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WATCH: While Trump 'Sadly and Pathetically' Denies Climate Crisis, Sanders 'Proud' to Co-Sponsor Green New Deal


WATCH: While Trump 'Sadly and Pathetically' Denies Climate Crisis, Sanders 'Proud' to Co-Sponsor Green New Deal

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This is a very big deal," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says about the official Green New Deal proposal—of which he is a "proud" original co-sponsor—in a new video shared to his social media profiles on Friday.

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Trump only denies climate change, but Pelosi actively ang aggressively uses her political position to undermine and prevent any and all resolution of the climate emergency.

Here’s a Pelosi quote in regard to the green new deal: “It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive. The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?”

Trump isn’t the real reason we cant resolve the crisis - it comes primarily from democrats like Pelosi.



I’ve just been waiting for some specific text regarding what this GND is actually supposed to be, at least in the prospect of those proposing it. Now that we have text, we can see the GND doesn’t say anything about reducing carbon emissions.

AOC is starting to annoy me. This morning she stopped herself from saying that climate change is the worst crisis facing humanity, to insert the conventional, delusional “one of the.” Language matters, and such language from putative climate leaders is frustrating to a Sisyphusian extent.

We’re all supposed to clap hands for Tinkerbelle and try to forget that there’s absolutely no reason to believe investments in renewables will (via that econo-erotic invisible hand of market magic) reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Let me propose something proportionate to the crisis. Recognize fossil fuel extraction a crime against humanity, intolerable to anyone who cares about children, inimical to Life itself. Let’s start there, goddam it.



The little issue of fossil fuel combusion, for instance, which is destroying the Earth with the help of you and me, if we both consume cheap fossil energy. Discussing this geo-conspiracy stuff serves the predators, the fossil-fuel extractors and profiteers, who would like to stay out of jail for their very real crime of ecocide.

There could be real eco-conspiracies of this geoengineering nature - who cares? Hello? The point is to stop fossil fuels, I mean yesterday. None of these rogue activities could possibly come anywhere close to a tiny fraction of what carbon emissions do. You know this, I suspect. If you don’t, consult someone who is likely to know.

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For my part, I reject the word “progressive” as reeking of settler-colonialism, white (European enlightenment individual-liberty) supremacism. So the presentation of another progressive with their head up their ass is not exceptional.



Get with the program, Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Bernie is our best chance to beat the fascist and begin to restore our democracy. You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out!



Heres the text. Actual actions for proposal development start on p. 6
Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.



Right on! President Bernie…got a nice ring to it.

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Well, heres some documentation for you on

to learn the history

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All these naysayers, t___p, nancy, people here…lead, follow or get out of the fucking way!



OCA has posted an online letter writing link for anyone interested in writing their reps to support the GND.

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Thanks, goat. Great document. Looking forward to the work.

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There are chemtrails almost every day and night over Western Washington. Yesterday afternoon, we were returning from a Dr. visit, caution required because of the snow, though it wasn’t falling at the time.
*The sky had ten or fifteen spreading chemtrails, and as we drove home there were four or five fresh ones. The sky, and the sun, looked like hammered brass. If you put your binoculars on those chemtrail aircraft, most of them are really big airliners or cargo planes. Think, for a moment, about the amount of fuel burned by these enormous cruisers dumping their chemicals for us to breathe, drink and eat. I’m sure the PTB are really appreciative of how much oil product is being burned while this is going on. An additional bonus for poisoning us.
*But people snicker and say “Conspiracy theorists! Put on your aluminum hat!”
*Unfortunately, a vast majority of US citizens have no use or knowledge about science, physics, chemistry, though many do have an encyclopedic knowledge of game scores and scandals and listen with avidity to anything on faux news.



Must have been a typo, they are called contrails. look it up.


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I was a jet mechanic for 25 years. If half the jets in the sky had chemical sprayers on them i would have seen it. Temperatures at high altitudes can be -50 or lower water freezes rather than dissipates. Some aircraft periodically add a biocidal agent to the fuel to kill a growth that forms in the fuel tanks at the bottom if there is any water in the tank, this is done only when addressing a microbial growth problem in the tank. The biocide is burned off during operation and the exhaust may have some of the residual chemicals in it. It isn’t common at all however and is used infrequently. I have added the agent to the fuel myself, as well as seen the microbial growth in fuel tanks and removed it. Biobor is one product used, Prist is another. I’m pretty sure about the Roswell aliens being a hoax too, although in other cases its clear there are fatal inconsistencies in the official story, like 911, or JFK, even flight 800!



Right. The concept of “progress” emerged from the Liberal Enlightenment, and embraced the colonialism and nascent capitalism that were engendered therein.

i think many “progressives” have their hearts in the right place, but (like so many) have had their consciousness thoroughly babmoozled by the spectacular power and propaganda of modernity, and have no clear idea of how “the system” emerged from and embodies the process of colonization and the development of white supremacy.



Please, what a crock. A vast industrial operation is in place, transport of chemicals to and from airports every day, loading of chemicals onto airplanes everywhere, tens of thousands of people working at this vast global project with zero evidence somehow of its operation…

You may be sincere – although anyone who spouts this nonsense i have my doubts. But sincere or not, all the chemtrails bullshit actually does is distract from the OBVIOUS MASSIVE DISASTER that is fossil-fuel and human agriculture-induced climate chaos, increase in atmospheric carbon, and global warming.



Complete bullshit. Contrails have always been there since jet flight began, water behaves depending on conditions, concentration, altitude, temperature etc. It is idiotic to simply assert “Contrails disappear in seconds.”



The direct object here is to fill the room with unintelligible noise. If the room is full of noise nobody hears the stabbing.

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