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WATCH: Trump Once More Goes Batty on Live TV With His Friends at Fox & Friends


WATCH: Trump Once More Goes Batty on Live TV With His Friends at Fox & Friends

Common Dreams staff

President Donald Trump was quite a sight again for global television audiences on Friday morning when he appeared on the White House lawn for an impromptu live interview with Fox & Friends.

Katherine Kreuger, writing for Splinter, characterized the president's performance as "one of his most deranged ever."



To the Nobel Committee
(AKA Itty Bitty Gritty Committee)

Please revise criteria for your 2019 Nobel Peace Prize ™ to include “Most Deserved Mandatory Recovery Rest Retirement Upon Receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize” and date the 2019 ASAP to rescue the supreme leader of the US of A.

The USA has been pushed around SO horribly, the simple fact that the occupant of the offal office has not pressed the red button establishes his fitness as winner of the prize.

Please join us in ushering in the finest exodus possible for this more than well deserved rest.

Thank you for your attention to this communique. It also goes without saying that it stands as insurance against any future designees from the USA.


I lasted 1 minute 13 seconds…as soon as he said I beat Clinton I just could not handle anymore. Are we at the end of the 4th year yet?, please.


Trump: “Thirteen angry Democrats.”

I wonder how Robert Mueller feels about being called an “…angry democrat?”


BTW, this whole interview reminded me of a trainer making a seal bark and clap its flippers by feeding it bits of fish. Arf! Arf! Arf!


Don’t you love that ninny from Fox providing leading questions and filling in for the president? BTW–what is up with those white circles around Trump’s eyes? bizarre.


Those circles come from NOT drinking booze.


Why corporate America spends billions at Fox, why Fox is allowed to buy up local stations is beyond logic and dangerous. Fox continues to bend the truth completely out of shape.


lol. Okay.


Trump unloads on White House lawn.
Did everyone bring their hip-waders? Anyone bring a shovel?


Please, will someone review our electoral system??? 3 million more voted for Clinton and 7.6 voted for the spoilers and we got Trump and his propaganda machine, Fox news. WHY? Nichole Wallace said it best: “What the hell are we doing?”