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Watch What Trump Tweets But Also What He Does


Watch What Trump Tweets But Also What He Does

Todd Gitlin

I’m the last guy to turn my eyes away from the sub-Shakespearian maneuvers that may (or may not) be shuffling personnel behind closed doors in the White House. I confess myself tempted by the pastime so widespread in kingdoms and autocracies — rumor-mongering, or at a higher level, the conspiracy theorizing that enables us to pretend that the opaque has, momentarily, become transparent. In recent days, I couldn’t for one moment tear myself away from the recent on-screen dramas starring former FBI director James Comey and Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.


Trump's daily drama provides the best smoke screen the GOP has ever had to enact its sinister agenda that includes everything from stacking all levels of the Federal judiciary with right wing judges to overturning what little remains of FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society.


Absolutely true. The so-called Conservatives will continue to make use of Trump as long as he's there, and the Democrats and other Liberals will not be able to stop the progress of this social and political deconstruction unless they somehow come up with some political personalities who can fight back dynamically' excitingly, and persuasively. The Democrats and their ilk are reminding me more and more of a fighter who has been paid to lose. The President likes to use the term "Fake News." I am more concerned with Fake Opposition.

Those who are making such good use of The The Trumpenstein Monster have no good end game. Every victory they achieve by hiding behind the president will lead to things getting worse, especially in the areas of the environment and the economy, which are both being pushed to the edge of collapse. When one or the other of them pass their tipping points there will be a great increase in episodes of violent acting out which will serve to hasten the rapid decline and fall. Does it all have to go down like this? Are there ways to reverse things before it's too late?


Three Senate Democrats voting to confirm Gosuck to SCOTUS when the GOP did not even need their votes makes the term Vichy very applicable to the Democrats.