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WATCH: Viral Video Shows British Voter Politely Imploring Johnson to 'Please Leave My Town' Ahead of Potential Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/06/watch-viral-video-shows-british-voter-politely-imploring-johnson-please-leave-my

Soon the Brits will be telling this clown to Leave #10.

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Hopefully trump keeps his twitter quiet. We had the terrible duo of Blair–Bush.
Now we get Johnson–Trump.
What progress we make here in America.
Do we have unknown DNA that promotes self destruction?


Fat chance (pun intended) the rump would ever deign to walk in any town among the citizens without all the pesky libs and commies being herded behind police barriers.

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Adding to that thought, or maybe just saying a bit differently, Trump has stuck to speaking only to the pre-prepared, brainwashed, Fox Noise contingent.
Otherwise people would be throwing shoes at him,ala Bush.

I read that Jeremy Corbyn is blocking any new election unless and until Johnson’s “no deal” Brexit is off the table. Can anyone with an understanding of the British procedures relative to that topic confirm this?


That’s the best laugh i’ve had all night. (And i had quite a few laughs beforehand tonight.)

Make of this as you desire. I am clueless:

(As i am clueless about US politics.)

And ask me if i give a fuck. The health of the planet is more important.

Why stop with “My Town” how about “Please leave my planet”

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Yes, that’s true. The reason is that Johnson is only calling for an election (despite what he says), because when there is an election Parliament is dissolved until the new Government is elected, and Corbyn and others fear he will call the date of it so that Parliament is dissolved on Oct 31st, the date the UK is due to leave the EU and so the UK would leave the EU by default on that date without any deal. It’s a trap and the opposition parties had the wit not to walk into it. Hence Corbyn’s statement that he will agree to an election once it has been guanteed Britain will not leave the EU on the 31st without a deal.

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The two things are connected. But I suspect the real reason you don’t give a fuck is because it’s a news item not about the wonderful USA.