the Federal government (or a coalition of relatively progressive state governments) to undertake research and product ramping up to end most worldwide demand for fossil fuel. Specifically, I want fuel-free off-grid all-winter greenhouses similar to the model that’s getting turned on within the next seven days at the Greene School in West Greenwich, RI. If I can build it with my rotary saw and a drill then you can build it too. I want a system that can economically store solar heat for any house and that can deploy the stored heat at 6:00 a.m. on winter mornings, similar to what I’m trying to finish someday at 40 Astral Avenue in Warwick, RI but the money ran out on that project. I want a better heliostat (solar tracking mirror) for residential solar targets. I want a mountain solar air chimney that can generate plenty of renewable electricity after sunset. I want a completely new automated transit system, something like existing elevators, something like our tractor-trailer system, where private elevator-shaped cars with people in them are picked up by vehicles, hauled above the street on cables, and then are plugged into mini-trains that travel above highways. This system would lower lifetime carbon use for the system by perhaps 90%, would be perfectly wheelchair-friendly, would reduce traffic deaths by up to 35,000 lives per year and would create vast national productivity improvements because everybody wouldn’t be stuck driving in high-stress urban traffic. All of this research should quickly destroy most of the fossil fuel industry’s reason for existence, so this actionable goal might not sell in some quarters. Promote it anyway. Note: I have lots of inventions that didn’t make the first cut here. All of the above inventions are way into the gigatons of carbon displacement range.

Actionable goal: Adapt Cambridge, Massachusetts-style elections in unexpected places, for example in neighborhood councils with small budgets. Cambridge elections have been little short of miraculous compared to 51% all or nothing elections. The city’s bond rating is always a rare AAA. They have great transit and good schools. The city council looks remarkably like the population in terms of skin tones, gender preferences, age and everything else.

Actionable goal: Write the code for an online forum that is ruled by its frequent posters of community-acknowledged integrity, and that seeks collective and permanent wisdom. This one invention collects common wisdom, and will create a real political power that you probably can’t imagine. Wikipedia was pretty good, wasn’t it? This will be better!

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I would like to see Jane Sanders run for public office at some point, soon. Perhaps Senator Patrick Leahy’s senate seat?


We have to “Make it so!” That he has more followers. Who else but him is trying to help the people? Many were pissed about his 2016 defection, but we never will know the real story. I for one, will give him a second chance for 2020. Who else is there really?


This is what I wrote back re Jaypal water down of HR 676;

Why would I encourage anyone editing HR 676 and "rewriting the bill to be more like Senate bill S 1804” ?

When you say, "S 1804 has serious weaknesses that would raise costs, lower quality and allow profiteering.” ?

Those are your own quoted words.

Just wondering,



Thanks, watched it.


The people themselves contain distributed human intelligence. Representative democracy mostly represents capital. Name a representative democracy that is not racing to grow its economy until human species suicide.


Would that be the primary that was rigged to to make sure he lost? The one that put a thumb on the scales to make sure Hillary won? The one that Debbie Wasserman Schultz cheated for Hillary on? So that the Democrats could nominate the ONE candidate that could lose to Trump!? Give me a big fucking break!


Disgusting, but yes inevitable.

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I’ve always though LRX was a she not a he, but who knows? But you’re right about his/her posts.

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What? And give up all that fun?

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Or maybe a re-written HR 676 would be given a new HR number when re-submitted for a vote? Not sure how that works. Anyway, the point is, accept no substitutes!

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What was Hillary’s message you loved so much?