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Watch Tonight: Sanders, Warren, Moore Headline National Town Hall on Inequality and Oligarchy


Watch Tonight: Sanders, Warren, Moore Headline National Town Hall on Inequality and Oligarchy

Jon Queally, staff writer

On Monday night, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EDT, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is hosting a nationally televised town hall tonight focused on U.S. inequality and the threat posed by an increasing powerful oligarchy that has corrupted the nation's economy and politics.


Is it just me, or did anyone else pick up on the irony. A town hall on inequality and the rise of the oligarchy on Facebook live.
We continue to talk about the problem, instead of action. At this point, we’re not going to reach the masses who haven’t figured it out by now. All 3 branches of govt. are rigged in there favor. Talking about the problem, calling our legislators for most of us is useless, or relying on the courts to right a wrong is not getting it done. We need action, walk-outs, massive strikes, ect. Washington needs to fear us, instead of laughing at us. Time is not on our side.
I’m done ranting, now tell me how wrong I am, and how we need to go along and be patient.


No my friend you are correct. The truth is far more horrifying than anybody either realizes or admits. Do you know how few people actually read common dreams…or trutthdig…or have ever heard of counterpunch? There are so few of us that truly realize our situation. We few who have broken free of their social programming and have the ability to think critically…we are so few we cannot begin to start evening the scales on our own.

Voting is useless…the courts are indeed corrupted, the constitution in shreds…the neighborhoods of color are police state ghettos and I could go on…and on. All I can say is we got a ticket to the ride and we live in perhaps the most important moment in history…and it is all live all the time 24/7…the suicide of America, capitalism, and the natural world in color on the internet. Quite a show…


I know everyone means well but I live it, I don’t need to watch it.


Joe Lieberman’s Project for a New American Austerity (No Labels) will be very concerned for all of this “extreme leftist” thinking.

Yes I coined PNAA but feel free to use it. Thank you.

Cluck on “extreme leftists”.


The handful of comments to this notice tends to underscore your point, here in our little online ‘progressive corner’.

Additionally, I recently started watching the series Flint Town on Netflix. Well done social commentary on the decay of this country.


I would rather watch some academics discuss this issue on C-SPAN. More objective. And I avoid anything to do with Facebook whenever possible.


I agree to a large extent. Damn I wish I were 30 again, strong in body, and with some expendable cash in my pocket.

I think direct action should be made against corporate offices of MSM, think tanks that come up with the messaging in the first place (special emphasis on Joe Lieberman’s Project for a New American Austerity otherwise known as No Labels), and disrupting their D.C. “normalcy” of screwing over the people during the day, and their respite of expensive dinners in the evenings with “important people”.

Non violent for certain, but I’m definitely for non-conventional strategies of mucking up their paradigm.


Call Joe Lieberman, perhaps you and he can arrange something on CSPAN more aligned with your co-objective of “centrism” in service to the power of large corporations and the wealthy.

It’s like the new chic in D.C… Lieberman’s Project for a New American Austerity.


I will check it out. Thanks. I hardly ever find any quality entertainment.


These voices of reason are ignored as insignificant babbling from the change crowd. Pie in the sky is all we have left, nothing will be changing at the top.


I still remember one of your greatest hits and this conversation reminds me of it:


To be clear, what I was responding to was a different type of advocacy.

To be clear.

Getting in the way of those blithely going about the business of deliberately screwing over the little people, with non-violent yet creative disruption not physical destruction, is an apple, as opposed to an orange.

To be clear.


I much prefer the Old American Century Psy Chick…you will too…



The first page is great. Too bad none of the links work to the illustrations.

A few links that do work…well, you might not want to go there. As Seinfeld would say “not that there is anything wrong with it”.


Facebook? Hell no.


Sorry Psy Chick I see what you mean - some links been taken over apparently - my bad. The site and organization used to be a goin concern but fell on hard times I guess. They had some very smart and to the point posters and tee’s. Too bad - I don’t know what happened to them. The image page still works and many of those links to images that don’t appear directly do when clicked-on - without the garbage.

Crap, some images bring you back to the corrupted home page garbage and I can no longer delete my mistake - edit timed-out…


This Town-Hall can be viewed here - without FFB.


Why are we spending 700 billion on the military and going in debt that cannot be repaid???Want to see change -DEMAND the military budget be cut in half. support the COMMONS!


Just watched this program and thought it was great. I hope it was watched by millions of others.