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Watch: White House Defends Trump's Sexist Attacks By Saying Voters 'Knew Exactly What They Were Getting'


Watch: White House Defends Trump's Sexist Attacks By Saying Voters 'Knew Exactly What They Were Getting'

Common Dreams staff

In exchanges with reporters regarding a roundly denounced tweets President Donald Trump sent out earlier in the day, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday afternoon defended the president by saying Trump won the presidency "overwhelmingly" (which is simply


Y’all must be so proud, eh.


These puerile, disgusting tweets are symptoms of a very serious (and dangerous for the country and world), underlying unstable and insecure psyche of someone with a trigger finger on both twitter and the world’s largest lethal killing machine, the military with its nuclear arsenal.

What future monstrous event will he spawn if sufficiently “insulted”?

What ever it is, I’m sure Huckabee-Sanders, even if clothed in smoking, radioactive shreds will defend against the personal attacks Trump has had to endure.


Melissa McCarthy took down Shawn Spicer.

Can we get Rosie O’Donnell to take down Sara Huckabee Sanders?


A regime characterized by pathological liars…in addition to greed, self-interest, for-profit war, environmental contempt and astonishing ignorance, arrogance, criminal negligence and violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights…I left out much else these MoFo’s represent…all of 'em swine at the trough!


Where do the boot lickers find these sorts? Unless they’re more common than we think them to be. Sanders must think no one is listening.


She is as useful a pawn idiot as they come.


Yes. The question the press didn’t ask her is, “How do you sleep at night?”

Although one reporter asked if she would tell her kids that this behavior is acceptable, to which she as one might expect, demurred and (quite ironically in my view) invoked her religion (how do you spell hypocrite?)…


I thought it was funny when he called Rubio, ‘little Marco.’

I thought it was funny when he called Jeb Bush a ‘lightweight.’

But man, that dude stopped being funny a long time ago. I encourage Mika and Joe to agitate his punk ass with some seriously caustic observations. Trump’s gonna implode–his skin is thin as hell.


Well said.


I am lying! Just observe my lips. See…they are moving. I am lying. But remember… at least 36% of Americans believe every word I say.

So it goes.


This is beyond grotesque. How can this Christian gal defend the ugliness of this president. He has turned the presidency of our country into a global joke. Foreign citizens don’t know that the majority of us didn’t vote for this presidency, they just know he is our president. Most of us don’t know that he was elected by an arcane flaw in our election process that was designed to guard against royalist electing a president. There aren’t that many left.

Popular vote: Clinton 65,844,610 Other 7,804,213. Total 73,648,823 Trump 62,979,636


When a child is attacked by another child they often retaliate by name calling. We understand it as normal childish behavior. When adults respond to verbal attacks or even justifiable criticism by doing the same as a child does, it make them look childish and very foolish. When adults act like a child, they’ve already lost the fight. Trump did more damage to himself than he did to Mika and Joe. Its hard to come back from a loss like that. I speak from experience. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in life the hard way.


Some Americans did want a president who would make sexist attacks on women. The alt-right/white supremacists/white nationalists would approve of what Trump did. And many Americans, such as those who voted for him hoping somehow it would help them economically (what were they thinking?) are willing to overlook his sexist attacks. You can get away with a lot when you have the right wing machine behind you. This is a dark period in American history. Perhaps the worst period since the Civil War. The forces of hate have been unleashed. Most of the time the lid is kept over these dark forces but Trump has raised the lid and this ugly side of America has emerged. We shouldn’t deny that this is part of America. It has come out into the open too often to brush away as minor. And perhaps as the number of non-whites have increased in the US what has erupted was inevitable. If not Trump then sooner or later someone would have leashed what happened. Perhaps it was a black president that finally allowed someone like Trump to put this racist movement, which in many respects is also sexist, right into the mainstream.


Quit showing how Trump won 54% Against, 46% For. Our Fearless Loser might think he’s being disrespected with more Fake News.


No Sarah Huckabee Sanders we did not. We actually thought he would bring some dignity and class when he gained the office. I had even hoped he would drain the swamp. Nope, I never envisioned such a man of low class as my president.
Sorry Sarah you have it all wrong.


If you don’t mind me playing Devi’s Advocate we had the whole “grab em by the pussy” tapes during the campaign that was clear criticism. It says more to the ineptitude of the DNC that they couldn’t beat Trump even with such stigma against him.


I would still expect some class from him when he gained the office. Sometimes our jobs demand more responsible behavior. Mine did. My language in the classroom was appropriate for that situation but at home I could on occasion sound like a truck drive, no insult meant there.


I completely understand. Yes Trump should give some more class but he built his whole career up as a big headed celebrity CEO and that the media during the campaign treated him as such only emboldened his swollen ego. The only very very slight silver lining is that aside from twitter rants he is giving the majority of the decisions to his administration but even if they are more stable than the Twit in Chief they still in the end want to rape pillage and burn the U.S. for all its worth. He never should have become president and the fact he did speaks to the the ineptitude of the DNC and the failure of the U.S.'s election process.


"In a separate claim, Huckabee Sanders claimed that President Trump ‘in no way, form, or fashion has ever encouraged any form of violence.’ "

Never encouraged violence? He egged his “fans” to punch protesters numerous times and at one rally told the security guards to not only throw out a protester (who had not even spoken yet, but had merely been identified by a few people in the crowd), but to take the guy’s coat before tossing him out in the snow. It was below 20 degrees outside. He said that if elected, he would kill all the family members of any suspected terrorists and that the way to handle foreign leaders that the US dislikes would be to threaten their families. He also said he could “shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any supporters”.

He suggests violent solutions as a FIRST resort. Here he is, “hitting back” at some media criticism, just as though the media weren’t allowed to criticize him. It’s also strange, since he is the president and they are just media commenters. This isn’t an equal “fight”. For God’s sake, how juvenile can you get?

I don’t want a president who is just like the foul-mouthed neighbor who regularly screams “F*** you!” at his spouse while they are arguing on the front lawn. Despite the beliefs of Trump’s fans, this behavior is not okay when the neighbor does it, and is entirely bizarre and inappropriate when the president does it. If the nation accepts a pig whose first answer is always violence and throwing public temper tantrums, then the office of president no longer means anything. I don’t expect a president to be perfect, but he damn well better be smart, thoughtful, and capable of handling a little stress. He’s in charge of running the country. Got the nuclear codes, and all that. And we ended up with this thin-skinned imbecile. God help us all.