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WATCH: With Endorsement, Ilhan Omar Says Bernie Sanders Building Movement That Envisions Country 'I Dreamed About'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/16/watch-endorsement-ilhan-omar-says-bernie-sanders-building-movement-envisions-country

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I welcome Omar’s endorsement of Bernie for POTUS, but will the super, corrupt, Delegates?


Rep. Omar sez:
"Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that has built a movement and continues to build a movement that transcends gender, ethnicity, religion.” (Emphasis added)

What the movement needs to transcend is the headwinds of corporate messaging, amplified by the Amys, Mayor Petes and moderators on the “debate” stage. Surmount this mob, and Chump is easy pickings.


At this point it doesn’t matter who endorses Bernie Sanders. CNN, and all their corporate advertisers, along with the DNC, have made their endorsements.
I’ll cut to end. They didn’t endorse Bernie, or Warren. And won’t. Ever.

Which is why I am glad that Omar and “The Squad” didn’t succumb to the “Vote female, any female” hype that is pushed by those for whom identity politics is the be-all, end-all. “We must have a woman as president,” they say, “her policies be damned.”

But where the rubber meets the road, I’ll bet tribal politics would take precedence even over gender loyalty. I can’t help but wonder how many Democrats voted for Sarah Palin, just because she would have been the first woman elected to the vice-presidency. How many Liz Warren supporters would support a Liz Cheney run for president? She’s a woman, and in the reality of running a country, they would both be “capitalist to their bones.” Neither will ever back a real “Medicare for all” plan that removes private insurance grifters from our heath care. Neither will ever attempt to stop the never-ending wars and risk losing the support and money of the massive military-industrial-banking complex. Warren is running on making predatory capitalism nicer. Kind of like humane slaughter houses, y’know?

We had the first black president, and he was worse than a bust, but now we must have the first woman, just because…well, we must, that’s all. Who cares what her motives are? Who cares where her money comes from and to whom she owes loyalty? She’s a her, and a Democrat, and that’s what counts, right?

Wrong, and that’s why Omar, AOC and Tlaib are endorsing the only Jew in the race, who happens to be male: Because his policies are the policies we want to see implemented, and because more of the same, status quo, business as usual, is unacceptable. That’s what Hillary Clinton would have given us, that’s what Liz Warren will give us, and that’s why we to vote for someone of any gender who wants to make the changes we want to see.

Race, religion and gender be damned. Vote for whoever wants the kind of government you want.


I’m wondering if Bernie is going to pump up the volume in terms of bringing his message to Trump voters.

I ask because I honestly believe that he’s the only d-party candidate who can talk to the white working class on the basis of taking on the corporate “fat cat” class, and not sound like he’s pandering.

Another reason I ask is because I actually suspect that The Squad can appeal to some of Trump’s base on the same basis: Economic justice, healthcare for everyone, shaking up the status quo.


And she’s gearing up for another bite at the apple, may Dog help us all.

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glad to have Omar on board. btw, there are more of us than the spiteful, hateful, awful damn dems who have lost what ever backbone they might have had since FDR showed us the way. Why? Because they sold out the people of this nation to the corporate oligarchs, Obama included. ugly wherever you look. Having AOC and the rest of the squad and Bernie gives us right to breathe again! GO BERNIE!


They allowed Bernie only a Few Minutes to defend his Brilliant Agenda for the American People, however, during the brief time he had the Spotlight, he performed Magnificently.

Bernie was Fantastic, I was extremely happy with his Electrifying Performance, he looked Healthy, he was Articulate and his rebuttals were Convincing.

We all know that it is an uphill battle for Bernie, just as it was in 2016, the Media hates him and Corporate Dems despise his attempts at cutting off Bribes/Donations from Corporate Donors.

Nevertheless, it is up to We The People to show up on Election Day and Vote for the ONLY Candidate that will Revolutionize the Heartless American way of life that forces us to abide by the Greed that Capitalizing has bestowed upon us:

Everyone Aboard the Good Ship USA Is On Their Own.

Bernie has portrayed an America that appeals to those of us who believe that we are our Brothers Keeper and we can achieve a Utopian Society if we can drown out the Ayn Rand Mentality.

The Mass Media will continue to disparage and mock Bernie, but there is no denying that his performance at the Debates last night was Brilliant, I am once again Hopeful for the Future.



Very compelling ad. Go Bernie!