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Watch: Woman Confronts Pruitt at DC Restaurant, Demands He Resign for What He's "Doing to the Environment and Our Country"


Watch: Woman Confronts Pruitt at DC Restaurant, Demands He Resign for What He's "Doing to the Environment and Our Country"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt on Monday became the latest member of the Trump administration to be called out while dining at a D.C. restaurant when Kristin Mink walked up, introduced her two-year-old child, and demanded Pruitt resign because, as she put it, "We deserve to have somebody at the EPA who actually does protect our environment, somebody who believes in climate change and takes it seriously, for the benefit of all of us, including our children."


This should be happening to every Liberal and Conservative in Washington.


Every country on this planet should be seeking his hide in court for crimes against humanity.


Perfect! She was great! This is what we all have to do. Confront these Cowards one on one and let them know we are not afraid of them and they need to get out! This is more effective than any protest or rally! Next move is to put even more pressure on them. Then work our way up to the bigger bastards: Ryan and McConnell. Make them run. We have the numbers and should use them!


Damn. She is my hero.


Takes a lot of courage to call out an earth-raper who travels with an armed goon squad.
Everyone needs to do this kind of thing any time they see any corrupt politician or other government official.
Kristin Mink is hero.
Notice that Pruitt had no human response, and didn’t seem to care about this courageous mom or her baby.
He’s pure evil.


Pruitt should be hog-tied and dropped right in the middle of a hog farm waste pond.


Actually, for anyone who saw (I think it was) the third Hannibal Lechter movie, throwing him in a hog pen would be a much more fitting and gruesome end. Hogs will eat just about anything, although even they might find it hard to stomach Pruitt!


I can go with that. I just thought my proposal would take longer, and I liked the idea of him slowly sinking down into the waste.


This woman is a hero for standing up to the continuous corruption of trump and his lackies.


Impeach Pruit, Impeach 45, Impeach all the Fascists!


“Despots see public officials and government bureaucrats and democratic institutions, no matter how anemic, as a threat. This explains the assaults on the State Department, the Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and the courts. Despots use their appointees to undermine and destroy these institutions, mocking their existence and questioning the loyalty of the professionals who staff them” Chris Hedges


Well done Kristin Mink! We must confront them every time they venture out of their bubbles.

When the people’s elected representatives will not speak for them, then they must speak truth
directly to power.

Democratic leaders need to take note of what is brewing here. Hint: It ain’t the “status quo”.


Nah. Hog farm waste probably smells like money to him. He is probably allergic to clean water,


first we need a congress that will do the impeachment thing - over and over and over again until the thing is cleaned up.


Wow! Brave woman. That must have been very difficult to stand there and say all that to Pruitt. Personally, I don’t think Pruitt actually “heard” her words. These people have a worldview that is so different from environmentally conscious people’s view, that they are opposite poles.


Something that’s catching on is direct confrontation with the actual people doing damage to policies in place to protect us. GOOD!!! I wish I’d of thought of it, not that I’d ever want to go to DC. We need more fearless individuals to make these idiots lives inconvenient when in the public sphere. Protests may not work because they will ignore them but face to face can’t be ignored. If not now, when? As the 6th extinction event gathers speed these fools must be made aware of the death and destruction they are causing to our ecological system we all depend on. Keep up the good work!, for those that can confront the worst offenders.
This woman is a real hero in my book for her fearless courage against an arch bully.


That would leave 3 or 4 people in Congress, then we can replace the whole lot of them with environmental, peace loving, social advocate, civil libertarians. Then rebuild the State Dept with real diplomats, the EPA with real scientists, etc. A good start to save Earth and her children.


Yes, I agree, but volunteering and living the lifestyle is even more important. Surprised this Pruittt even appeared in public-


And please google population connection - we need to stop populating as humans.