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Watch: What Is a 'Practical' Democratic Candidate? Sanders Co-Chair Nina Turner Has Some Thoughts

I would continuously bring up the Afghanistan Papers every time the pragmatic line comes out. Those are the very words of the politicians and generals documenting what can only be described as the scam of all time, as was Iraq and every war this country has been involved in.

When trillions of dollars are being thrown away like there’s no tomorrow and those doing it admit they have no idea what they’re doing or why, this must be brought up every time without fail.

When the Pentagon literally cannot pass an audit and continues to have an accounting system that is the definition of organized crime, that cannot account for well over $20 trillion dollars, (and that’s just lately, check out the numerous times the Pentagon is called out for missing billions to trillions) this must be the retort. How is allowing THAT pragmatic.

Turner and others should travel everywhere with a booklet of choice quotes from The Afghanistan Papers as well as other instances of the Grand Theft that is regularly taking place and hit those asshats back with them. My guess is that they’ll shut up quickly.


So all any candidates or any president can do is propose ideas or solutions. All of these ideas have to pass muster through Congress before they become law, and that is what Carville is saying. In addition there is Bernie’s questionable electability nationwide. It’s just too easy to label him as a socialist maniac.

Excuse while I go vomit after watching that MSDNC Class Ruhle whore spew forth her goddamn zombie talking points.

Ms. Turner did an absolutely fantastic job of destroying Class Ruhle’s flatulent mental gestures.

Sigh. Class Ruhle and her propaganda cohorts are so stupid these days. Have ruling elites and their minions always been this stupid? They used to have spokespersons like William F. Buckley. At least Buckley was able to sound intelligent. Today they all come across as vapid and clueless. Sometimes there just aren’t enough O’s in stupid.


May I ask, How much does your agency pay its propaganda associates? Does your agency provide health care benefits? Dental? Vision? The reason I ask is it seems like easy work. You just sit in a cubicle all day, go to a comment thread assigned by your supervisor, and type in right wing corporatist talking points.

I mean, I know it’s probably kind of hard on your psyche, especially if you were brought up with the values of integrity, honesty, and compassion. But it seems like a cool gig. I’m already an alcoholic, so I know how to numb out my conscience with booze.

I think I could work for your agency. I was a philosophy major in college, so I’m familiar with all the right wing arguments, and the left wing ones too. (The left wing ones make more sense to me. LOL) Anyway, if your firm needs another qualified propaganda associate, let me know.


No being practical means creating policy that is actually achievable by which the candidate can develop their ideas. It also means developing policies based on actual math and science instead of making up cost estimates and timeframes and promising people anything without actually analyzing what would be required to facilitate the completion of their ideas.